Monday, February 9, 2009

You Know The Drill..

It's that time again!! Time to play "Not Me Monday"! Go here for directions, but really you should be on this train by now!!

I did not skip the gym tonite in lieu of Mexican food and margaritas. Because not only would that be counterproductive, but just completely wrong!!

I did not get busted out in front of my whole entire family for something I've been able to keep a secret for a long, long, LONG time by my mother-in-law!! Seriously?!?

I did not follow a healthy eating pattern all weekend of salads and water only to turn around today and down a huge slice of pound cake! That could not have been me!!

I did not plan the schedule perfectly today to ensure that I would not end up with the Samoyed that bites. That would just be wrong!

I did not start my day off by arguing with the cable lady. Because that would be pointless. And my cable would still not be working. .:: ahem cable lady.. Still NOT working!! ::.

And I am not squeezing this post in two minutes before Tuesday.. I'm way more on top of things than that!!

1 comment:

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with skipping the gym to eat Mexican food. At least that's what I tell myself... :)

Great Not Me's! Found you through Mck Mama...


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