Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Boy Did Good...

So... how was everyone's Valentine's Day?! Not gonna lie.. I had maybe the best EVER!! Let me preface this by telling you a bit about me or you're just going to be like "Huh? I don't understand?!". So I love all things scary. Scary movies (not slasher films-- I hate movies like Scream), ghost stories, haunted places, etc. Which is weird because I hate being scared. I know this because Mr. Perfect scares me at least once fifty times a day. Whole other story. I am not a fan of this habit of his!! But I digress...

I am also a huge history fan. Seriously. Love. It. Like in a can't get enough, read about it, Google historic facts way.

All this to tell you about our V-day. Which happened to be the day after an even better day; that's right, Friday the 13th.

Mr. Perfect called me at work Friday and asked me to leave early. Trust me. He didn't have to ask me that twice!! Then he told me to come on home. I told him "No prob. I'll just swing by the gym for a bit". To which he said "Nope. Come straight home." WHAT?! You can't tell me to skip the gym and think I'm not going to know somethings up!!! So I whined for five minutes a minute, but then agreed to just come on home.

I get home and Mr. Perfect tells me I have 30 minutes to get changed and pack an overnite bag. Right.... Give me something I can realistically do!!! An hour later I was ready to go. (NO idea what I'd packed. I know I didn't have his definition of comfortable shoes!)

We headed to the Historic Downtown district of our lovely little city. Once we headed there he told me we were going to eat at the Pirate House. Yay! 1) I've actually never eaten there in my 26 years in this town, 2) it's deliciously "haunted" (a must for Friday the 13th), and 3) I've heard the food is incredible.
It was. My drink was even better. And we got to hear a ghost story from a pirate while eating! They don't do that at Chili's!!

Mr. Perfect enjoying his food..

Me enjoying mine and my delicious "Flirtini". No clue. Cute name!

After stuffing ourselves silly dinner, we walked down to another cute restaurant for dessert and coffee for Mr. Perfect, wine for me. I'd been to this restaurant before but it had been years. Just as good as I remembered.

Then on to our next stop. (I was currently regretting my not so comfortable shoe choice, but don't you dare tell Mr. Perfect!!) We got back to the Pirate's House and on to this!!

That's right!! We did a Ghosts and Gravestones Haunted Tour of the City!!! Shut up! I've always wanted to do one of these! It was great. I absolutely loved it. How could you combine history and ghosts and not have a successful evening?! I thoroughly enjoyed this. We don't take enough advantage of the gorgeous City we live in and any time we do "touristy" things like this, we always like it. So this was a grand slam in the idea department!

But he wasn't done yet... After we climbed our slightly frozen behinds off the trolley, we headed out to lovely little Tybee Island to spend the night out on the beach. Yep. Oceanfront room for the nite please!! It was awesome! (I realize there are WAY too many exclamation points in this point but Mr. Perfect deserves them!)
We stayed out on Tybee for this night, and then got up for lunch at our favorite restaurant of all time, The Crab Shack. It was kind of cold, but we love this season at the Crab Shack. No tourists and only locals make it a very relaxed place to have lunch. We eat here too much. We can call the servers by name.

Us leaving the Crab Shack.

I honestly had the best weekend ever. Mr. Perfect even made me the best card. He hates buying cards but I love cards, so this made my day. Every day that goes by that I get to spend with this man is a little better than the one before. I swear I love him more and more each day!! I truly hope you all had a great day!!


d.a.r. said...

What a FUN weekend!!!

My name is Megan... said...

Sounds like an amazing time!!!! He did really good!!!!! :)

Lindsey said...

Thank you for your sweet comment! I love your blog too! You have a new reader!!

You guys are so cute!!

have a lovely said...

ahhh! he did so good and made it all so special because he knows you so well!! so sweet!!!


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