Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter... Just a bit late...

Yea.. so my big 'ol 100th post.. not gonna be on the 100 mark. But it's coming. Just not in time, because I'm a grade A procrastinator. Simple.

So last weekend was Easter. I'm posting about it this weekend. Seriously, procrastination at it's finest here folks.

My lovely parentals decided to tell Mr. P and I that they were coming down on Tuesday. Nice advance notice there folks.. We had already made plans to go up to Mr. P's hometown so we weren't going to be able to do Easter with them anyway. They made it down here on Thursday though, so we got to spend some time with them.

The Marine took his new girlfriend, Lora (name has been changed to protect the guilty), out to my parents camper for the official meet and greet on Friday while I was at work. Not sad I missed that actually. I always hated going through that! But apparently all went well.

We headed out to the Crab Shack on Friday nite. Mr. P of course drove like a maniac and almost made me kill him. He does this when my parents are in the car for some reason. He says it's payback for how my Mom drives... Whatevs.

Mis parentals waiting to eat...

Mr. Perfect and I

The Marine and Lora..

The 'rents and I

My Mr. Perfect and I... Yea, he was eating when I was trying to take pictures.

Leaving the Crab Shack sufficiently stuffed.

We decided to head on back to the house and have a Wii Dance Off. Did I mention that Lora is a dancer?! She pretty much made the rest of us look stupid so the boys switched to tennis. We all know I try to not play that with people around...

I have a bad habit of ruining pictures...

Check out the concentration!

Saturday we packed up and headed to Smalltown, SC. We went out to eat with Mr. Perfect's parents Saturday nite, then hit the hay. We got up Sunday morning and went to church with his Dad. It's fun to go up there and see the church Mr. Perfect grew up in and hear his stories of the people he knows. We didn't really like the sermon though. Kind of blah for an Easter service. I'm used to a way more emotional service on Easter and this pastor's just didn't deliver. But it makes his Dad's day for us to go to church with him, so I'm all for that.

We left right after lunch. It was a pretty small, tame gathering as Mr. Perfect's family goes. There's a freakin' ton of them, but most weren't there so it was pretty quiet.

We got home and spent the rest of the evening hanging with my parents. They had gone down to Lora's family's place for Easter dinner. I think that's weird, but whatever. I have mentioned before that Lora's cousin is my ex-bff right? Yea. My parents and brother spent Easter with her. I haven't decided how I feel about that exactly. Or maybe I have and I'm just not into going into it. But I digress..

Overall it was a nice Easter. I think we've decided next year we're definitely doing Easter at our church. Let's see how all parents go for that.

This weekend was pretty lazy. I ate everything I wanted since I start my liquid diet of fun on Tuesday. Can't wait for that! (insert sarcastic grin). Mr. Perfect had inventory all weekend, so I really haven't seen him. And then I was bad and didn't even get up for church this morning... In my defense, I think I might have been in a small coma. I could not budge.

So..... I'm going to go ahead and do what so many before me already have. I'm doing a Q&A! Everybody says "yay!". Even if you don't get that excited, send me your questions folks. I'm pretty open, so I'll answer about everything, and probably with pictures because that's how I do. Email me at perfectlyimperfectlife@gmail{dot}com with your questions.

And if you don't mind too much, say a little prayer for this surgery because this girl is FREAKING. Not about the cramping or anything like that because I've been through that, but about the pain from the incisions in my abdomen. I'm seriously stressin' here folks.

Oh yea. And about that liquid diet thingy and the other ahem prep work... Not fun.


jlc said...

Yay for Wiiiiiiiii! Beautiful red dress!!

d.a.r. said...

Surgery?? What the heck did I miss?? I hope it goes well, I am praying for you!

Jennifer said...

Glad you had a great Easter! Don't feel bad about procrastinating. I have had a giveaway planned for 2.5 weeks and it's still not up yet! Ha!

Southern Bride To Be said...

Cute dress! I hope your surgery goes well...said a prayer for you!

Jennifer said...

I do not envy your liquid diet! I hope all goes well and will be saying a little prayer for the surgeon's hands and your recovery!

Lindsey said...

Great photos!! Prayers and hugs friend!!

almost DUNN said...

love the easter dress!! i'm not sure what kind of surgery your are having, but i will pray for your dr! If you ned someone to talk to, feel free to email me at my personal address-

My name is Megan... said...

rude of me to forget..but I've been meaning to tell you HOW PRETTY YOUR HAIR LOOKS in ALL these pictures!!


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