Monday, April 9, 2012

project 366: week 14

Sunday, April 1st:

Who is this big girl in my yard??!

Monday, April 2nd:

She was so excited to get into her birthday mail that she couldn't even wait for help.

Tuesday, April 3rd:

Diva. Just being driven to the aquarium for the day by her driver ;)

Wednesday, April 4th:
Megan & Ella  4-4-12

So the Easter Bunny visit clearly went well as evidenced by the unprepared parent in the picture and the Bunny being ousted from his seat. That was fun. BG was having NONE of it. None. In fact, she still doesn't like him days later. "No. No Easter Bunny Mama" has been heard on repeat around these parts.

Thursday, April 5th:

I picked up one hot, sweaty, tired girl from school this day.

Friday, April 6th:

The girl loves her accessories. She picked out her necklaces and hoodie. Love it.

Saturday, April 7th:

At an egg hunt here in town. Ignore the dude walking in front of my phone (grrr) and look at her sweet, sweet face.

1 comment:

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Stop it, she's getting so big! And adorable as usual :) When are y'all coming back up here to visit?


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