Friday, April 6, 2012

two year pictures.

We all know I'm a huge fan of taking pictures. Especially of my child.

Which is why there are more pictures of my child on this computer than I care to admit.

There's also a ton of her and her Daddy because duh, they're totally adorable together.

Guess who there isn't that many pictures of?

This girl.

Before St. Patrick's Day, I had to go back to Christmas to find a picture of me and my girl together. No bueno.

So when it came time for some two year pictures, I decided to spring for some professional pictures of the three of us which we haven't had done since BG was 8 months old.

I know, I know. Freaking travesty.

Thankfully I met Christy at a baby shower in January and we got to talking about photography and I found out that she had recently moved her photography business to the Upstate. After a bit of blog stalking looking at her site, I decided she had to take BG's two year old pictures/family pictures.
2012.03.38 (1 of 67)2012.03.38 (2 of 67)

She spent so much time talking with me beforehand that I feel like I gave her a pretty good impression of what Baby Girl would be like. I warned her that she can be a bit, umm, hard to get a picture of. True to form, BG was pretty standoffish at first, but Christy was excellent with her and spent so much time with her that eventually BG warmed up and couldn't get enough.
2012.03.38 (5 of 67)2012.03.38 (6 of 67)2012.03.38 (7 of 67)

She actually warmed up so much that we heard "Where's Chris go?" for the rest of the night. I think she's a fan.
2012.03.38 (10 of 67)2012.03.38 (13 of 67)

I'm totally in love with these pictures. She did such a good job capturing my girls sweet, slightly crazy, spirit. And she definitely earned her keep. BG had the poor lady chasing her all over downtown Greenville as she ran, jumped, laughed, and had a grand 'ol time.
2012.03.38 (16 of 67)2012.03.38 (27 of 67)2012.03.38 (28 of 67)2012.03.38 (30 of 67)2012.03.38 (31 of 67)

To see more of Christy's work and to check out a few more pictures from our session, go here. And let her know you like them please!
2012.03.38 (32 of 67)2012.03.38 (33 of 67)2012.03.38 (38 of 67)2012.03.38 (51 of 67)2012.03.38 (59 of 67)2012.03.38 (62 of 67)


Crystal Seed said...

Your family is so cute, and your little one is just adorable! I can't get over her cheeks! Oh lordy, I just want to squeeze them! The pictures turned out SOOO cute! Love them!

Kara said...

Oh my goodness I just love them ALL. All of you look so great! Ella is a queen! Those ballon pictures are so pretty and you also look so pretty. Love the little lady's dress'

Brown Girl said...

I love them, especially the ones of her with the balloons, I love her feisty little spirit!

Jillian said...

These pictures are amazing!!

jill said...

such good photos. i love the b&w one of mr. p and bg...presh!

A.B. said...

Whoa! Holy abby kadabbi preciousness! I love the serious face in the bottom one. A cutally, I love everything about these. You have one adorable family! Now when I get my private jet we are setting up a playdate!

Brittany Ann said...

They look amazing! She is just so beautiful!


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