Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful...

Yes. I know it's not Christmas. But have you been outside?!? It's FREEZING! Even down here. So I can only imagine what some of you are going though!! This weekend was simply lovely though. I worked late (drag that out and sound really whiny) on Saturday. Helping out with inventory junk so we didn't get anything productive done at the house. Mr. Perfect got off early, but I'm pretty sure he made nice with the couch the rest of the day!

So when I got home on Saturday, we decided a quiet nite in would be on the menu. So we headed out! But just to our friend's house for game nite. Mad Gabs was played and KT and I rocked it! But I didn't keep score or anything... Sunday was super nice, so after church we packed up the camera and Lacy and headed downtown for the afternoon. .:: I promise we treat all the dogs equally, but Cash has bad hips and can't walk for long, and Duke's hound and would be all over the place so usually Lacy wins when we're going to be in public! ::. We live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Seriously. I'm not biased, you can look in any guidebook and it will say that. It's also a historic landmark. We had a blast just walking around and doing the "tourist" thing. While we were in the Colonial Cemetery checking out Button Gwinnett's grave, we got into a little discussion about the Civil War... Oh boy. I'll argue with a gnat just so you know, so of course Mr. Perfect and I got into a "tiff" about the War. My little Carolina boy told me that the only reason Sherman didn't burn Savannah was we gave up to easily to which in turn I made some remark about South Carolinian's already dipping out before Sherman even got to Charleston.. I don't know. I was just spouting off!! You should see a Georgia girl and a Carolina boy argue about the war as if they'd been there.. It's ridiculous! Poor lady walking her cocker spaniel next to us looked as if she couldn't get away fast enough!! Don't worry.. No punches were thrown!! And the South made peace again over some good food later!!

Could she be any cuter?!

My loves...

Yeah.. so I live in a gorgeous place!

That was pretty much our Sunday.. Honestly we watched almost zilch of the Superbowl.. I don't really follow NFL football and Mr. Perfect doesn't at all. So he played on the computer while I reorganized my closet(s) all through the game!! What a wild bunch we are!!


Am said...

I love Savannah! I've only been once but hope to come back.

Nishehe said...

hi,,,love ur blog...i am from maldives, and here it s always sunny,,,no winter..only sun above the sky..i think i ll like seeing the cold weather..


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