Saturday, February 7, 2009


Once upon a time there was a family. This family moved to a new house and had to buy groceries at the local store. While at this new store they found a dog. The dog was obviously hungry and not taken care of, so they took the dog. The daughter named the dog Windy Freckles. Windy because she was so small the wind could knock her over and Freckles for the black spots on the white of her snout. Well for some reason this family didn't get Ms. Freckles spayed right away and she got herself in a little situation... ahem. So this family ended up with a litter of puppies. They picked one out to keep. A pretty brown boy the kids named Indiana Jones, because he was the same color as Indy's hat. Indy he became.

I was twelve years old when we got Indy, and I was 26 on the day he left us... It's been a sad day for my family. Our poor baby got diagnosed with heart failure about a month ago. Obviously you all know I work with animals so I know that's no good. But we tried. Indy lives up North with my parents but he sees the doctor I work for down here. We did medication for a while but... Everyday I work with families that have to make that decision of when it's time to let their beloved pet go, and as an outsider it's so easy to say "it's time". But when it's your families beloved pet.. not quite so easy. But we made that decision today. It was only fair to him. I'm going to get all philosophical here for a minute because I've had an emotional day.. A dog is truly man's best friend. They need you and you'll quickly find that you need them. A dog has an unconditional love for it's master. Who else will love you if you cage it up, forget to feed it, or sometimes get home late and leave him out in the cold too long?! (None of those ever happen in our house!!) They want nothing more than to make you happy. To lay at your feet and be petted. To learn tricks that please you. To bark and almost raise the dead if they feel you need to know something. I've been blessed with some amazing family dogs, and I've felt the same way I feel right now when they've had to go on home. I feel blue... It sucks even more for my parents because he's been just "their" dog for years. God bless you Indy for being an amazing dog. I'm sure you're running around in heaven right now with a brand new healthy heart! I bet someone's throwing you a stick right now and you can actually run to go catch it. Thanks for being a great dog...

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