Tuesday, October 2, 2012

savoring the small things: day 2

Today was actually much easier than Day 1. We're still a bit "off" here, but we're making steps to beat that and this morning we made one huge step in the right direction.

When we found out we were moving here, my good friend Anne immediately told me that I had to meet her friend that lived here. Immediately I knew that had to happen as I trust Anne's judgement completely and knew she wouldn't steer me wrong in the "cool person" department.

We barely had a single box unpacked before Whitney and I were striking up email conversations and trying to figure out a time to meet up and let our little ones meet. So when Whitney suggested a park playdate this morning, we were so there.

Watching two sweet little ones navigate the playground, share a snack of Goldfish, hunt acorns, and chase birds all while chatting it up with someone that doesn't speak in three word sentences? Perfection. The company couldn't have been better either. Anne was right. I knew she would be.

A simple park date and amazing conversation with such an awesome person did my soul good. It's so hard to make friends at this age, but I'm pretty sure I made one today and I love it. Oh, and so did BG. She's been talking about her "new friend" all day. Though I'm not sure if she's talking about Whitney (who she fell hard for as she does) or sweet L. I'm guessing probably both.

Today was great. Bring it on Day 3.


Stephanie Marie said...

I am so happy for you and baby girl making a new friend! It really is so hard to make grown up friends. The girls look like they are enjoying their new friendship, too!

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

Finding new friends quickly has been the biggest blessing for me in our move and I pray you have found the same. It really is good for the soul!

Ashley said...

I'm struggling making Mom friends in this new season of my life - it's so much harder to pick up conversations now than it was back on the playground in Elementary school! But it's happening slowly and surely and it's so very nice! Also? You made me want to head to the park today!

[dianegatorfan] said...

Making new friends is tough and I'm so glad you're being proactive! I didn't do that well when I first moved to Nashville and some friends have moved away. How do I make new friends now when I've lived here for 9 years?!


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