Sunday, April 29, 2012

project 366: week 17

Sunday, April 22nd:

Some afternoon bubble time. Is it super obvious that we're in the "toddler picks what toddler wears" stage?

Monday, April 23rd:

Arts and crafts time before dinner.

Tuesday, April 24th:

How BG decided she should watch tv at the time.

Wednesday, April 25th:

Nothing's better than Mama's ice water on a hot afternoon.

Thursday, April 26th:

This girl slays me. So much personality!

*Ignore Scary Spice on the side.

Friday, April 27th:

My friend sent BG some new jammies for her birthday. BG absolutely couldn't wait to try them on, so she pulled them on over her pajamas she already had on. She was pretty pleased with herself.

Saturday, April 28th:

BG and my friend's little boy. She wasn't too sure she was a fan of sharing her wagon. She decided to let him stay though.


Kara said...

I love the picture of her in the Elmo pajamas!

Lindsey said...

Seriously love- Ella is just too cute for words!!! I love it!! S precious!!!

Megan said...

"Toddler picks what toddler wears stage" haha that made me laugh. Cute!


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