Sunday, February 1, 2009

I just drooled a little..

Even though I just ate another Krispy Kreme doughnut(I seriously have a problem people!), I just got hungry again by looking at Mrs. Mojito's Valentines Day Giveaway! The gym does you no good when you have all this deliciousness beating you in the face. Check it out though! It's positively drool worthy!

I'll be back in the blogging mode tomorrow. You know.. after the Superbowl fun is done and over.


jlc said...

Mmmmm. And yes, I was just at her blog before hers!! She suckered us in with all that chocolate. I love it!!

Cute blog you have here!

Southern Belle said...

I nominated Grits for a giveway, so help please get the word out for everybody to vote for her. You can check it out on my blog at
She deserves it!


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