Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pearly Whites

My baby girl got her "grill" cleaned today!!! She's got pearly whites again!! Let me clarify. My dog (aka: baby girl) had a dental done today (got her grill cleaned). She's still a little trippy on her drugs right now so this will be short as she needs me! (Seriously, I will be a wreck when I have the two-legged children!). And I got the dental for a 100% discount since I did it. What what?!? I love my job!

I'm simply dying to see "He Just Not That Into You" this weekend. Mr. Perfect says it can't possibly be good. He has this idea that if you have that many "big names" in a movie, it usually stinks. I say "Hello?!? Have you seen Bobby?!" Awesome movie. Highly recommended by this girl. I'm going with two of the best's, Turs & KT, and will be inviting the new girl at my work to go with us. She just moved here from the Midwest and has been insanely homesick lately. I got a prescription for that: super girl time! Fixes everything! Dinner and drinks will round out Friday nite nicely...

My parents and the in-laws will be coming to town this weekend. What is the reason for this lovely visit.... dum dum dum.. Mr. Perfect and I are being baptised and finally joining a church!! Yay! I'm super excited. And nervous. When I was little I was baptised, but didn't really know what I was doing. As I was going up the stairs to the baptism pool, I got my elbow stuck between the rail and the wall. Of course I panicked because it wouldn't come out! My mom was back there with me also trying to get my arm out. So the preacher calls down for us to come on up. But we can't. So then he's down there helping too. By this time, I'm panicking. In a childlike, over the top, super LOUD way! By the time they got my arm free and I made it to the pool, EVERYONE in the church had heard us! I got applause. I bowed. That's not how a baptism should go. Oh please don't let anything that bad happen again! Tangent over. I'm back. So as I was saying.. I get nervous. All those people staring at me. But that's not what its about either. I can't wait to do this.. Pray for us please as we make the public statement about the change in our lives. And pray it goes off without a hitch!

I'm so glad I'm on this walk with my Mr. Perfect.. The best thing God's given to me...


d.a.r. said...

Awww congratulations!! I hope your weekend is perfect!

have a lovely said...

oh wow...that 100% off is HUGE...I don't know that I will ever be able to afford teeth cleaning for my yorkies again! :)

so many congrats on your upcoming weekend!!! what a special announcement to get to make together!!!

ps...yes ma'am...I too had the purpose driven life sitting on my shelf for years!! I started reading a chapter a day {but not on the weekends} and journaling your thoughts as you grow through it was really helpful for me too!

ekkk...lookie there...another novel I've left! :)

Mrs. Smith said...

Bobby is an AMAZING movie.


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