Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Could They BE Any Cuter?

So since Mr. Perfect and I did Valentine's Day early this year, we had a pretty low key Saturday nite. We invited my friend Nebraska and her kids over (her husband had to work) and my friend Donner came as well. Nebraska's only been down here in the South for a while and hasn't always loved it (is that possible?!), but slowly I'm dragging her out of her shell!! Nebraska, Donner, and I all cut up all day work together and they are a freaking riot! Nebraska has two little kids that are absolutely adorable. Even though I did have to do some major kid proofing to our humble abode, and her daughter almost killed my cat. Oh well.

Mr. Perfect and little C

Oh! Be still my heart!!

Me and little C

So funny. R climbed in the dog kennel and Lacy just wasn't to sure about that! So she went in after her. Lacy never goes in there. I think she just wanted to make sure R knew that it was hers.

R spent most of the nite carrying Ace around by his head. He's long enough that he could still have his hind feet on the ground so at least he could walk along with her. Poor cat. He did way better than I thought he would though. No blood was shed. He's growing up so fast!


Am said...

Awww...such cute kiddos! Sounds like y'all had fun. Surely Nebraska loves the south now right?

Lindsey said...

Love these pics, sooo cute!!!


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