Friday, April 20, 2012

i'm her mother.

Birthday post two will have to wait as I am flat out spent after the week from you know where.

How are the weeks so dang long but the years are so dang fast?? Ponder that.

BG is currently in one of my favorite stages so far. She's started adding an "ummm" to her sentences that is just about slap yourself adorable as in;

"BG, what color dress are you wearing?"

"Ummmm" (usually complete with a head tilt "umm.. blue!!".

Seriously. Kill me with the cuteness.

Then there is the "help Ella" stage which also just slays me because how can you turn a toddler request down when it's followed with a "help Ella Mommy. Peas?".

Yea. You don't. Unless you're Scrooge.

Then there's the "Mom is the great healer of the world" stage.

Quite possibly my favorite because it means I have some seriously powerful and slightly magic lips.

Any boo boo she gets? She wants a kiss from Mama to make it all better.

Dude. Just when I thought I couldn't love her one inth more, she goes and looks at me with tear soaked big eyes and a wobbly bottom lips and says "I hurt Mommmy. Kiss and better peas?"

Floor. Puddle. Me.

Because I'm her Mother. And Mom rocks. And has healing powers.

The other day she fell, hard. She was attempting to wash her baby in the sink (another story for another day) and fell off the stool she had placed under the sink (all in five seconds people. Five). I heard the crash from the other room and took off running. I found her rubbing her elbow and crying "it hurts Mommy! Hurts!".

She placed said elbow in my face and waited, waited on Mommy to work her magic. So I did.

And though I know it couldn't have helped, she stood up, wiped her eyes and when I asked "all better", she gave a wobbly nod of the head.

So because I'm her Mother, I do the making all better. And I will for as long as I can. Because these bumps and bruises? I've got this.

It's that broken heart in fifteen years that might do me in.

We'll go ahead and stop thinking about that k?


Crystal Seed said...

This made me smile! I love it!! I can't wait for Chloe to start doing the "Momma, kiss it" thing. Cannot Wait!!!

Kara said...

Yes! We are also going through a boo boo hurts stage! How funny!

Brown Girl said...

Love it, love me so BG. If you ever make it to Texas, your first stop better be to see ME!!


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