Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I'm serious this time.

I freakin' quit cooking. I hate it. And it's ridiculously expensive when I cook.

Case in point. I made dinner last nite since I managed to beat the hubs home. I put some chicken on to cook and got the noodles boiling. Then steamed some brocoli.

I burned the crap out of the chicken. Who knew you shouldn't use better with high heat?! I also burned the crap out of myself with the popping grease. Seriously, marks on my arm. The pasta cooked too long and went limp. Then while pouring out the excess water, I managed to spill it on the floor. And on my bare foot. The brocoli wouldn't steam. Apparently it wasn't right for steaming because of the cut of it. What? There's more than one cut?

Needless to say we gave the dogs the chicken and threw the rest out. Mr. Perfect had to run out and get us some food. It's more expensive for me to cook than for us to just eat out!!! I've had it!!!

I talked to Mr. Perfect right before I left work tonite and asked him if he wanted me to make dinner.

He laughed. Then told me we couldn't afford for me to keep cooking.

I love you too honey.

And I quit!


inkOBSESSIONdesigns said...

That sounds like me. Every time I try to cook it turns out horrible. Now I just stick to Hamburger Helper and frozen pizzas when I can! :)

My name is Megan... said...

haha aww. poor thing!!! It will get better. I'm not that great! Sometimes I like it ..sometimes I dont, haha.

SassyEngineer said...

Oh no! Maybe you should quit cooking - I don't want you to permanently hurt yourself! I think if you cook again you should try crock-pot recipes. They are generally easier and less dangerous :)

Jennifer said...

Aww. Keep trying! It gets easier with practice! Maybe Maybe you should just make one part of the meal and Mr. Perfect the rest. That way there will still be something to eat if things go arye!


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