Thursday, April 26, 2012

a very fairy birthday part 3: the family

Okay, last birthday post. I think I have officially dragged it out enough and must come to terms that it is over and she is two. Le sigh.... To catch up, you can find parts one and two here and here.

None of our family currently live very close to us. Mr. P's family is about 3 1/2 hours away, my parents are a good 10 hours away, and I have aunts in Savannah and Texas and my Papa is in Savannah, so everyone had quite the drive to get to us. But because they love us (her), most of them managed to make the trip to share in her special day.

My aunt and granddad actually came up on Friday and were a HUGE help to me. We were able to run most of the last minute errands (grocery store and such) that afternoon and then all have dinner together that night. They also were back up early the next morning to come help us set up. My aunt hit the kitchen while my poor Papa got stuck fluffing poms.

My parents ended up leaving late Friday afternoon and drove through the night to get here. After a nap Saturday morning, they got up to help as well. Dad manned the stove and helped us set up outside while Mom finished up with last minute decorations and helped set up.

There is no way I would have gotten everything done without all of their help. And Mr. P. But he's a given.

BG was beyond excited to see all of her family there. It is not very often that they are all in once place and she just ran from person to person soaking it all in.

Daddy helping with some clothing trouble.


Some play time with Pops.

BG and Grandaddy.


After everyone left, we let BG sit down and open her presents from family. She loved putting on quite the show for everyone. She's nothing if not a ham!

As I've said a million times, it was such a good day.


Becca said...

She is too cute! I love her tutu!

Lucy Marie said...

Having a Papa who will fluff poms for your little girls' birthday party is a blessing to be cherished :) I'm so glad your family could join you ... I know it's hard for you being away from them so it's nice to see you all happy together on an occassion like this.

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

So glad her birthday turned out so wonderful! Just caught up on all the posts and you did an amazing job! I'm so glad all of your family got to come up and celebrate! I know that means a lot!

A.B. said...

precious. so so precious. I'm in love wit her abby outfit. like... obsessed. I kinda want it. Or want G to wear it. That's not so bad, right?

You you! in that purple. love.

The St. John Family said...

Adorable Party!!!! You did such a great job and I know she loved it! She is precious!

The St. John Family said...
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