Saturday, May 9, 2009

Make-over 101

I'm in a blog makeover nightmare.

I think I've had 5 mild panic attacks. I keep thinking I've deleted everything. Seriously, the hubs has been afraid to talk.

I'm on a roll now though... I do need some advice. I need a header. Who have some of you ladies used to make one or did you do it yourself?! How? Any advice is much appreciated!

Headed to the Home Depot with the Mister. Oh joy!


Ashley Paige said...

loooooooove the new layout! pretty colors!!

Jennifer said...

LOVE! Check out Princess Freckles blog, she had someone do a header for her and it looks great. Her blog is Her Highness of Cute.

Megan said...

LOVE IT! Looks great!

Rachel said...

The layout looks so pretty!

Enginerd said...

i think the new layout looks fantastico! and yeah, when i gave my blog a makeover awhile back, all of my extras were deleted.

then i went to google and found a cached version of my website and did some serious copying/pasting!


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