Thursday, June 30, 2011


I'll admit, when it comes to blogging, I've got nothing lately. There is so much going on and so much I want to say but when I sit down, nothing. Birds chirping. And I don't mean the ones currently taking up residence in my fireplace.

Let's not even talk about that.

I'm back at work part time. This decision did not come easily, and quite honestly, I'm still trying to process how I feel about this. I went back Monday and Mr. P stayed home with the little all day. I was actually fine. I enjoyed getting up and putting on real clothes and having adult conversation all day. It was great. Plus, I knew she was just hanging out with her Dad. That night, as I packed her for daycare the following day, I was a disaster. I could not stop crying. I bawled for hours and hours (seriously, til 2 am- freak). It was awful. But I survived.

My anxiety is better about the situation. Meh. Like I said, I'm still processing my feelings on this new development.

My first photo shoot was awesome. It was for two kids and was difficult and so easy all at the same time. I struggled some with getting shots of the two of them together (they were NOT having it), but got some fantastic shots of each of them separate. They were really sweet kids, so that helped.

BG has somehow lost the ability to say "block" and now says "c%ck" over and over. Which just makes me laugh hysterically leading her to laugh hysterically and do it more. Good times. Can't wait for that one to come up in the church nursery.

My Grandma has cancer. Just typing that out hurt my heart and I'm not really ready to deal with this. She has a long, hard road ahead of her. Please keep her in your prayers as well as the rest of this as we try to figure out what steps we take next.

So that's sort of what's going on here. Not going to lie, I've been pretty down in the dumps lately. When I'm down, I just can't deal with blogging, or the internet, or pretty much anything so I just kind of stay away. I'm still reading off and on so please don't think I'm not "there", I just need some time to deal with some things.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

project 365: almost caught up!

WEEK 24:
Sunday, June 12th:

A couple of weekends ago, we went to Charlotte for this wedding reception. Since I have the best little sleeper, we had to wake her up early to get on the road. She was so ready to get in that car and nap!

Monday, June 13th:

Baby Girl wants ZERO help with eating these days. Unfortunately this new found independence makes for one big mess. Yogurt is good for the skin right?

Tuesday, June 14th:

Apparently I take a bunch of pictures of my kid eating. I can't help it; I can't get enough of that smile!

Wednesday, June 15th:

Pushing her toy lion around the room; which she is either terrified of or in love with. Depends on what side of the crib she woke up on....

Thursday, June 16th:

The little found one of her dresses hanging on the doorknob of her closet waiting to be put away. Apparently, she had bigger and better plans for it. She walked around like this laughing until I caught her and took it off. She is such a ham.

Friday, June 17th:

My aunt and uncle from Texas came went to Atlanta a couple of weeks ago for Atlanta Fest (I think...). Since they weren't that far away, the took an afternoon to come hang out with us for a bit. They hadn't seen BG since Christmas. Clearly she's a bit different this visit.

Saturday, June 18th:

Afternoon snack with Daddy :)

Sunday, June 19th:

Me and my girl on Daddy's Day. :)

Monday, June 20th:

The bff came into town for the night so of course we headed out for Mexican.. Then rocked it old school with a little bit of "cruising" Vidalia college style and ended the night with movies and sangria. Man, I miss her.

Tuesday, June 21st:

Nice face huh?

Wednesday, June 22nd:

Another high chair pic... that's fun.

Thursday, June 23rd:

BG is starting to do less of the constant exploration/walking in circles and is interested in sitting down for a few minutes and playing again. It makes my heart big time to look down and see this.

Friday, June 24th:

A Chick-fil-a lunch date, just me and my girl.

Saturday, June 25th:

If you tell BG to "put 'em up!", this is what you get. She walks around like this laughing. Seriously, this kid cracks me up.

And yes, those are boxes still back there. I don't want to talk about it.

I'm caught up!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

project 365: big time catch up

Is Project 365 not over yet?!?

I am bad, bad, bad at this. Let's catch up shall we.

WEEK 21:
Sunday, May 22nd:

Oh you know, just a little dress up.

Monday, May 23rd:
boo. boo. boo.

Tuesday, May 24th:

Mr. P and I had a bet going on American Idol. He lost. He doesn't look too upset does he?!?

Wednesday, May 25th:

Baby Girl is obsessed with water bottles. So when we bought this big 'ol case home, she thought she'd hit the jackpot! Silly kid.

Thursday, May 26th:

BG is just starting to become interested in dolls and stuffed animals and such. I pulled a bunch of her stuffed animals down for her to play with and she loves sitting in there and playing. This quiet time lasts a good five minutes...

Friday, May 27th:

Saturday, May 28th:
So we'll call this week a wash huh?

WEEK 22:

Sunday, May 29th:

My pool beauty enjoying Memorial Day weekend.

Monday, May 30th:

Before our family headed back home :(

Tuesday, May 31st:

BG now runs to the bath after dinner saying "bat! bat!". I mean if I looked that cute in the tub I'd be excited too.

Wednesday, June 1st:

It was so hot, but someone really wanted to go outside. Instead we sat at the door and checked out the weeds wildlife for a while. Til this girl got bored.

Thursday, June 2nd:

Giving me the stank eye over dinner.

Friday, June 3rd:

BG got all tangled up in her diaper bag and was furious about it. The harder she fought to get out, the madder she got, and the harder I laughed. She cracks me up!

Saturday, June 4th:

BG really took off walking right around this time. It's crazy to think she's so fast and really hasn't been walking that long. Love this child.

WEEK 23:
Sunday, June 5th:

These two? Melt me.

Monday, June 6th:

BG LOVES our dogs. Especially Lacy, or "Ya-ee" as she's more affectionately called. Every day when we get out of the car, she takes off to the gate yelling "doggie doggie!". A girl and her dog. Is anything cuter??

Tuesday, June 7th:

This girl does NOT want her teeth in pictures!!

Wednesday, June 8th:

Chasing her Daddy around the yard.

Thursday, June 9th:

Me and my girl and her "doggies" before bed.

Friday, June 10th:

Modeling one of my old rompers one day. It obviously doesn't quite fit...

Saturday, June 11th:

Hudson, Mac, and BG at Hudson's second birthday party. Clearly their moms don't like smocking at all! ;)

This is getting really long and I'm super tired, so let's throw out a little to be continued shall we?

leap of faith.

There's a lot going around here these days. A lot which is keeping me up really late, making me anxious wreck, killing my stomach, and all sorts of fun things. I'm not quite ready to put it all out here yet. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how I feel about everything before I hear other opinions' which will no doubt sway my feelings. Not ready for that yet.

But since there's not enough going on lately (ha), I decided to add one more teensy tiny thing.

For as long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with photography. I've been through numerous point and shoot cameras as I take them with me everywhere. I've been known to get some pretty incredible shots from a pretty cheap camera.

A few years ago, the Mister and I invested in a nicer camera that I loved. It still didn't have many bells and whistles on it, but it was a big step up from my Sony point and shoot and I loved it. Over time, it became clear the Mr. P was a much better landscape photographer while I had a bit of a knack with portraits.

I've heard for years that I should do something with my photography but never gave it much thought. Then when the opportunity to stay home for a while presented itself, I dove into reading every single thing I could on photography and as soon as we'd saved up enough money, we invested in a dream camera.

I've spent months taking more pictures of my child than I know what to do with. I practice every single second I get and when I'm not practicing, I'm reading about editing pictures, the ins and outs of the camera, or stalking photography blogs.

Recently, friends and family alike have put the photography bug back in my head. I've been praying about this to see if this is even something I could or should take on. I've been waiting for a "sign", if you will, to point me one way or the other.

The other day when I went to pick up BG's Father's Day photoshoot pictures from Wal*Mart, the lady behind the counter wouldn't give them to me. She said she had to have a copyright release since they were "professional" pictures.

Ding, ding, ding. Sign?

Obviously I got the pictures but now the voice inside my head was screaming at me to do something about this.

I have a habit of not following through on things. Or worse, not even starting them. I get scared, or nervous, or anxious and I pull out. The other night before I could stop myself, I put an ad up on Craigs*list for photography sessions and I opened up a Face*book page to start my "business".


The very next morning, I had an email from a lady wanting to set up a session this weekend for me to take pictures of her two girls.

Double gulp.

After I set up a session with her, I almost chickened out. As Mr. P was cooking dinner tonight, I let loose of all my fears. What if I'm actually no good at this? What if people hate my pictures? What if everyone just thinks "oh she bought a nice camera and now thinks she's a professional"??

The fear is huge. I've seen girls bad mouth other women who attempt to do just what I'm doing. I shouldn't let that stop me, but I'm the type of person who would. I've already worked myself into such a tizzy over this shoot tomorrow that my stomach is in knots and I could possibly throw up.

Fun right?

I love this. I love taking photos. I love editing photos. More people tell me I'm good at it as opposed to horrible at it. So why shouldn't I try?

Here goes; leap of faith.

If you're in the upstate South Carolina area and want to help me build my portfolio, let me know. I'll love you forever. :) If you want to "like" my page on Facebook, well, I'd love that too and let me know if you need the link.

If you think my pictures are awful or have nothing encouraging to say, well, don't. I'm giving this a shot. Encouragement only need apply please. :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

on my mind.

I have a lot of things I want to post about, but there's even bigger things on my mind lately and I can't get the words out.

I'll share soon as I can. In the mean time, I'm going to ask for your prayers for my family. We got some shocking news yesterday and will find out more tomorrow. I've seen you prayer warriors in action :)

Thanks in advance. Back tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

wordless wednesday: Father's Day photoshoot

Picture overload! But I love so many of these and had to share. And please, any tips on photo taking, please share!!


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