Thursday, April 3, 2014


And just like that, my girl is four.
I wish there was a way to put into words exactly what I feel when I look at her. What I feel when I think about her. Just how much I stinking love her. We have this little game we play where I say "Ella, come here I need to tell you a secret" to which she yells out "I LOVE YOU!!" and then bursts into laughter. Yes, she knows my next line because I tell her that 100 times a day. Yet it's not enough. It doesn't even begin to describe how much I truly do love her.

Which I know she'll never get. Well, not until she has a kid of her own because no one could explain it to me. It's just the way it is. It's this crazy, all consuming love and pride for this little person that I get the joy of watching grow and change every single day. It's just the best.

So who are you at four Baby Girl? What do you like:

Favorite Color: purple

Favorite Food: sandwiches (me too girl, me too)

Favorite Movie: Frozen (shocker)

Favorite Book: Go Dog Go

Favorite Thing To Wear: flip flops and dresses

Favorite Toy: Oliver (the big dog)

Best Friend: Kathryn, Zoie, Livingston

Favorite Song: Let It Go (shocker again)

Favorite Drink: lemonade

You have a laugh that is infectious. You have an absolute joy for life that is something I hope never decreases in you. You love learning and going to school. You also thoroughly enjoy church and look forward to going each week. You have a mind like a sponge and come out of school and church every week reciting something new you learned. And you never forget. We can ask you something from months ago and you'll remember it like it happened yesterday. This is both good and bad as you never forget anything we say either. We can't get anything past you.

You are extremely active. You move all day everyday and you don't nap, so there is no refresher in the middle of the day. You are up and moving from 7:30 am until you pass out at night. Your parents stay exhausted. You? not so much.

You have the biggest heart. You love people so much. Sometimes you take it too heart a bit too much when you and your little friends argue at school. Which makes me go all Mama bear but I know is just one of those life lessons. You genuinely care about people. You will always try to befriend others at the park and you don't like it when someone is left out. You have the best heart.

You also enjoy animals. A lot. You love ours and we have to stop you daily from petting random ones on the street.

You are a bit sarcastic and have a bit of an attitude which we are working to tame. But I was the same way and it hasn't gone away so... We pray daily on patience with you. Your quick wit, intelligence, and sarcasm are sometimes quite the naughty trifecta and end you up in hot water. You are funny, but sometimes it needs to be reigned in.
You are so funny girl. And you know it.You make jokes and say the silliest things and you love getting a rise out of people. You will be class clown for sure. No denying that. You know how to work a crowd and though you may be shy in certain surroundings at first, that doesn't last long and in no time you are dancing and hugging and smiling your way through the crowd.

You thrive on people. You LOVE your people. You've adopted some amazing "family" through your friends you've made and through your Dad and my friends. You never meet a stranger and are the girl in the grocery store waving at everyone you pass. You were made to be a social butterfly and you definitely are.

Baby Girl you'll never know how much we love you and how proud we are of who you are becoming. From that tight lipped little smile to the way you bust into "shake your booty" complete with dance moves, you keep us on our toes and keep us laughing at all times. Days can be hard with you but they are also oh so amazing. They broke the mold after you little one. You are our special little nugget. We love you more than the world.

Mama & Dada


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