Thursday, February 5, 2009

From the boys...

Hi there! This is the boys from the family! We were reading Mom's blog today and decided we simply didn't see enough about us. So we're here to change that! You see, we're not talked about as much as our sister, Lacy, because we're more well behaved. Therefore not always in our parents faces!! Or that's what we think... Pretty much we're just not as needy as Lacy...

I'm Duke. I'm the oldest at a whopping old age of 4! Mom and Dad adopted me from the Humane Society back before they even got married.. For a while I got to travel back and forth between Mom's apartment in Savannah and Dad's apartment in Myrtle Beach. That was way fun because I love a car ride!! I can be kind of obsessed with my tennis ball. Mom says I'm neurotic but I just like my ball! I'll fetch all day but I don't really like to give it up!! I'm always moving. I'm a hound after all!

I'm very protective of my yard. I really like to bark. That kind of bothers my parents! I really like it when Lacy and Cash chase me. Lacy's my best friend. But don't tell her that!

When Mom and Dad moved to Missouri, I couldn't go. So I went to live in Maryland with my grandparents. Mom and Dad said I was never the same after that!! I'm not sure what that means. Mom says I went crazy.. I did try to tear down a door at Grandma's.. My "person" is my Uncle the Marine. Mom and Dad say we act just a like. That's fine with me! He lets me sleep on the bed when he visits!!

Hi there! I'm Cash.. Yes, like the man in black! Mom brought me home from the clinic she worked at in 2006. I was found by a nice family with a cord grown into my neck.. I was dropped off like that. But those bad times were quickly behind me when I came to this house!!

I'm the quiet one at this house.. I don't really like to be in the way. I've had surgery on my hips so I'm slower than most 2 year olds. But I feel way better now even though I walk with a limp.. Mom calls it my swagger! I really don't like to be away from my parents. It makes me crazy nervous so sometimes I tear up stuff. I don't mean too.. I just don't know what to do without them!! For the longest time I had my parents convinced that I was pretty slow... I got away with a lot... But now they're on to me. Darn it.

I'm part lab and part retriever, so I love the water and love playing fetch. And unlike my older brother, I WILL bring you the ball!! I'm a total Mama's boy, but I do love my Daddy. He calls me Stink. Sometimes I'll only answer to that and it drives my Mom crazy! Dad just laughs!! I get real excited when you talk in high voices and pet me! I might even jump on you!! Mom and Dad say I'm the sweetest dog ever. They're right. I'm usually the best behaved too!!

I'm the cat. I rule the house. That's pretty much it.

I am only a fan of my Dad. Actually, that's a lie. I love everyone. I'm freakishly friendly for a cat. But guess who I don't get along with? Mom. She tries to make me behave. I'm not having it. I am into EVERYTHING. You know why? Because I can be. Mom says I'm not a kitten anymore at a year and a half so I should know how to act. I did mention I don't listen to her right?!

That's me with the fish. I let him live. Did I mention I love my Dad?! He's my best friend!

That's about all from us. We're pretty beat so we're thinking about heading to bed! Mom should be back tomorrow. She's getting stuff ready for our family to come this weekend!!


Claire said...

What a lovely post!


Grad3 said...

I think our cats might be related!


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