Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I had my follow up appointment from surgery on Friday. I'll do a post on that later, but I did get cleared for activity again. Headed to the gym tonite, and my ab muscles are on fire!!! I was hurting. Two weeks off does not an easy workout make. At all. But I was desperately missing my gym time.

How come while I was gone from the gym they lost the ability to turn on the air? It was a sauna today.

You should head on over to Mrs. Newlywed's blog for a sweet little giveaway. Check it out. I know I'm a huge fan of anything personalized and paper!!

What happened on DWTS last nite?! I mean, I'm a huge Ty fan, but the boy has tapped out. He's reached his peak and should have gone home!!! I don't think Lil Kim was going to win anyway though, so maybe it doesn't matter...

American Idol- I am not a fan right now. Really blows for Danny and Kris that they pulled a rock theme this close to the end. They're just not rockers!! I totally felt like last nite Idol pulled out all the stops to promote Adam and Allison. Not a fan. And oh Danny... what did you do to my beloved Aerosmith last nite?!?

I made my first ever J.Crew purchase the other day and got the goods today. I know, I know... so behind the times. I got two cute summer dresses that I can't wait to wear. So far.. first experience deserves an A+.

I started this a while ago but haven't posted yet, but I'm opening the floor for any questions you have for this girl. My creative juices are spent right now so... It's down to this. So ask away! Seriously. Because if you don't, my feelings will be hurt... =)


jlc said...

Sauna day?!

Ohhh that sounds like heaven. :)

question: if you had one last day... what would you do? who would you spend it with? what would you eat? etc...

Mmm and what's your favorite season? :)

Am said...

I so want Danny or Kris to win but think Adam will. ugh.
Love J. Crew but it's a tad expensive. Glad you're happy with your purchase.
Questions~Hmmm....Does your husband ever want you to NOT blog about some things?

Hayley said...

Am I the only one who loves Adam?

In South Africa, we are only down to the top five. But it is so coole, because we see two shoes (including the result shows) in one week. So we catch up really quickly at the end.

have a lovely said...

thanks so much for the sweet congrats ma'am!!! i hope that life is going just lovely for you...sounds like its busy! :)

SassyEngineer said...

I have given up on Idol and DWTS, but I'm glad you give little updates so I still know what is going on :)

My question - what is your favorite items of apparel (clothing, purse, accessory) that you just can't stop wearing?

Lindsey said...

I was shocked Ty made it the semi finals!

Jen said...

I don't watch DWTS but love Idol ... I have a crush on Kris - he's so cute!

Let's see ... if you could pick one song as the soundtrack for a movie-montage of your life, what would it be?

Saskia said...

Thanks for your compliment on the photos, I'm glad you like them!

My question is, and I'm sorry if you've already written about this, -how did you and your husband meet?

Saskia x


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