Friday, April 13, 2012

birthday party brain dump.

I am in party planning crisis mode.

See, when you go into denial about the fact that you're little one is turning TWO and you quit planning and buying because that means it's real, well, it will catch up to you. Fast.

So it's totally last minute and I'm scrambling.

Well kind of. I may possibly still be in denial.

What is my deal?!?

But tomorrow we celebrate my sweet Baby Girl turning two. All of her family and our close friends will be here. Somehow I know that come tomorrow, it won't matter how much or how little I do. It's going to be about celebrating her.

Maybe I actually kind of get that? Maybe that's why I'm pretty much stress free? Maybe that's why I'm almost content to throw some hot dogs on the grill and yell "Happy Birthday!!".

I said almost. I'm not there yet.

So back to crafting I go. I'll be back to regular-ish programming next week. Y'all have a great weekend!!

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