Friday, May 1, 2009


I LOVE coming home in the afternoons.

Usually the Mr. is already at home cooking up something delicious and the "kids" are sitting at the back gate waiting on Mom to pull up. We play this little game where I "pretend" to ignore them and walk in the door and then I run back to the gate really quick. Lacy's caught on. She doesn't take off to the back door like her brothers, so I get a minute just me and my girl before the boys figure it out and come tearing back up to the gate and the madness breaks out.

That is not the case on Fridays.

On Fridays I get home first. The pups stay outside if it's nice in a nice, fenced in area of their own in the yard. Don't you feel sorry for them, it's shaded and they did it to themselves after a week straight of digging out. This girls heart can't take it. They're so happy to see you when you let them out but they are a bundle of energy. You have to step back from the gate quickly in order to stay standing up. Trust me. I know this.

I try to play outside with them for a bit. Usually I end up covered in dirt and puppy kisses, but it's so worth it. Duke (the hound) likes to play fetch. A lot. The other two? Not so much. Cash (the black one) will if it's just him. Lace? Nuh uh. Not her cup of tea. But she does like torturing Duke while he tries to play.. I caught this little game of Fetch on camera not too long ago...

See how hard just one throw is on him?!? She's ridiculous.

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