Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I'm having violent thoughts about this woman. I can't help it. Seriously. Who let this woman get in this situation?! I have a problem with the doctors who allowed a woman in her position get implanted with 6 embryos. I get that she had 6 done before and ended up with a singleton, but COME ON! Let's think about the risks here people! I am flabbergasted by her. For taking the risk that she did when she had 6 little lives at home she's already responsible for. I can't say enough about the problems I have with this. The saddest part is there are now 8 little babies in this world that are completely innocent and will more than likely struggle with everyday challenges simply because their mother can't support them as well as they may need. I'm sickened at the extra cost she just took on herself when she was already barely making it. I pray for her in the future. And those 14 children.

By the way.. and I get that this is catty, I'm completely agreeing with the gossip sites that say this woman wants to be Angelina Jolie!! Did you see her interview with Ann Curry last nite?!? 'Ol Angie would've thought it was her!! Same mannerisms, same lips. I do not kid you. You Tube it.

I loved Kate Gosselin on Dr. Phil today. You should listen to her Nadya! That woman is on it!! She might be scary controlling but I have a sick obsession deep love with her not so little family!

I dropped my Ipod while booking it on the treadmill today. Then bent down to pick it up. I almost died. I kid you not.

After the gym I came home and ate about a pound of low country boil. What is my problem?!?!

I started taking some of my pre-pregnancy drugs today. My stomach already hurts again but my headaches have ceased. Oh my poor body. I apologize in advance for what I'm fixing to do to you!

I love Simon Cowell. He might be the meanest person on the planet but I love him!! The hubs and I are arguing about what he's been saying tonite. Don't argue with me on American Idol hubs!! I know my Simon!!!

Sorry for the randomness. I hit my head on the treadmill today and then almost fell asleep while doing crunches. I think I should go to bed now. G'nite!


Mrs. Newlywed said...

She is absolutely insane. Completely and utterly.

It is so funny, because I saw a sneak peek of the interview last week, and my first thought was "wow, she looks JUST LIKE Angelina Jolie."

☆ Loren ☆ said...

Seriously I could not agree with you more about this Octuplet situation! (and Kate Gosselin!) It angers me to the core, that the doctor could allow this to happen! The woman is a nutso!! Seriously, In the interview.. OH MY! She truly needs mental help!!

Ok. Im done venting :)! Good post!

Mojito Maven said...

Thanks for playing. You get the letter N.


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