Wednesday, October 24, 2012

so what wednesday

So What Wednesday
  • So what if I've completely fallen off the running wagon. I cannot get motivated and it sucks. I cannot get motivated to pack up all mine and the little's stuff, drive somewhere safe to run, unpack all of our stuff, run while listening to her screaming about how she "needs out!!!", pack back up all of our stuff, drive home, and then unpack again. Gah. I miss being able to walk out my front door and take off. Stupid country.

  • So what if I am completely overwhelmed by life right now. I know this is just a season but oh my gah I literally just need one thing to give me a break.

  • So what if my yet untouched To-Do List is sitting here staring at me right now. Clearly this is way more important.

  • So what if I'm spending nap time on the computer and watching the dvr instead of cleaning. I need a break.

  • So what if I played two hours of hide and seek this morning solely for the hope of a successful nap time this afternoon. She loved it and she's sleeping right now. I win.

  • So what if I'm a little confused as to what happens next. Life keeps handing me curveballs when I just want one fastball. I will figure it all out in due time.

  • So what if I am willing to open nada presents this year as long as my kid has an amazing Christmas. And I totally realize that's not what it's about but I get joy out of seeing her happy. So there's that.

  • So what if I sort of want BG to wake up right this very second so that we can go to the park. I need some vitamin D and a mood upper stat.

  • So what if this is the most depressing and whiny post ever. I'm in a funk. But this is life and I'm thirty so this is probably it for now huh? Don't answer that.

    Katie @ Loves of Life said...

    I broke my pinky toe yesterday (WISH I WAS KIDDING) and it looks like I will be taking YET ANOTHER break from running :( I am so annoyed. I'm in a funk too.

    Paige said...

    So I swear this post is everything going on in my mind right now.

    Chell said...

    Stopping in and following from SWW :) Lovin' your blog - totally adorbs! I am totally in a Fall Funk as of right now also. BLECK to it all...

    Anna said...

    Sorry you're in this funk right now! I hope things get better soon!

    Amy @ Forever 29 said...

    30 seems to be one big self-reflection for me. And I'm not a fan. Glad you took a naptime break for deserve it momma!


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