Friday, April 17, 2009


I feel like I should do something super fun for my 100th post. But I'm freakin' out about my surgery next week and my brain isn't quite functioning properly. So I'm begging politely asking you lovely ladies for some suggestions... What would you like to hear about on my lovely 100th?

Nothing like waiting til the last minute or anything.. smooth.

Also smooth? This fierce skinned up knee I'm rocking.

That's right. My knee matches your pre-pubescent skate board riding boys.

I have super loose ligaments in my ankle. They tend to roll quite easily. Thankfully I've never had a sprained ankle because they are so loose. So I'm running along (on a very busy street) when my ankle rolled. If it's my right ankle, it's all gravy it doesn't even slow me down, if it's my left ankle, I usually eat dirt because my left knee is shot and give me 0 support.

Guess which ankle rolled?

I fell flat on the pavement. I. Was. Mortified.

And still a mile from home.

Not even going to lie. I busted out in tears (we're talking serious blow to the pride here people! I was on a BUSY street!). I ran limped the last mile with tears streaming down my face (they dried up quickly though), blood running down my legs, and blood running down my arms from where I landed on my hands.

I don't remember skinned knees hurting this bad when I was little?! And did your hands actually bruise when you fell on them where you were a kid?

Sign of the times not so much.. More like sign of the late 20's.

Also on the list of super fun things this girl got to do this week; I had my pre-op appointment on Tues. La de da the fun of yet one more physical and one more blood draw. Of one more nurse seriously checking your pulse when she sees your blood pressure is 98/58. I assume that's shocking. I promise you I'm sitting here breathing.

What was completely unexpected and almost made me run screaming for the hills?

My week on a strict liquid diet. You heard it here first. I almost walked out of the doctor's office.

I will be a raving maniac by Friday if I can't eat starting Monday. Oh my poor husband....

Enough ranting. Hook me up with some fun post ideas! What did you guys do for your 100th?


Southern Pathways said...

ahh, sorry about your knees. Hope your liquid diet goes well!

jlc said...

Do the question gig!!

That's what I did.... orrrr for my 300 I forget.

Have your readers ask you a series of questions and answer them in your upcoming posts.

My name is Megan... said...

Oh my goodness!!! I would have been freaking crying like a baby too!! Sorry you are freaking about your surgery. I'm sure it will go sooo well! How did pre op appt go? and why liquids for a week?? ewwwy! ....okay so as I got ready to enter the word verification to post is "goless" maybe you just need to rest and "go less" until your surgery :)


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