Friday, February 27, 2009

I am so weird.

I know this. I'm okay with this.

Tonite I'm on the treadmill. Just a steady running, pouring sweat like a man, and probably grunting like a gorilla. The gym is practically empty. It's Friday nite people!! Everyone is out!

Tell me why Gym Rat Guy has to get on the treadmill next to me.


There are 15!!

That's okay though. I bet he didn't realize we were racing. But we were. And I spanked him. Yep, in my head it was on. I was not stopping til he did. And he did. Go me.

Then on the way home (I live 15 minutes from the gym), I decide I simply HAVE to see Mr. Perfect. He works late on Friday nite's so I call him and ask him to buy me a drink and bring it outside. Of course they don't have what I want but I stopped anyway. I get him to buy me a water just so I can talk to him for 5 minutes. I also plan on being in bed by the time he gets off so I didn't want him to miss out on his daily dose of me! (He was still in bed when I went to work this am).

Did I drink said bottle of water?


Did I use said bottle of water as a microphone to belt out Sugarland's "Stay" into?


What a great song.. I still haven't drank the water.

I wonder if Gym Rat Guy will be there on a Saturday nite so we can race again? I'll totally make him look like a little girl again.

I wonder if the kid at the stop light liked my singing since the sunroof was open and all?


La vie est belle! said...

Hello! I just stumbled on blog! :) I'm a new follower! :)

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

I laughed outloud at the fact that he not only too the treadmill closest to you but even though he didn't know you were racing! hahaha! Hilarious! And the singing too, I love it :)

My name is Megan... said...

you are too nice! I think I am too critical of myself in pictures! This story cracks me up from the gym! I hope you had a good day and are feeling good!!! xoxo


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