Wednesday, June 30, 2010

technology break.

As I hope most of you are doing, I'm taking a little break from the blogging world tomorrow in remembrance of my friend Megan's baby boy. But more than that, I'm stepping away from the computer altogether.

I put a lot of pressure on myself to keep up with everything so I don't feel bad about missing what another person says/does. I feel bad when I can't get all the e-mails answered, all the blogs read, and all the new pictures looked at. So in trying to keep up, I spend way too much time at the computer.

Guess who suffers from that?

None of the people whose one tweet I miss, but my precious family. It's their time that gets taken away when I'm on the computer.

So tomorrow, I'll be praying for my sweet friend and her family, and I'll be holding my babe a little bit tighter and a little bit longer. Because she's growing too fast and there's too many people who don't get to hold their babies this side of heaven. And since mine is here, I never want her to feel like she comes second. Ever.

So no Facebook, no blog, no Twitter... Let's see how much I really miss. I have a feeling she'll more than make up for it with sweet kisses..

Please pray for Megan tomorrow.. I can't even imagine what she's going through.

(almost) wordless wednesday




Someone likes their Bumbo!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

will you join us?

On July 1, Megan's friend's and a few blogger's have gotten together to ask the blogging community to take a moment of silence for Cohen in support of his family on the first of July. I've gotten the details from a blog friend of mine and am posting them here for anyone who wants to join us.

What: Moment of Silence for Cohen

When: Thursday July 1st from midnight to 11:59 pm.

How: Bloggers participating will post the Cohen banner (below) or simply post Cohen’s name in large letters on their blog.

Why: July 1st Megan and Brent will be holding Cohen’s memorial service. The moment of silence is an opportunity for Megan’s blog community to stand behind her and support her on this difficult day. Linking up will give Megan a chance to see the support at a glance.

Participating bloggers can Link Up on July 1st at Send Love To Cohen.

a visit with the bestest.

A few weekends ago (behind much?!), my bff and her kiddos came down to visit Baby Girl. This was the first time her kiddos had met BG and they were none too impressed with that fact. They were definitely ready to meet their play mate!

My goddaughter and my daughter. Love these girls..

The kids were fascinated by her. It was ridiculously sweet to see them with her.

Jay & I with our girls. They were OVER it by this point!

My two best girls..

Me and L. So precious =)

We only got to spend a few hours with them before they had to head back home. Guess we'll have to head up to Charleston soon for some more time with the kiddos! Baby Girl loved them and they wore her out and make her take a wonderful nap for her Mama. They need to come around daily!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

weekend wrap-up

Holy busy weekend Batman.

Maybe it's the fact that I stay exhausted, but when did weekends get so busy?! And when did 9 am become late in the morning?!

On Friday, Baby Girl, Mr. P, and I met up with my friend KP and her family for dinner. The ladies in her family get together every so often for a girls weekend and this time we were invited along.

Don't worry, her hubs came along to keep Mr. P company.

We went for dinner at a new restaurant here in town on Friday. It was delish. In honor of my new healthy diet, I had grilled shrimp on Ceasar salad, dressing on the side.

Then I come home and ate ice cream, but that's neither here nor there.. =)


As I was saying, dinner was delicious. BG was so good as usual. Slept through most of dinner and then after wards, woke up in plenty of time for massive amounts of attention from the ladies. She knows how to work an audience!

Sitting on the bulldog. Don't worry, BG got disinfected after this.

We came home and got BG to bed pretty early. Good thing since she decided four a.m. sounded like the perfect time to get up on Saturday.

I mean, why not?

So her and I got up at four. She didn't want to eat, just wanted to play. We played til about 5.30 and then she was out. This girl? Not so much. I cleaned up some while she slept and then got her up at six to eat. We ate, then played and put her back down at 7.30. She was out again.. That's why you should sleep past 4 little lady.. just sayin'..

I had a wedding to go to at eleven, so no naptime for me. I got her and I packed up, got dressed, and took her to my grandparents so I could go to the wedding.

This was the first time I'd left her with anyone, that wasn't Kyndal (her sitter) for any amount of time, and I didn't love it. I felt bad the whole time I was gone. I have major issues for leaving her when I'm off since I'm never with her during the week. I'm going to have to work on that. The guilt will kill me..

Anyway.. (get back on track girl)

My friend, KT, got married at eleven (who gets married in the morning?!) on Saturday. It. Was. So. Hot. But it was an absolutely gorgeous ceremony and reception. Great food, great fun, great sweat stains.

*Note to self: Not a flattering picture angle...

The bride and myself. She was such a pretty bride!

The bride, groom, and their little boy, T-bear.

My girls..

The rest of our Saturday was spent shopping for BG and finishing the renovations in our guest room (post to come). By Saturday night, all three of us were so tired that we were all in bed by 10.30. Geez.. we're old.

On Sunday we slept in and missed Sunday School (whoops), but made it to church. Of course BG was the best baby in the nursery again! She always gets the best report cards when we pick her up. I'm so proud.. =)

We went to eat, but BG was over it and we had to get our food to go. Usually she's good when we go eat, but when she's done, she's done.

We came home and finished the guest room and tried to do some laundry. We also managed to fit in a Skype call with Nonny and Pops so they could see how big their girl is getting. When Sunday night came around, I was so tired, I collapsed in the bed. Somehow 5 am this morning came ridiculously early.

A pretty fun weekend. Like I said, I hate going to do anything without her, but at the same time, I really need my girl time. I'm working on it....

Love my life..

Saturday, June 26, 2010

12 weeks

These are getting hard to take. She doesn't want to sit still or lay back anymore!


11 weeks

Friday, June 25, 2010

our week with the marine- part 2.

We spent the rest of our time with Uncle Marine pretty much heading out to some of our favorite places with some of our favorite people.

And U.M. did a lot of this..

We went and ate sushi with our "sister", Aunt Red, where of course we laughed our heads off and were ridiculously inappropriate. It's what Aunt Red is best at. It's kind of why we love her.

It's also why she's not allowed alone with my child..

I went back to work during the week he was here. Mr. Perfect took this picture to show U.M. how upset I was the morning I went back to work.

Obviously they were more impressed with the picture than I was.

That night we headed out for Mexican with some of our faves. We met up with KP, Katie, and our pal Joe for cheap food and cheap drinks. I could eat Mexican every night. My hips currently look like I do anyway..

Somebody slept through dinner..

Some of my favorite people.

I pink puffy heart these girls..

We managed to get pretty much our entire old crew together one night for a fish fry and low country boil. It's a completely different kind of get together now being as how there were 4 little girls around. Most of the party was spent back in Baby Girls room! I never thought I'd see the day..

Two of my closest friends and our girls; there's 3 months between each of them. The one in blue is 8 months, Katie in the middle is 5 months, and Baby Girl is 2 months. Although BG and Katie are almost exactly the same size!

Best friends since elementary school..

The night before U.M. left, we got the family together at one of our favorite restaurants for dinner. Good food and U.M got to hit on our waitress, so pretty successful night. It sucks he had to leave, but we had such a good time!

The Marine and our grands.

Short two weeks, but I'm pretty sure this face will bring him back soon!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

look what I can do!

I mentioned last week that BG is finally holding her head up during tummy time. Now don't take that to mean that she likes tummy time (ha), but at least we're now getting something out of it.

I finally started putting her up on the Boppy pillow or propping her on the pillow on her mat to do her tummy time and she handled that much better.

Of course, still not loving it.

A few days later on the sixteenth, I pulled the Boppy out from under her and got this...

..and then 3 days later..

I couldn't be prouder than if she was just voted President!!

As if that's not enough.. dum dum dum... last night she rolled over from her tummy to her back!!! I didn't get it on camera, and she hasn't done it again since, but it happened people!

STOP growing so fast child. You're killing me!!

Oh, and she dances now. While standing on her feet. I need to get that on video. It's positively sigh worthy!

I love this child.. What on earth did I entertain myself with before she showed up?!?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

le sigh...

This is what I predict to be only the first of many homemade gifts that Baby Girl brings home for her father and I.. Isn't this precious?!? She made this with Kyndal, her sitter, last week. And I melt...

I pretty much can't wait for my macaroni covered jewelry box... =)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

our week with the marine. pt. 1- memorial day wknd

We had such a good time visiting with the Marine when he finally returned home. He made his way down to Coastal Town the day after he got back in the States. We managed to cram plenty of activity into out (2) weeks with the Uncle.

On 5-29, we celebrated my Aunt's birthday as well as the Marines homecoming with a dinner at my grandparents. Of course we were late getting over there but since it was because of this..

...I was perfectly okay with not rushing. I love these two together!

We finally made it to the g-parents for dinner and cake.

Baby Girl had grabbed this card on her own and could not figure out why we all were going nuts about it. She's just so cute!

Yes, that's my Dad cheesing in the background. =)

After dinner we went out to play with the Marine's new toy...

I did not okay this.. and it will not happen again!

The next day we headed to church for the Memorial Day service. Guess who made us late?!?

Not BG and I. We were ready in plenty of time, but the boys... way late. There's a problem when the two girls are ready first. Just sayin'...

It was a great, very emotional service. They pulled all of the retired and active military up on stage and not going to lie, I choked up a bit when my parents and the Marine headed up to the stage. So stinking proud of my family.

After church we headed back to the g-parents for pictures. It didn't last long because BG slipped into meltdown mode since she hadn't napped in the nursery at church.

The boys spent the rest of their day doing this..

Baby Girl spent the rest of the day playing with Pops and Nonny.

We headed back over to the g-parents the next day for a Memorial Day low country boil.

The Marine getting ready to change his first (and only) diaper of the trip. Or probably ever!

We pulled out some old pictures to see if we could see any of me in Baby Girl.

We couldn't. Boo.

We ate our weight in low country and then headed back to the house. My bff, KP, and her family came over. Uncle Marine hadn't met KP's little girl Katie yet, so of course she had to come over. Which BG was happy about because it's her bestie.

It's funny because when Uncle met, there were no babies here. And two years ago, none of us girls were in the "family mindset" quite yet. It's such a drastic change and he remarked about how cool it was seeing us as Mom's. I bet it's weird, but I love this new dynamic of all of our lives.

Katie & U.M.

KP and her family with U.M.

It was such a great Memorial Day weekend spent with family and amazing friends. And of course it was a bit sweeter this year since Uncle Marine had just returned home.


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