Saturday, October 13, 2012

small joys: family

It's been a while since Mr. P and I have lived close to family.

In Anderson, we were three hours away from the closest family members and there were so many days that I would have given anything to have some family, aka some help, closer.

I adore my child, but I also know that I need a break from her occasionally. Unfortunately those breaks have been few and far between and have led to tears multiple times when I was sick or exhausted and just needed some family around to help out.

I know I'm not alone as many of my blog/Twitter friends are in familiar situations. And it sucks. Bad.

When we were getting ready to move, the thought of moving so close to family did make me a little nervous. I like my space. A lot. And I don't like having people around all of the time. That's just me.

But I was also a little bit ecstatic that we were going to be moving closer to family. To people who give me a break every now and then.

Today I got one of those breaks and it was magical.

BG spent the morning playing at her Granny's and for two hours I was able to edit pictures, plays on Facebook, clean up some, and basically do whatever I wanted with no toddler between my feet. It was just the break I needed.

I missed her after about five minutes but I also remember how good it is for my soul to get a break. So I let her play while I relaxed and just had some "me" time.

It wasn't too long ago that I would've given anything for that break. Today I soaked it up big time.

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