Sunday, October 14, 2012

sunday: in a list.

We decided to take away BG's "Wubbie" (paci) last night.

She decided to mangle chew it up during yesterday's nap and I didn't feel comfortable letting her have it last night. It was in pieces and Mr.P and I didn't want to take the chance that she could choke on it, so, it's gone.

But that's another post for another day.

I'm tired though. Because Wubbie-less sleep is not great sleep apparently and I need great sleep to function. So you get a list tonight. A list of my top moments from today.

BG woke up raring and ready to go and quickly discovered Daddy's hunting gear. Which quickly became her "monster" costume. She so makes me laugh.
We go to church at 11:15 which means we have plenty of time to get ready laze around in the mornings. Which BG and I perfected this morning by laying in bed watching Dora until the last possible second. We are really, really good at getting ready with a time crunch. Just saying.
Church was exactly what Mr. P and I both needed today. My soul was fed big time and I'm still processing today's word. I love when that happens.

After picking up the little, she promptly told us how much fun she had at church. Big win. Then she only wanted to hold my hand and wanted Mommy to carry her stuff to the car. Mom win. ;)

Nap was a bust but it lead to cuddling in the chair with my favorite.

Which lead to more cuddling before bed as Mommy wished for wine and BG mourned the loss of her Wubbie. We needed to hold an Irish wake for the thing. This is why you should always have Sunday drinks.

Now.. she's sleeping. With no Wubbie. Which makes the whole day a win. Sunday was a good day.

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