Friday, October 12, 2012

savoring these days

So I am really, really bad at doing things on time. Apparently this challenge is no different.

Our days are pretty boring right now. And I mean boring in the best possible way. We are still trying to figure out a permanent schedule so until then, we are just enjoying our time together and doing a lot of just hanging around the house.

On Wednesday, my brother and his family came into town and went to the fair with us.

This was BG's second trip to the fair but her first time with her Daddy and it was AK's first trip to the fair. It was an absolute blast. But the best part? being close enough (location wise) to my brother and his family to share this moment. I loved it y'all. Every single second.

Thursday BG wasn't feeling so well so we played inside a lot. Like all day. And it was awesome. I'm not working right now but that won't be like that for long and I am soaking up this time with her. Time just us. I can't even tell you what this time has done for our relationship already. Just seeing how close and how bonded we are after this time makes me never want to leave. She is so, so cool.

Friday was a lot like Thursday. BG didn't even make it out of her pj's til after her nap. We had a tea party at ten am and then fed her baby some breakfast. We made a craft, we watched some Diego; it was lazy and so nice. She made me laugh so hard as she decided that she could only have tea because the "coffee" I poured was "so very, very hot Mom". She's so dramatic. And so hilarious.
I am loving these lazy days with her. Loving them. They are so, so full but they are full of all the important things; her laughter, lessons with her, playing, and molding her into a woman she can be proud of. These little moments with her are the best days and I cannot get enough.

It's kind of funny that I picked the small things topic because right now, that's all our days are. But in the past, I would've just rushed right on by them without a second look. Now, I can't get enough. I can't get enough of her crazy laughter, or her frat boy hair flip she does a thousand times a day because she won't let me put her hair out of her face. She's growing up so fast and I miss so many of these little things by not just being with her. This time in this new town has forced me to slow down and for that I am so grateful.

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