Monday, April 13, 2009

A Second Foray into Domestication

I cooked dinner again tonite. I made Whitney's Mexican Chicken that I divoed off her blog.

It was actually very good. All things considered. Of course it wasn't easy.

I called Mr. Perfect at lunch to get him to pick up some Rotel and Velveeta cheese. He asked me multiple times "Is that all you need?". Multiple times I said yes.

Then I remembered we needed egg noodles. Thank goodness he hadn't left Publix yet. =)

When I got off work, it was raining something ridiculous. I happen to live in a very low lying area. Surrounded by water. I drive a Bug. It's usually not pretty if it rains more than 10 minutes. But I made it home. I got in the kitchen and started cooking right when I got home. I went to the pantry and got out the 2 cans of cream of chicken soup that I knew were in there.

Something made me check the expiration date; November of oh5. Are you freakin' kidding me. Do you realize how many times we've moved since then? Have we seriously been carting these two cans along for almost 4 years?!?

I should have kept them for posterity's sake.

So I had to get back out in the rain to get soup. (Oh yea. I was determined to make this recipe!). I went to two of the closest convenience stores. In the pouring rain. Neither had any soup. Made it to the Ghetto Lion (Food for some of y'all), opened the car down, and almost drowned. The water was so high it almost got into my car. Not cool Mother Nature. I get into the Ghetto Lion and get my stuff. I'm only carrying my Vera Bradley id case and keys which usually holds my debit card. Not today.

Boo. So I pull out the emergency credit card (yes, for just a couple bucks of groceries!), but somehow I'd let the daggum thing expire. I am dying. I run back out to the car to find some cash. The wind slams the car door on me and breaks my overpriced Vera Bradly umbrella. I am almost in tears.

I manage to dig up a checkbook. Not even sure to which account if you want to know the truth. I go back in and get my meager bag of groceries. The old lady behind me gives me more dirty looks. Thanks lady, I got it. You're pissed.

I return home wet and pissy, but determined. I forgot the noodles and let them cook way too long. But all in all, not to bad. The recipe was great, I just had to put a few of my special touches on it (limp noodles, burned chicken, etc...).

This whole domestic housewife thing might kill me. Not even joking.

The satisfaction of knowing I was actually able to put dinner on the table....

Totally worth it. However, my next nite to put dinner on the table might entail a quick stop at Pizza Hut....


Sweet Home Amy said...

Haha, great story! I'm glad your dinner turned out ok. Kudos to you for powering through! I would have given up with the's been raining buckets here also.

My name is Megan... said...

haha aww this totally sounds like something that would happen to be!! The food looks yum tho! good job girl!

Megan said...

Oh my goodness! I'm tired after reading that! :-) I'm glad you ended up making it! I have had nights like these and I think I usually just gave up! Good for you for pushing through it!

Southern Bride To Be said...

You always make me laugh! :) But, that really does look good!!

Jennifer said...

That sounds like to much of an ordeal to try to be domesticated!

Kelly said...

You won a book on starting a family on my blog!
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Becca said...

haha I cant believe you even made it after all that - I totally would have called for reinforcements (aka pizza hut) long ago! :-)

jlc said...

Go you for puttin dinner on the table!!

Looks good!

almost DUNN said...

HAHHAHA! sound like me! i made something VERY similar to these- but WAY easy nonetheless. My Mr. Man loved it!

Cook up some hamburger patties like normal (I did mine in a skillet on the stove) Make sure to season them well -I use Tony Chachero's cajun Seasoning

Meanwhile, mix a can of cream of chicken and a can of rotel (undrained) and then fill the empty can of cream of chicken half way with milk, pour in, and mix all together in a bowl.

Put the cooked hambuger patties in a baking dish and cover with the soupy mix you made and bake 375 until the cheese gets melty and bubbly.

TA-DAAA! Domestic Diva!

MissBliss said...


love how you say, "not cool mother nature"!!


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