Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

Whew! What a weekend. We started it off on not such a great note when we had to put our family dog, Indy, to sleep. Never easy and we were all pretty upset most of the day Saturday, but it gets better. His buddy Abby is back in the North with my parents and is kind of having a hard time. You see it a lot actually. When two dogs spend that much time together, if one passes, the one left behind has to deal with the loss. They will literally make themselves sick with grief. So Mom and Dad are showering her with extra attention right now. She'll love that! She's such a good dog!

Saturday afternoon we went to grab a quick bite to eat with the fam at the Dawghouse Grill. Excellente! Even though I didn't get my normal extra long cheese coney and opted for a salad, it was still so good. We had an oyster roast over at the grandparents that nite. My little brother was in town this weekend to come to the baptism. However, he spent most of the time with a former best friend of mine so I barely got to see him. It doesn't bother me that he did this; what bothers me is when I asked him about it, he flat lied to my face. Not cool. But I digress.. So we had an oyster roast. I of course ate my weight in oysters (pure protein people!). It was such a gorgeous nite out!

Oyster roasts are probably one of my fave things to do where I live. So relaxed and chill just sitting 'round the bonfire. The food and drink rocks too. And I go where the food goes!

Sunday Mr. Perfect and I got baptised!! It was awesome. Both sets of our parents came as well as my little brother and my grandparents. The sermon was awesome as well that day so our whole family approves of our new church! Yay! I can't believe we're church members!! This is a first for our little family! I was a nervous wreck. Not gonna lie. I was shaking so hard I thought for sure you'd be able to hear my teeth all the way at the back of the church. I'm still not sure how I didn't pass out. I HATE being in front of that big a crowd. I still am not sure how I even managed to form words. I'm pretty sure they weren't understandable. Oh well. God got it =). We went to dinner afterwords. Always interesting. Like I said in my Not Me Monday post, Mr. Perfects mom, Mrs. M, totally ratted me out in front of everyone for something I've managed to keep a secret for 6 years!! Thanks Mrs. M!!! She sure keeps things interesting!! We had a great lunch. It's so rare that we actually get our whole family together and nobody gets hurt!! Kidding. Kind of. Mr. Perfect's family left right after lunch to make the 3 6 hour drive home. I was so glad they made it down. We thought they weren't going to be able to come and I know Mr. Perfect would have been so disappointed. It meant so much to both of us to have our whole family there!
We spent the rest of the day Sunday in our favorite way: on the couch together, watching TV and reading blogs. It was a great weekend. And I think I love my husband a little bit more now that we are truly united in Christ. It can only get better!!


d.a.r. said...

Congratulations on your baptism!! What a wonderful day :)

have a lovely said...

so sorry to hear about your pup and ecstatic to hear that your baptism and special day was surrounded by everyone you love!!!


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