Tuesday, May 26, 2009

perfect weekend.

Hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! I know we did. We did absolutely nada. And I lurved every second of it.

The Mister didn't make it home til late Friday, so I headed to dinner with the Marine that nite. We of course hit up our favorite sushi place, Sakurra. Is it bad that everyone that works there (while barely speaking English?) knows our names, our significant others' names, and what we're going to order?

I think of it as my own little "Cheers". Except it's not a bar..

But I digress.

After that, we met up with two of our closest friends, Joe & Siah, to head downtown. Just me and all my little brothers. Only they're not so little anymore and they tend to stand a good 5 feet away from me if any cute girl comes within a close proximity. I've actually been pushed away before.

But I do love them.

We headed to a bar downtown, Mercury Lounge, to hear one of our fave local musicians play. It was a fantastic show as always, but as I looked around, I truly felt like the oldest person in the bar!! I definitely wasn't, but there was this group of college kids right next to us, and I swear, I do not remember college kids looking so young!! I must be getting old.. Oh the horrors..

The boys and I

I headed home pretty early to see my Mr. Perfect since he'd been in Boston all week. So good to have him home!

Plus there's now food on the table again. =)

Saturday we slept in and then headed to lunch with the fam. It was such a gross day here in Coastal Town, GA, that the Mr., the Marine and I decided to head to Best Buy for some indoor entertainment.

We came home with Guitar Hero World Tour and I officially kissed my productivity goodbye.

The boys lost interest after 5 + hours.

I would have played straight through the nite, but the Mister made me go to bed.

Have I ever mentioned I have a very addictive personality. Oh goodness.

We headed to church on Sunday with it still raining. After lunch, I decided the only thing that made sense to do was play Guitar Hero. I mean, duh. So that's how we spent Sunday nite too.

Until I busted out Jillian and the Shred and made nicely asked the Mister to do with me.

We slept in Monday and woke up to a beautiful Memorial Day. Finally!! We got the bright idea to tackle the disaster that is our garage/bonus room. I did all the organizing outside since I was determined to get some sort of a tan! We made one trip to Goodwill and called it quits. We are not manual labor types on a holiday. No sir.

So we packed up the pups and headed to a gorgeous park here in town and walked around for a while. Came home, played some more of the new game we got (yippee!), and chilled out. I met my friends, Donner and Leigh, downtown for pizza for dinner and that was it. Weekend over!

But what a great weekend! We did a lot of laying around, but that's just what we needed. The next couple of weekends are BOOKED so we needed a chill time.

Aren't those usually the best kind anyway?


jlc said...

Ahhhh sounds fun and you look so TAN!

Super jealous!!

Lara said...

I love it when people remember you and remember what food/drink you like; though it does make you feel a little insular. I think the nice feeling outweighs it though! I used to work in a bar, and we would see people parking their car outside, and have their drink ready on the bar for them when they got through the door. The smiles we got :)

Hayley said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend in my books!

Megan said...

Sounds like you had a nice, relaxing weekend!

Southern Pathways said...

sounds like the perfect weekend! :)

...Southern Bride... said...

Sounds wonderful... :) I love doing absolutely nothing sometimes!


MissJody said...

You look amazing! You look so tan...very jealous. :)
Yes! The kids are looking more and more younger...I always look at them and think? Did I look that young?
I played guitar hero ..once..I was awful!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fun weekend! I feel like I am the very last person on Earth not to have played Guitar Hero! I had better get on it!

Newlywed Next Door said...

Thanks for your sweet comment! You remind me of me so much!


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