Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

Since I totally love her blog and love everything she has to say, I'm stealing one of Megan's ideas.. So here goes my first Weekend Wrap-Up.

I will confess it. I live for the weekends. Never thought I'd be that girl but I am. Unfortunately I usually cram way too much into it and end up more tired on Monday than I was on Friday.

Not this weekend. Sheer perfection.

Friday nite I got stuck at work late.. Stupid emergencies. I still managed to drag my badonkadonk to the gym at 8.30. Don't be too proud of me. I left at 9. Still... Headed on home and hung out with the hubby a bit when he got home at 9.30. Quiet nite. Perfect nite.

Saturday I had to work a fundraiser for Relay for Life. Our clinic held a dog wash/bake sale for a few hours. This girl did not wash dogs. I do enough of that at my house thank you! One of the bff's and I got put in charge of the money table. We simply dragged the table out in the sun and got our tan on. What can I say? I'm a multi-tasker!

The girls that actually washed dogs...

After the dog wash I got to go spend the afternoon with my BFF and her two kiddos. These kids are my heart and I don't see them nearly enough so I truly enjoy every minute with them. Mase is 5 going on 18 and Lola, also known as my goddaughter(yay) is almost 2. They are precious. I'm giving my BFF a shout out here. J is a single mom with two kids who work her butt of to provide for them. She's somehow managing to bring up two incredible kids with everything against her. Her kids are truly two of the nicest, politest, most down to earth kids ever and that's all her. She may have been a young mother, but she is an AMAZING one! Seriously. Cannot toot her horn enough.



J trying to get the swing out of the tree for Mase. We worked on this for 2 hours. Eventually he lost interest but we were determined.

My attempt...

The swing is still in the tree...

My two favorite girls...

Look at this little beauty!! Sorry the big one has no hair. It was about 100 degrees on Saturday.

My little man...

Right before I left, Lola was so cranky. She hadn't had a nap all day and she was just done. So while J got Mase settled for bed, I packed up Lola and her princess blanket and headed to the front porch. Tell me why when it came time to rock her and sing to her the only song I could think of was the Lola song about a showgirl!? I decided that wasn't appropriate so I switched to "Livin' on a Prayer". Thank you Bon Jovi for coming through in a clutch. Whatevs. It worked.

I think it was right after this that my heart melted. Seriously.. it doesn't even function properly anymore. I. Am. In. Love. with this little princess.

I came home Saturday nite and chilled with the hubs. I love a nite curled up on the couch with that man.

Sucked it was raining though and the dogs were being uber annoying but hey.. what are you gonna do?

Sunday I overslept (I technically blame Mr. Perfect for this but....) so we missed Sunday School. We headed to Huddle House instead for breakfast. Don't worry.. we made it to church. Lunch with the grandparents followed, then Easter shopping. While I didn't get my dream dress, I did find a perfect alternative. But you'll have to wait til Easter to see it!!

So it's Monday again. Sucks we have one of those every week. Is it bad that I'm already looking forward to next weekend?!


Jennifer said...

OMG! You live in the same town as me! You work at the same clinic as my BFF Ashton! She was telling me about the dog wash and that she felt bad that she couldn't stay! This is too weird. My dogs go to that clinic! Ha! Small world!

My name is Megan... said...

Sounds luke a fun weekend! Love all those pics!!...and you look like natural holding the baby :)

Jennifer said...

It does sound like the perfect weekend!

Megan said...

Don't worry I don't think you stole it from me! I probably took it from somebody else at one time! :-) Love all the pics, looks like a great weekend!

Southern Bride To Be said...

Oh man, I'm always looking forward to the weekend on Monday...heehee. ;-)

Lindsey said...

What a great weekend! Love the pics!

Am said...

I pack my weekends too full too. I just need more weekend and less week.


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