Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Terribly, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!!

Yea. So I'm taking it back to my childhood with that title!! And today that's where I wish I was. Childhood.

My day started off good. I woke up super early so I laid in bed with the pups and watched some tv. I then fell back asleep. Woke up to this new edition of my day. A not so good edition.

Of course I was running late. Then I got to work and our computers weren't working. None of them. GAH!!! Then a super high maintenance client showed up with NO appointment on a day our Doc isn't even in. I get that she's stressed because her pup is having a very hard time after surgery, but that still gives her no right to flip out on me! Which she did. She accused me of lying and hiding things, then she proceeded to yell at me about what she is mad at the Doc for as well as what another clinic did!! Are you kidding me?!?!? First of all, don't ever accuse me of being a liar because that's one thing I'm not. Second of all, don't yell at me!! And if you're going to at least shut up long enough for me to get in some words of my own!! ;)

So she storms out pissed. I break down. I never do this. I must be PMS'ing (TMI much?!). But it broke me down. I HATE getting yelled at. It hurts my feelings and don't ever do that because I do not forget!!!!! Of course I had to call the Doc and I'm so upset he can barely understand me. Then I feel dumb because I hate acting like that in front of him. I feel unprofessional but I just freakin' snapped.

I've had two other clients be upset this afternoon, both by things that are simply out of my control.

Then another difficult client we've been dealing with for a while sent us a letter today that was so rude and offensive I just sat and read it in disbelief. She is refusing to pay us. Are you kidding me?!? Do people seriously act like this?!? She says since we didn't do things up to her standards, she shouldn't have to pay. Umm.. do you go to a grocery store, buy a hundred bucks worth of groceries, and then only give them thirty because the food isn't what you think it should be!?!? I think not.

I try to remind myself that most pet owners (myself included) are still sane, rational people and that you have to deal with the bad apples at some point. But all on one day?!?!? Seriously?!?

Ok. Rant's over. I'll be positive later. You know.. at five o' clock.. =)


Lindsey said...

Oh I'm so sorry! That is so annoying when people take out their frustrations on you! AND computers not working is just as bad! I hope your day gets better soon!

Mrs. Smith said...

First of all - that is one of the best childrens' books ever! I had it as a child and absolutely loved it...and to be honest, I still do!

Second - so sorry your day is terrible and horrible. People are so rude, inconsiderate and just plain mean that I often can't believe it myself! But don't worry - the day can only get better from here! :)

d.a.r. said...

It is just so frustrating when adults act like children. And then you see their holy terrors that are their children and you realize why they act that way. Geesh. I am so sorry you had to deal with all of this craziness!


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