Thursday, October 4, 2012

meeting MK

When we put BG in school she was around 18 months old. It was the first time she'd been in a "structured" setting like that as she had always been in just in home daycares or at home with me before. We loved our in home daycare in Savannah, but weren't as big of fans of the one we had in Anderson. So we pulled her out and found the school we eventually fell in love with.

BG's teacher was a younger lady that she immediately went gaga over. She would go on to eventually meet her two best buds in that class, but before that, her number one was "Miss Bitme". She couldn't get enough of her.

When "Miss Bitme" and her husband decided to start a family, I think BG and her little pals might have been more excited than the two of them. The girls were ecstatic. Then when they could put a name with a "face" (belly?), they loved it even more. They were fascinated with the Mary Kate in "Miss Bitme's" belly. So much so that for months Mr. P and I heard about BG's "Mary Kate" as she walked around with a ball under her shirt and also heard about our "Mary Kate's" that we repeatedly corrected with "that's just food hon".

Anyway, Mary Kate actually entered the world a few weeks before we left town so I knew that we had to let BG meet her before we left or we would never hear the end of it. So Stacy and I packed up the girls one afternoon after work and headed out to meet MK.
Just as I suspected, BG was enamored with MK. BG was made for babies. The girl just has a heart for them and is so gentle and sweet. Gah, she melts me.
Z (obviously) could have cared less. She was good with her, but she pretty much preferred the phone.
"Miss Bitme" with her girls.
I am so glad we got to go do this before we left. BG loves B and MK so much. I am so thankful for the amazing people that Anderson put into our lives and into our sweet girl's life.

Man I miss these ladies so much. Sigh...


Shasta Anne said...

BG just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I love her expressions when she is looking at the baby.

[dianegatorfan] said...

BG is so incredibly sweet and tender with MK. I'm sure your smile was just as big as hers!!


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