Thursday, May 21, 2009

hats off to you....

Today is a huge day here in the Imperfect household... And the Mr. isn't even home for it.. boo.

Today is the Mister's 32nd birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Baby!!!

Today's his day so this post is one huge "Hats Off To You!!" Mr. P!! I sure do love you!!

In honor of it being your big 'ol 32nd (wow son...), my top 32 things I love the most about you...

1. That you watch my shows (the Hills, Housewives, Greys...) with minimal complaint.
2. You work your butt off to provide for our little family.
3. You make me laugh harder than anyone in the world.
4. You tolerate my friends even when they're being insane!
5. You gave me my Lacy.
6. You make up the most ridiculous songs in the world for everything and I almost wet myself laughing..
7. You say they aggravate you to no end, but you know you love the pups probably more than I do.
8. When I ask you if something's been done you always say yes, then usually run and do it real quick.. (cat box)
9. There's always food for me on the table when I get home.. =)
10. When you go out of town, you call me to tell me what I can make for dinner.
11. You break out in random dance moves and make me laugh when I don't even want to.
12. You never miss any of my soccer or softball games, and you're usually the only husband that bothers to come.
13. The way you melt around children...
14. How you held me and promised me the promise you did on December 29 and I knew you meant it.
15. I can't imagine snuggling with anyone else.
16. You (try to) let me get to sleep first before you come in and start snoring!
17. You are the most genuine person I know. What you see is what you get with you- always.
18. You are also the most honest person I know. I've learned not to ask you what I don't want to know!
19. You shake your head and get so frustrated with my flightiness... but you always bail me out.
20. If I ever call you upset, you'll calm me down... right before you say "I told you so".
21. You never miss a doctors appointment.
22. You are a friend to my grandfather and you make him happy. That makes me happy.
23. You handle my parents- better than I do!
24. You proposed to me (the 2nd time!) in my favorite place on Earth.
25. You tell me I'm "hot" a thousand times a day. And while I pretend to hate it, it really makes me feel good to know you still pay that much attention to me.
26. I've put you through Hell in the past and you still love me more than I'll ever deserve..
27. You take your role as spiritual leader in this house very seriously.
28. You're going to give our kids incredible hair!
29. You are so in love with your family, and that makes me feel so lucky that I'm a part of it now.
30. You "go with the flow" better than anyone I know.
31. I know I'm always safe with you. Thank you arsenal...
32. You spoil me. Everyday. I am constantly reminded of how much you love me.

Thank you for being you babe. Thanks for being a constant in this crazy life. Thank you for loving me unconditionally.

I love you more today than I ever have.

I can't wait to grow old, smelly, and senile with you. I promise to wheel you around the "home". As long as you stick around for longer than just 8 more years!!! (joke people- I don't have plans to off him!)


MissJody said...

What a sweet and honorable post about your hubby! I love the list. That is very thoughtful!
Happy Birthday!!

Shaina said...

So adorable!

And - our husbands share a birthday! Today is my husband's birthday, too!

Happy Birthday to yours!

Hayley said...

What a great post!
He sounds perfect!!!

Southern Pathways said...

happy birthday to your Mr! Love your sweet!

Lindsey said...

Awww sweet post!!!

...Southern Bride... said...

Sweet! :) Happy birthday to your man!

My name is Megan... said...

hope he had a happy birthday! you are so sweet! oh, and I'm loving the new layout!!


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