Wednesday, April 25, 2012

two year well check? check

AT BG's one year well check I was pretty stoked to head up to the doc and hear all about how well she was doing and where we were development wise. We didn't spend a lot of time with her doc at that point as she was healthy as a horse so the only time I got updates on her health wise was at well checks.

This year? couldn't be further from that.

My hope from her two year well check is that we would leave with a "your child is healthy and everything looks great". Being as how we were at the doctor just two weeks before for yet another round of her coughing and breathing, I thought that was a long shot.


Well.. my child is healthy and everything looks great.

Thank you Tom Cruise.

Not. Whatever.

She was well above where they say she should be developmentally. In fact, the doctor had no sooner asked if she was putting two and three word phrases together when BG got his attention and asked him if he "See? See that elephant right there? Up in the sky. See?". Sure enough, she found the elephant on the border at the top of the wall. He skipped the rest of his speech questions.

She was just over 35 inches tall and weighed 34.8 pounds. She is a big girl. He does want her to chill out on the weight gain, but y'all, she's gotten so picky about eating. So I have no clue how I'm supposed to help her there? She only drinks one glass of milk a day and water the rest. There are minimal snacks and she prefers fruits and veggies to everything else. I'm at a loss. Oh well.

Her ears looked great for the first time in a sweet forever. Her ENT confirmed that at her appointment on Tuesday. Those tubes are doing their jobs finally.

Her umbilical hernia is still there but is still not causing any issues so we're going to continue to leave it alone for now.

He is concerned about her right eye which we've noticed "wandering" for a while now. She has a recheck appointment with her opthalmologist this summer, so we'll have that checked then.

The newest combination of Singulair and an inhaler seem to be keeping her breathing issues at bay which means everyone is this house is sleeping again. Praise God. That was awful.

All in all, she's doing great. She spent the whole time waiting on the doctor narrating what everyone else was doing. It's not embarrassing at all when your two year old tells the crying baby next to you "stop it baby" over and over and can't figure out "why won't baby stop Mommy?". So that part was fun.

That kid cracks me up. And? we get a break from the doctor til she's three! Well, fingers crossed.

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