Wednesday, October 3, 2012

savoring the small things: day 3

It's a bit crazy how this challenge is affecting my daily life. I find that I'm looking so hard for "small things" to enjoy that I'm actually focusing a bit more and paying a bit more attention.

It does not mean that I'm enjoying every single second though. This challenge isn't a miracle worker. It just means that I'm a bit more tuned in. Which I needed to be.

For the first time since we moved here, BG slept til her old time of nine am. And the angels sang a big 'ol Hallelujah chorus.

Or they didn't, but it was amazing. It was cloudy and overcast so the sun didn't wake her up at six like it has been doing since we moved here. So we slept late. Well, I actually got up but decided I was "wasting" a perfect sleep opportunity, so back to bed I went.

We could end this post here because that made my day, but alas we won't.

After we played around and accomplished nada for a few hours, I decided to pack us up and run some errands. We were getting a late start so I was worried we would hit nap time and all hell would break loose, but I was determined to get out. So we did.

And we ended up having a nice lunch together, just me and my girl. Which was great, but still, not the point of my post because she lost her patience halfway through lunch, I didn't get to eat, and somewhere along the way she peed all over herself though I still have no idea where that happened. But the proof was in the wet pants.

Then leaving, I saw this little gem. The Wooden Nickel. And I laughed. Hard. And then texted (I was still stopped!) the bff with the tag line "there's two of them?!".

In college, there was a bar library that we were at basically every single night. And this was the name. Although we called it the "wooden penny" because it made us laugh. There were so many good times had in that bar. I can still remember standing in life with the bff both of us freezing our arses off because we had to wear a halter top in February. In the summer, drinks were had on the patio. And the line for the bathroom was always RIDIC.

But it was a blast. And for the next few minutes, the best and I carried on a text convo full of laughter and inside jokes and my child sat in the backseat quiet as could be. It was fabulous. And just what I needed.

My happy tank got a refill. And then, because things were already looking up, "Call Me Maybe" came on the radio and the little and I had a karaoke party the rest of the way home.

Then she peed all over her carseat when we got home. And in her bed when she was supposed to be napping. Good thing my happy tank was refilled.

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Paige said...

I seem to always smile when I read your posts. :) Thank you for that.

tmcmc7 said...

Completely agree with Paige. Love your humor. Reminds me a lot of my own with the life I lead with four little boys. In whipped 100% of the time!

tmcmc7 said...

*I'm whipped

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

As usual, you have such a way of creating a picture . . . I can just see you two singing "Call Me Maybe", driving along. I'll bet your all girls' version doesn't even feature a fire truck as our boy-girl version (with only me singing) inevitably does.

[dianegatorfan] said...

Catching up and inside jokes with your bestie, even long-distance over the phone, are so good for the soul!


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