Monday, May 11, 2009


Thanks so much for all your questions ladies! This was a ton of fun!! Here’s your answers!

Jennifer asked:
If you could adopt any animal in the world as a pet {other than domesticated pets and assuming it would be perfectly tame and wonderful} what would it be and why?

I’m going to have to go with a dolphin. I am absolutely in love with these beautiful creatures. Plus, they get to live in the water which is about my favorite place to be. =) Plus… have you seen Flipper?! How cute is he!?
Or a monkey. Because they are the cutest things ever. I should have both, one inside and one in the pool outside. Yea.. that’s what I would do!

jlc asked:
If you had one last day... what would you do? Who would you spend it with? What would you eat? Etc...

Oh goodness!! First of all I would wake up with the hubs and the pup (it’s my last day- she’s sleeping with me!). Then we’d get up and head out on the boat with the pups for some tanning and reading for me and fishing for the mister. After that we’d meet up with the best’s and head to the Crab Shack for a late lunch. Beer and seafood; I die… Hit up the shower and then head downtown with the girls for shopping. I’d completely blow my budget out the water! After shopping, we’d have the boys meet up for dinner downtown. It would have to be Mexican. Simply. With lots 'o margaritas! Then we’d end out the nite at my favorite piano bar in town, Savannah Smiles. Perfection!


What's your favorite season?

Tough one. I lurve summer. Everything about it. How hot it is, the clothes, the beach, the boat… I could go on for days. But Fall brings me my beloved football season and cheering on my Dawgs. Very close call. Might be a draw!

AM asked:

Does your husband ever want you to NOT blog about some things?
He said our sex life. Well duh hun. You’re telling that to the girl that still blushes with those words!! Other than that.. you pretty much get it all here!!

Sassy Engineer asked:

What is your favorite items of apparel (clothing, purse, accessory) that you just can't stop wearing?
My pearl earrings. I hardly ever go anywhere without them. I got a set of pearls for my 21st birthday. Mom said every “lady” needed a good set of pearls (were truer words ever spoken?!). I love my pearls and while I don’t wear the set very often, I always have my studs in my ears. Occasionally I switch out to some fun earrings for a nite out, but I always come back to my pearls.

And my Georgia flops. Seriously, they should be retired by now!

Jen asked:

If you could pick one song as the soundtrack for a movie-montage of your life, what would it be?
Easy: Jack Johnson “Better Together”. I’ve made note of it before, but I hate being alone. So this song is perfect for my life, because I am surrounded by some amazing people. Plus, it’s my song for the hubs and perfectly describes our relationship.
And I love Jack Johnson. Simple.

Saskia asked:

How did you and your husband meet?
I actually can’t believe I’ve never shared this story on here so here goes. Back when I was in school I worked for an outdoor store here in town. It’s a huge company and is always expanding in other cities around the country. Just so happened that I got picked to join in on a team of workers that was headed to open up a new store in Myrtle Beach, SC. So my boss and I headed on up to SC. Of course being the 21 year old that I was at the time, I made the most of my time in MB. So when I wasn’t working, I would head out with some of the kids working at that store and party my little tail off. Needless to say, I was exhausted by the end of our week there. The day before their store was supposed to open, I was back in the stockroom behind their shoe department working on the computer when this guy (one of the managers) comes barreling through the door. He immediately jumped on my case for being on his computer and I lost it. I was tired!! Basically I mouthed off about having to be back there to fix something his associates had messed up. I was pissed off!! I don’t take well to being yelled at. Apparently being a bia reels the guys in, because he went and asked a friend of mine about me. And got my phone number. Something about my sweet ass (all honestly here folks!). My buddy told me he asked for my phone number so I was expecting a call. Boy made me wait like 3 days!! But he eventually called and we went out on a date my last nite in town. It was perfect. We made our way to a couple of haunted areas in town (may sound weird, but so right up my alley!) and then went and watched a movie. The next day he came and helped me and my boss come pack up to leave. When I got back to Savannah, I didn’t hear from him for a few days, so I called him to see what was up. He was afraid that I wouldn’t want to work on anything from such a long distance so he was giving me space and time. He was wrong. So I invited him down for the next weekend for my 22nd birthday, and the rest is… history! We got engaged 3 months later and married 5 more after that.. It was quick, but it’s perfect. =)

Hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about this girl. I know I enjoyed sharing!! Hope you all had a great weekend. See ya’ll on Monday!


Am said...

Love Better Together by Jack! it was our first dance at our wedding and we really sat beneath mango trees on our honeymoon!

jlc said...

Yay for Piano Bars!!! Ohhh I'd love to go to one with you.... you know they DO have amazing ones down in Austin on 6th street.

Justtt a suggestion!


...Southern Bride... said...

Gotta love Jack Johnson!! We had his music play as guests were escorted from the ceremony to the reception!

Lindsey said...

Fun post! I enjoyed getting to know you better!

Jennifer said...

A dolphin or a monkey...good choices!

almost DUNN said...

eeeeeee!!!!! I love the husband story! i love!!


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