Friday, January 29, 2010


Mr. Perfect is out of surgery and is doing pretty well. Obviously he's sore and swollen, but he's coming home tomorrow. Thank you all for you prayers and thoughts today! It's been a long day...

Baby Girl and I are exhausted but are heading back up to the hospital to stay the night with hubs. Oh please let us get some sleep tonight...

Huge Prayer Request

As this posts, Mr. Perfect and I are headed to the hospital here in town. Mr. Perfect has severe central sleep apnea and is having corrective surgery to try and fix some things. I'm not going into it because it's extensive and scary and I don't like to think about it, but I'm asking begging you ladies to keep him in your prayers today. I don't like the idea of any surgery honestly, but this is a whole lot for one person and I'm scared senseless. Also, I really don't want to see Mr. Perfect hurting afterwards...

Anyway, just please lift him up today. I'll update as soon as he's done and let you all know how it went... Thanks ladies =)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The One In Which I Wax Poetic About the 2nd Trimester

After I barely survived the first trimester, I had high hopes for my second trimester. I had heard that you felt your best in those 3 months, that you weren't uncomfortable, and that you got your energy back. I couldn't wait for all that to happen.

I fully intended to blast those myths into oblivion, and probably still would have had I not waited until I was a few weeks into my 3rd trimester to write this.

I may only be 3 weeks into the 3rd trimester, but I desperately want the 2nd one back!

My second trimester brought about quite a few annoyances. Headaches started making their daily appearance, I struggled with my weight gain, I found myself getting a little more uncomfortable each day, and I found myself constantly stopped up with bloody noses at least once a day.

The end of the 2nd trimester brought about the "personal space" issue. Suddenly people think it's ok to just walk up and rub your belly or tell you you don't look like you're eating enough or say "are you really going to drink that?" when you order a big 'ol Dr. Pepper at lunch. I mean, seriously people. It baffles me what people think is ok to say to a pregnant person. And most of the advice givers did not even know me!

Oh sigh...

But the 2nd trimester was also the best time of my life for quite a few reasons. I felt my baby kick for the first time in week 18. Mr. Perfect got to feel her in week 19. Week 20 we found out we were having a precious girl. I never got my energy spurt (thank you anemia), but we managed to get a really good start on her room. And looking back? I wasn't very big nor was I anywhere near as uncomfortable as I've become just in the last week or so. Oh I miss my 2nd trimester.

So on to the third.... Wow. I'm in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy. I cannot believe it. Less than 3 months til she's here!! Now if only my poor back will stay intact until then....

Monday, January 25, 2010

baby shower numero uno

I had the absolute best time at my first baby shower on Saturday. Could be because I (ok, Baby Girl) got some amazing things. Could be because I was surrounded by my amazing family and close family friends. Or it could be because I really am absolutely loving finally being to the point where I can have a baby shower. I love this whole baby growing thing!

My aunt and my grandma threw the shower for me and they went above and beyond my expectations. The food was A-MAZING. Not surprising at all if you've every eaten my grandmother's cooking. The cake was adorable and the decorations were precious. Even my cutie little grandfather got in there and did some of the cooking. This little girl sure is coming into an awesome family.

We played a few games, both of which I was absolutely horrible at, ate a lot, and then it was gift time. I feel so blessed by the people we have in our lives. We were given clothes, gowns (which I think are way cuter than onesies), a Bumbo seat, a bouncer, her pack-n-play, a jumper, a first bank, a "gym", more clothes, a feeding gift set, her first Bible (awww and it's pink!), and so much more. I'll be writing thank you cards for months! Here's a few pictures of some of the gifts.

I am obsessed with stars. If it has a star on it, I will buy it. Great blanket choice Mom!

Horrible pic, but look at those jeans!

Seriously, the poor girl will never have anything to wear.

Teddy bear bank.

My mom gave me the dress that I came home from the hospital in oh so many years ago. I'm planning on Baby Girl coming home in the same dress. All sentimental and stuff. Must be the Mom bone making an appearance early.

My mom also gave me the blanket my grandmother made for me when I was a baby, to give to Baby Girl. I came home in this blanket as well.

Absolutely perfect shower. I seriously couldn't have asked for a nicer one.

Mr. Perfect's mom, me, and my mom.

With the hostesses- my Aunt P and Grandma.

Us with my family..

His family..

With my best friend since 5th grade- Bean. She was even nice enough to take all kinds of pictures for me. Thanks love!

Us... not too much longer til we're a family of 3! Can't wait!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

29 weeks

Total Weight Gained/Loss? I gained four pounds this month, so I'm up a total of 17 altogether. Honestly, I'm completely okay with that number.

Maternity Clothes: Yep. Still living in dresses and leggings most of the time. At home it's all yoga pants with maternity long sleeved tees.

Sleep? Yea right. I guess I'll sleep again when she turns 18. I toss and turn for hours. I wake up unable to breathe and I still have to go to the bathroom every few hours. If I were my husband, I would have killed me in my sleep by now. I am the worst bed partner ever!

Best Moment of the Week? We had her first shower on Saturday and got some amazing stuff! This afternoon I just sat in her room and played with stuff. This is getting real y'all and I can't wait!

Movement- All the time. She likes to stop though if people are trying to feel her. It's kind of funny. This weekend she kicked a ton for her uncle, but every time my mother in law tried to feel her, she quit. She's a mess... I also felt her have hiccups for the first time today. That feels so weird!

Food Craving- sweets off and on. Still kind of having to remind myself that I have to eat.

Food aversions- nothing makes me just sick, but nothing strikes my fancy enough that I just HAVE to have it.

Morning sickness?- none.

Gender- Baby Girl =)

Labor Signs- Braxton Hicks still. Those are a little annoying, especially when your stomach tightens up into this weird little ball when you're out doing something. Say like when you're walking through Ta-rget and all of sudden you're stomach becomes a rock. It's odd.

Belly Button- top half is out, bottom half is still in but is oh so shallow.

What I miss- I cannot get comfortable. I'm so tired so I want to sit down and chill out, but I can't sit comfortably. I can't sit still in church, I can't breathe, it's frustrating. I just miss being able to easily do stuff!

What I'm looking forward to- Just taking it day by day.. I really am loving it all.

Weekly Wisdom- This weekend, Mr. Perfect and I have been trying to figure out how exactly we want her birth to play out. I know our decisions are going to, let's just say, disappoint some family members. Well tough. My advice is to stick to your guns with what you and your hubs decides. You will never make everyone happy, so make the two (almost 3!) most important ones, happy. They'll get over it.. eventually.

Milestones- I survived the first shower!! Recap to follow.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Welcome to the World Tristan!!

On January 12, my dear friend, KT, finally welcomed her sweet little boy into the world! Tristan Butler is adorable and well worth the week over her due date that she waited. She'll even agree to that now that he's out. =) He was 8 lbs. 9 ounces with a full head of hair. He's gorgeous! Turs and I headed up there to see him at the hospital and had to snap a few pics. I've noticed Baby Girl gets really active when I'm holding one of these other babies. I think she knows they're her future friends..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

she's how big?!

So Tuesday was Baby Girl's 28 week appointment. We also got called back into the specialist that morning. Always a good time.

Our specialist, Dr. O, runs bloodwork on me each month to check my blood levels. Basically he's watching my hemoglobin, hematocrit count, cardio CRP, and a bunch of other levels that are affected by the levels of medication I'm on. This past test time, he also decided to run one more test on my lipoprotein a. No idea what that is?

Yea, me neither.

Anyway, I failed the test. Like bombed. Boo.

So he called us in Tuesday to talk about the results. Basically, from what I'm gathering, this is a hereditary thing that can eventually cause me cardiovascular problems down the road. It's kind of the "first cousin" to ldl- the bad cholesterol. My doc says there's not even a lot that's been studied on this level, especially with infertility, but one thing they do know, is it's seen a lot in miscarriages that happen as a result of poor blood flow.

Cha-ching. I got that.

It's a level that we'll deal with later on down the road, and will more than likely see me be referred to a cardio doc.

So what does that mean for Baby Girl?

Fortunately, the regimen of meds that I'm on, seem to be keeping her safe. Course this means that I have to continue the meds for further into the pregnancy than the doctors had originally intended. Meaning, I'll stay on blood thinners until about 38 weeks, instead of 36. Scares me, but I'm sure the doctors know what they're doing.
Next thing they're most concerned with, is if my blood flow does start to "stink", that she'll start suffering from growth restriction and will have to come early. Not a huge deal I believe, basically if they see that her growth slows down, they'll get her out. Just means more ultrasounds between now and when she gets here.

So after the specialist and his ray of sunshine, we headed to our 28 week ultrasound.

Our little girl managed to sleep through the whole appointment, so we didn't get many great pictures, but we can tell she's precious! She was sleeping with her foot in her ear when we got there. I think Mr. Perfect is ready to sign her up for the circus when she gets here! She kept her hands and feet in her face basically the whole time, but our u/s tech was still able to get some good measurements. Lets just say, Baby Girl is suffering absolutely no growth restriction right now!! She's weighing in at 2 lbs. 13 ounces at the moment, a bit ahead of schedule. Her head is measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule (but perfectly normal and well shaped). Her abdomen is coming in 1 week ahead of schedule, and her legs right on schedule. Our u/s tech let us know, she's probably NOT going to be a small baby. You think?!

As of right now, my placenta is doing great, and she's getting everything she needs. Her fluid level is perfect and she looks amazing. So no problems at all. Thank you God. We will have scans every few weeks now and if they notice anything, well, we'll deal with that when it comes. I personally think she's going to continue to do fine and will be here sometime in April. Positive thinking works, right. =)

A few pics of my precious baby girl...

This is the top of her head with her foot in her ear. Oh dear.

She's still a girl! Yes, I made the lady check. Multiple times.

Her precious face. Like I said, her hands were in her face the whole time, but you can still see her chubby little cheeks and her adorable chin. Gosh, I love her!

Next time, maybe she'll stay awake for her appointment and sleep at night. Just saying.. that would be nice Baby Girl!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Yes, again on a Wednesday.

I swear I'm not trying to make this a habit, but y'all, I'm exhausted. I have a blog on Baby Girl's ultrasound from yesterday too, but that's going to have to wait til tomorrow. Got to save me something to talk about!

Guess what I did this weekend?

If you guessed, "went to a baby shower!", well, you'd be correct. I'm like the Owen Wilson of baby showers. Except I'm always invited so... I guess that doesn't work.

My friend, Jess, is having her first, a girl (notice a trend), in March. She's exactly 3 weeks ahead of me. Turs and I threw her a shower for all of us at work on Saturday. I'm getting to big to keep throwing showers. I was exhausted Saturday night.

The diaper cake I made. Yes, clearly I'm turning into a pro.

Jess with the hostesses.

Saturday night was spent doing a whole lot of nothing, which we quickly repeated after church on Sunday. I do love laying around all day with Mr. Perfect though. We give unproductive a whole new meaning.

Sunday night we headed back to church and then home where I promptly went to bed at 9 o' clock. I swear this pregnancy is sucking everything fun out of me with a quickness. Please tell me it comes back!!

I'm super stoked for this weekend. My family and Mr. Perfect's family are coming into town for our big family/close family friends shower. I might have been registry stalking and have already seen some of Baby Girl's gifts and I am excited. I do love presents. I'm 12 like that.

Hope you're all having a great week!

Monday, January 18, 2010

28 weeks- 3rd trimester!!!!

Total Weight Gained/Loss? will find out tomorrow. Not looking forward to that number!

Maternity Clothes: All the time. Still the most comfortable is dresses and leggings. Oh and boots. Mr. Perfect asked my friend KP when she was pregnant why pregnant woman seemed to always wear boots (his observation). She told him they were the only things that would hide their cankles. And now I get it!

Sleep? This one still is not going so well. I am exhausted. It's getting pretty hard just to roll over and when I do, it gets me completely out of breath and wakes me up. Oh good times...

Best Moment of the Week? Hitting the 3rd trimester. Loves it!

Movement- all the time and she is everywhere! I don't understand how there can only be one baby in there with all the movement I'm feeling.

Food Craving- still loving me some sweets.

Food aversions- That insatiable hunger they talk about? I do not have it. I'm back to having to force myself to eat. It's getting ridiculous.

Morning sickness?- none.

Gender- Baby Girl =)

Labor Signs- Braxton Hicks still. Those are a true joy. I've found that switching positions very quickly will trigger them in a heartbeat.

Belly Button- top half is out, bottom half is still in but is oh so shallow.

What I miss- Being able to breathe is my big one. I can only breathe easily on my side and when I'm sitting straight up. I can't get comfortable EVER. This belly is really starting to get in the way of hugs and even little things like carrying stuff. I feel very large.

What I'm looking forward to- tomorrow! It's her 28 week ultrasound. I'm dying to see my baby girl again!

Weekly Wisdom- I'm getting to the point where I'm finding I can't do the things I used to very easily, so I need help. And that's ok. Ask for help. It's totally ok to admit you can't do everything. (I really need to take this advice!)

Milestones- we have hit the 3rd trimester people!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

oh scary night....

A few weeks back, I survived one of the scariest nights of my life.

And so did the neighborhood cats. Of course, they came closer to death than they even realize.

I had gone to bed pretty early (shocker), so I was asleep when Mr. Perfect came to bed. I do vaguely recall him coming to bed and the dogs coming into the room and settling in for the night. I figured I might as well get up and make one of my 20 nightly bathroom trips since I was kind of awake now anyway.

Just as I was attempting to heave myself out of the bed, I heard this horrible banging noise. All at once, the dogs went nuts and Mr. Perfect was out of bed in less than 2 seconds. I'm still half unconscious, but I remember hearing the noise again. It sounded like an elephant was trying to come through Baby Girl's bedroom window on the front of our house.

Mr. Perfect was out of our room in seconds. Next thing I know he's back in our room hollering at me to get up that someone is trying to break in the house. He tells me to stay in our room with the dogs (who are going bat nuts crazy at this time) and tosses me a banana*.

(*Ok, not really a banana, but one of those scary, metal things that I'm not a fan of. Remember?)

Are you kidding me?

So Mr. Perfect takes off back into the hall with another banana (we are protected in the Imperfect home) and shuts me in the bedroom with the dogs with the instructions to "use all 12 rounds if anyone gets by me". OMG.

I am shaking like a leaf and can still hear the horrible banging outside and yet, all I can think about is how bad I now have to pee. I am almost in tears as I sit there and debate whether I should just chance it and go. I'm afraid I might wet myself if I stay on the floor much longer, but do I really want to get shot while on the toilet if someone does happen to get by Mr. Perfect?!

I decided not to risk it, so I sit there on the cold floor with my dogs and my banana and try not to freak out.

About 5 minutes (ok, it was probably seconds, but y'all, I really had to pee!), Mr. Perfect comes back in the room and he was pissed.

"What's going on?" I managed to squeak out through chattering teeth.

"F*&^ing (told you he was pissed) neighborhood cats are fighting on the roof and throwing each other into the window" he manages to spit out.

Once again, are you kidding me? I almost wet myself over some stray cats?!?

Thankfully that was all it was, however, I was totally terrified. It took me forever to get back to sleep that night. Stupid cats.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Yes, I know it's Wednesday. What can I say?

Friday I went out to eat with my good friend's KT & Turs. KT's little boy is taking his dear sweet time entering the world, so we took her out for a bit to try and take her mind off being 41 weeks pregnant.

I don't think it distracted her too much. But is there really a way to not think about the fact that you are that pregnant?!

Saturday I headed to yet one more baby shower. A girl that I work with is expecting her first child, a girl, in February. Our poor work place is going to be in quite the pickle when we are all out on maternity leave....

LS, EP, & I at her shower. This girl is tiny. She makes me a little sick. Just saying.....

Sunday, Mr. Perfect and I managed to make it to both church and Sunday School for the second week in a row. Kudos to this girl, because I sure do like that extra hour of sleep you get when you don't go to Sunday School. But I'm learning. The rest of the afternoon was spent shopping with AP. Exhausting. By six, I was dead on my feet and begging her to take me home. I think I was in bed at eight. Old I am.

This weekend, I bet you'll never guess what I'm doing...

A baby shower you say?

Well, you'd be right. Baby shower #3 that I've hosted actually. I should probably finish getting things ready huh?!

Hope you all are having a great week!

Monday, January 11, 2010

27 weeks

Total Weight Gained/Loss? ...and I'm humongous. I know I've gained weight this week, but I'm being an ostrich and not finding out til my next appt. Yes, head in the sand is my go to approach to all things negative in life..

Maternity Clothes: Broke down and did some Internet shopping. Bring on the elastic waistbands! Pretty much all that is comfortable is yoga pants and dresses with leggings. Which is why I've gone into hibernation seeing as how it's ridiculously cold here.

Sleep? What sleep?! I can't breathe when I lay down anymore and when I sleep on my side, Baby Girl practices her tae bo on that side. Plus, we're back to the getting up every couple of hours to head to the lavatory. It's super fun. It's also why I now go to bed about nine each night. Oh the coolness overwhelms....

Best Moment of the Week? Her cradle is here and is set up in our room! It's getting real here y'all...

Movement- all the time. I would love to know what body part is in my ribs. That part could shift a bit and I would be fine with it.. She likes to move under my ribs on the right side, and way down low by my bladder on the left, and usually at the same time. This kid is taking up some space y'all.

Food Craving- sweets, and I am so not a sweet person. Sunday at dinner I had them box up my dinner in a to go box and I had dessert instead. I realize that is not going to be okay anymore in a few months, but I'm loving it now.

Food aversions- I'm getting better at eating a variety of stuff. I read that she can taste all the different flavors in the amniotic fluid and will start to develop tastes for it or something like that. Anyway, I'm determined that she's not going to be as picky as me, so I'm taking one for the team.

Morning sickness?- none.

Gender- Baby Girl =)

Labor Signs- I believe the Braxton Hicks have made their arrival. All of a sudden my stomach will get really tense and hard and oddly contorted. It doesn't hurt, and it ends pretty quickly. Guess the 'ol uterus has started it's practice sessions....

Belly Button- still in, but that bubble I mentioned last week? Gotten a bit bigger. And why does my belly button look like a moon crater?! It's huge. It practically needs it's own zip code.

What I miss- Being able to get up easily. Being able to breathe. My thighs being normal looking.

What I'm looking forward to- my first shower is in two weeks!! Is it ridiculous that I'm now stalking our registry to see what people get us?! I am such a two year old.

Weekly Wisdom- I have none. Is that bad?! But I am exhausted. That'll work... sleep. Whenever you can. You probably need it.

Milestones- one more week and we're in the 3rd trimester. Holy moly Batman. This is actually coming to an end....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas with the Kiddos

A few days after Christmas, my best friend, Jay, brought her kids over for us to do Christmas with them. Her kids, Mase and Lolee (my goddaughter) are absolutely precious and we had a blast hanging out with them for a bit. Mase thought that the Nerf blaster that Mr. Perfect and I got him was the coolest thing ever and Lolee agreed. I'm not sure she even realized we bought her anything! Mase, Mr. Perfect, and my Dad also had a blast playing with the toy helicopters that my Dad and Mr. Perfect got for Christmas.

Some pictures from our afternoon...

A few gifts that Jay got for our sweet Baby Girl.

Her first pair of shinguards!! I am in love!

Such a fun afternoon with some of my favorite kids! And I think that wraps up the Christmas posts. Totally surprised it didn't take me til Valentine's Day to finish these up!

addiction much?

I think my husband has a problem.

Seriously. I don't even drink Diet Coke....


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