Monday, June 29, 2009


I'm playing hooky from work today.

Why you ask?

Because I'm headed here.

That is if I can drag Mr. Perfect out of bed.

*ETA: Change of plans. Headed to the beach.. oh sweet summertime!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

awww shucks!

I'm a complete slacker. I've gotten a couple of awards lately and don't want you sweet ladies to think I don't appreciate them, because I do!! I just have the attention span of a flea.

I received the Honest Scrap Award from Meg and Loren. Both of these ladies have the sweetest blogs and you should most definitely check them out sometime!

Here are the Honest Scrap stipulations:

1. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find interesting and engaging

2. Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog and leave a comment informing them that they have won the "Honest Scrap Award"

3. List at least 10 honest things about yourself.

I think this award has been going around for a while so if you're reading this and haven't received it before, then consider yourself tagged. I do love a cop out. =)

My 10 things.. hmmm.

1. I am still deathly afraid of the thought of having children. Insane I know with everything I'm going through, but I am terrified. Deserves a post in and of itself. Maybe one day.

2. I will not tolerate rudeness in people. Get over yourself. It is my top pet peeve.

3. I cannot get to work on time. I know I don't get up early enough, but even on those rare occasions I do get up early, I will still play around and end up late. At least I get there before my boss does so he has no idea.. teehee.

4. If I don't like you, you will know it. I am a horrible actress and honestly, I just hate wasting people's time. I mean nothing by it, but seriously, wouldn't you rather know what people think of you?! I would. No false pretenses here.

5. I laugh in horribly inappropriate situations. Like funerals and carrying deceased pets out to their owners. I can't help it. I do not do well in high stress. I'm pretty good at hiding the flaw of mine though.

6. I've torn the ligaments in my left knee so many times that it now never locks into place. It just kind of swings back and forth and gives out on me a lot. Doesn't hurt though, it just stays numb.

7. I get a head ache every single day. I can set my watch by those suckers.

8. I HATE shopping. Gasp! But I love clothes, accessories, shoes, purses, etc. I can online shop for days, but to head to a mall, sends me into a mild anxiety attack. See # 2. They are out in droves running amongst us and I always find them when out shopping. If I go shopping I know just what I want and where to get it and I am in and out. Thinking about just going window shopping and not buying?!? I think I just broke into hives.....

9. I very rarely get angry. I wouldn't call me overly optimistic. I just tend to live in my own little (happy) world. I love the people (and animals) I surround myself with, so I have no reason to be mad. Except at work. But I get over it quickly.

10. I love old people. Especially little old men. They are my heart. I prefer the seniors in our church to the ones my age any day of the week. I wonder if I'll still like old people when I am one.. hmmmmmm

I received the Keepsake Award from Lara. Lara is getting married next week so hop on over and give her a big Congrats!!

Thanks again ladies! Very much appreciated!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Master Bedroom

I'm kind of excited that it's master bedroom day on Kelly's house tour. If you remember, this is the room that we ripped up the carpet and played Norm Abram in, I mean put tile in. I never want carpet in any of my future homes. Seriously. I heart my tile floor.

As with all previous posts, this room is not completely done. I've mentioned it before but will remind you that here in the Imperfect household we lack some serious sticktoitofness (come on Blogger spell check, that's totally a word!) and moved from this room to another without completely finishing up. But it's the closest to done in the house.

Gah, enough of my jabbering, here's our room.

Headed into our room from the hall. I've known from the very beginning of re-doing this room that it would be brown and blue. Of course the Mister fought me on brown walls but now he absolutely loves them. You'll remember the same thing happened with the paint color in our bathroom...

Another view coming into the room. That's our laundry hamper on the right which we hardly use. We usually just leave our clothes on the floor so the dog's can sleep on them. I can't believe I just admitted that.

I love my bedspread!! I looked forever and saw this randomly at a SteinMart of all places. I'd never even been in there, I just happened to walk through one day on my way to Old Navy and saw this. It was a bit more than I would have wanted to pay but it's so worth it. Of course now Mr. Perfect won't let Lacy on the bed.. Price you have to pay.

Our bed is a California King and is the best investment ever. We need a headboard, but I don't even care. We had a bed set to go with our queen that's now in the guest room, but we were going to kill one another if we didn't upgrade to a larger bed. Apparently I move in my sleep. A lot.

The Mister's night stand. This is actually his childhood furniture that we stripped down, painted, and put new hardware on. We've been all about the DIY projects this year.

My dresser on my side of the bed. I love that picture. It's a yellow lab sleeping on the bed and is called "Master Bedroom". I'm just looking for a white frame to mat it in and it will hang above my dresser.

The dresser across from our bed. The TV in our room was a huge deal to get. I HATE televisions in the bedroom. I just don't think it's the place for them. I fought tooth and nail to not have one and then came home one day to this. I lost it! But after my meltdown I got over it and now have to admit it's not so bad. We actually hardly ever watch it. It's been my best friend after surgeries in the past though.

We are still looking for a mirror we're both in love with to put above the dresser. And when I say looking, I mean we hardly ever think about it and it wasn't until I went to put this post together that I remembered we don't have one. Oops.

My closet with the Mister's belts and shoes in it. I won the closet, I can let him keep his shoes in his room right?!

Our room! Isn't the tile divine?! I can't say enough about how much I love it. Mr. Perfect was definitely right on that call. I have a project I'm working on right now for above our bed. But that gets a big fat to be continued...

We said Goodbye to the King of Pop a while ago..

image (C) enjoyfrance(dot)com

Yesterday while booking it on the treadmill, my cell phone lights up. So I pick it up and read a Tweet that says something like "omg. Michael Jackson what??". I put my phone back down and think how odd that was. Back to booking it and my phone lights up again. Two new messages. I open them and read that Michael Jackson is dead.

I stopped running and yelled "WHAT?!".

Then I had to grab the bar and pull myself up because the treadmill never quit moving. Seriously, Twitter almost killed me.

After I stopped the treadmill, I look at my friend Donner who was running next to me (doing my best to ignore everyone staring at the weirdo who almost fell off the t-mill) and tell her Michael is dead. She doesn't believe me. So I call the Mr. at home and find out it's true. My daggum town wasn't even reporting on it yet!!

It's sad. What's even sadder is when I signed on to Facebook and see statuses about little boys sleeping well at nite now. Gross and uncool. Show some respect. This goes back to how sad I am that my generation missed another icon. I love his music. Love it. But I didn't until I was older and by that time he was a "freak". It's sad that for people my age when you hear Michael's name, it's more likely to pull forth an image of him holding a baby over a balcony or showing up to court in pajamas than a man moonwalking across a stage. The thing is, we will never see another like him. What he did for music and for videos is something that will never be done again. For that I am sad.

At the same time, we said good-bye to the "King of Pop" years ago. Call it what you want, but in this last decade, he has not been the Michael Jackson that graced us with "P.Y.T", "Beat It", or "Rock With You". But respect should be given for his reign in pop culture and I for one was sad to see him go- years ago.

R.I.P Michael Jackson. Your music was and will always be amazing.

My fave...

pedometer = FAIL

I couldn't figure out why my run on Monday almost killed me.


I get that it was hot outside (105 to be exact), I get that I was tired from being on my feet all day, but 3 miles almost killing me?!? Not cool.

It also took me 45 minutes to do. Huh?!

I chalked it up to a crappy day. I tried out some new neighborhoods and stuff because I had a handy little pedometer with me that enabled me to go off my regularly scheduled route. I enjoyed the first 3/4 of the run, but I was dying by the time I got home.

Last nite I was on the treadmill doing my run* but also had my pedometer on as well. At the end of my 3 miles (per t-mill) the pedometer said I had ran .7 miles. Are. You. Kidding. Me.
*Twitter and the MJ story almost got me killed yesterday. Details to follow.

I decided to take the car out and get some idea of how far I had actually ran on Monday. It was almost 5 miles. My pedometer tried to kill me.

I have got to get my little Garmin buddy fixed. The pedometer is great for measuring steps during the day, but I just don't think it can distinguish a serious run for distance between walking around all day. Is that right? Or is my pedometer just not working right?

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Alana, the girl I mentioned here, is going into surgery this morning to try and remove more of the tumor in her brain. There's a huge risk that when she wakes up she might not be able to swallow because of where the tumor is. They are also not sure if they'll be able to even get it all. This was supposed to be done last week, but Alana was not doing well at all so they waited til she felt a bit better. Please pray for her and her family as they go through this...

The girls left this morning so I'll finally get to read some blogs! I've seriously been suffering withdrawals...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Our church is having revival this week and we have a youth choir in town for the event. The youth choir is actually from the church Mr. Perfect grew up in, so it's been fun having them, a few adults from the church, and his old pastor in town. There's well over 50 kids and they are all staying with members of our church. Mr. Perfect and I are keeping two 15 year old girls.

I am exhausted.

I swear I slept more when I was their age. We picked them up and they have been nonstop since Sunday night. In the car as they're steady jabbering away in the backseat, Mr. Perfect looks over and whispers to me "I am in Hell". Of course he was kidding and we're surviving quite nicely. Our girls are dolls and so much fun. Just exhausting.

So not much time to blog this week. Hope you're all having a great one!

Oh! What did everyone think of Jon & Kate last night? So sad. It's a shame really...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

It took a long time for me to find someone whose opinion I valued as much as my Dad's. My father is my rock. He's the man who influenced my taste in music by playing Aerosmith and Pink Floyd for me to sleep to. He taught me that you can make the police's song "Roxanne" about almost anyone and would walk around the house singing "Meg- ANN" as loud as he could (took me years to figure out my name was being plugged into a song about a hooker. Nice Dad!). He coached my soccer team from the time I was 11 til I was in college and completely understood that you had to give the girls "talk time" during warm ups or they'd get nothing done during practice. He understood better than anyone that sometimes I just needed "me time" and would always give it to me. He took me on numerous college soccer scouting trips, danced with me at Father-Daughter dances, went on Girl Scout camping trips with me even though they weren't quite his thing, and always took me to work with him on "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" which was always my favorite part of my school year.

My Dad is an officer in the Air Force so there were times he was gone for days, even months on end, but he never stopped thinking about us. He wrote letters detailing his days and even the weather so we could feel like we were with him. He'd call numerous times a day just to tell us something he couldn't wait for us to hear.

I got my love of running from my Dad, my need for quiet from my Dad, and my lack of patience from my Dad. That one he can actually have back! When I broke up with my high school boyfriend that my whole family loved, my Dad was on my side and whispered in my ear "I never liked that kid anyway". Thanks Dad. =) Before he walked me down the aisle he told me how beautiful I looked and how much he loved me, but also Mr. Perfect. Then he gave me a pocket knife to put in my bouquet, because everyone needs a pocket knife, and you know, just in case! So my Dad!!

There's nothing on this planet like the relationship of a father and his daughter. Nothing. So thank you Dad for giving me the best relationship we could have. For letting me cry to you about "stupid boys", for tearing up when you saw me in my prom dress, for needing a stiff drink to make it through my wedding day, and for always forgiving me when I pushed you like only I can do. Thanks for being my support, my best friend, and most importantly, the picture of what I deserved in my future husband. Thanks for being the love of my life til you handed me to my next one. Just thanks...

I can't wait for Mr. Perfect to experience this relationship.. He's going to make a great Dad someday.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dear Facebook

Ok Facebook. I will admit, I am a fan. You keep me in touch with most of my college bff's and my high school crowd. I love perusing people's pictures and seeing what they've been up to. But you are starting to grate on my nerves.

You almost lost me with the whole "news feed" thing. I am not a stalker. I do not need to know what people are doing every second of the day. I'm also not huge with people stalking me. That would be why I make my profile private. So tell me why I'm getting friend requests from people I have never laid eyes on before? Tell me also why I'm getting 2 & 3 requests from these people after I've already hit "Ignore"?!?

And this friend suggestion crap. If I want them to be my friend, they probably already are. There is a reason I haven't added the psycho you keep suggesting for me; I value my life. Take a hint Facebook.

While you are making me crazy mad right now, I will not leave you. But please help a girl out!

While you're at it, can we get rid of the quiz things?!?


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

doctor update

Well we're back to Dr. O tomorrow.

If you don't know our whole saga you can catch up here.

We're supposed to be doing a "monitored ovulation" tomorrow. They'll take a look with an ultrasound and see what happens when I ovulate. Hopefully I'm doing this fine on my own (which I would think I am with four pregnancies under my belt), but tomorrow will decide if we do this with our without fertility drugs this time.

I'm kind of scared of Clomid. I don't want an Imperfect's + 8 situation.

But I'll do what I'm told. I have a feeling this is too early for this appointment. I happen to know my body pretty daggum well through charting and stuff and I'm pretty positive I don't ovulate til Monday. My ovulation kits big fat negative is on my side. But they're telling me to come tomorrow so we shall see.

So fingers crossed. I would really like one small thing to go my way. Not that I won't do fertility drugs if I have too, but I am kind of overloaded on the medications at the moment. I'll update tomorrow when I know something. G'nite!


I think the Mister has had a talk with our local retailers.

I went to Gap yesterday for a simple pair of black shorts. None in my size.

Not cool. I freakin' want to buy something!!

I think Mr. Perfect asked them to please hide these items for the sake of our bank account. Not cool.

I'm heading to Target. I can always find something there!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

boo j. crew

Dear J. Crew,

For quite some time now I've been hearing about the fabulousness that is this. I need to own this and I need to own it now!

Please replenish your stock so I don't have to wait til August to own this. We here in the Imperfect household are not a patient sort and we firmly believe in instant gratification.

Thank you.

I did order this little ditty though! My bank account thanks you kind ladies for constantly bragging on these tees!

prayer request

There's this little girl whose parents attend my Sunday School that I'm asking you guys to pray for. Her name's Alana, and Alana has cancer. Her parents announced in Sunday School that her last round of treatments failed and she'll be headed back in for another operation here soon.

This little family breaks my heart. First of all, her parents are about my age maybe a little bit older. When did we get old enough to have children, let alone children with cancer? I can't even imagine what they are going through right now...

I've seen the way the blog world works so I'm putting this out there. Thank you ladies...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

Unproductive weekend numero dos has come and gone.

May I please have one more?!?

It has reached ridiculous hot here in Coastal Town, GA. We couldn't even muster up the desire to try and go do anything and you would break a sweat getting ready, so no point actually. Saturday nite we went and got Subway and watched tv. Whoa.. slow down on the activity kiddos.

I watched Season 1 of True Blood most of the weekend. I am determined to finish the rest of it before next week's episode. I've heard such great things about this so this is one bandwagon I'm jumping on. What did everyone think of last nite's episode?

Sunday afternoon after church, we took the two boy dogs to my grandparents to go swimming. Lacy isn't a huge fan so we left her at the house.

I'm still waiting to see what she chews up for that move of ours.

It was ridiculous hot but the boys (mostly) loved swimming! Of course we couldn't slow Duke down. We'd pull him back up on the dock and before we could stand up he'd be back in the water. Cash wasn't a huge fan. Could be because the Mr. decided to just toss him in. I was not happy. Neither was Cash. He sat at the top of the deck for the rest of the time and just watched us. I had to jump in eventually. It was either that or melt into a puddle.

Trying to get Duke to chill out for a minute. It so didn't work.

Drying them off with a quick game of fetch.

Perfect Sunday afternoon. Hanging out on my grandparents back porch is one of my Top 5 Happy Places. There is truly nothing better than a bit of "back porch sittin'".

I had a BAD run this afternoon when I got home from work. This was my long day where I'm literally on my feet for 10 hours. I have horrible knees so I'm always hurting by the time I leave. But I came home and headed out. It was still 96 degrees here at seven o' clock tonite and I could hardly breathe. I was miserable for the entire 3 miles. My legs hurt, I was drenched in sweat, and I literally felt like I was trying to swallow air. But, I did it. I guess I was due for a horrible run.

I have a little wish list for my runs. I need to get a charger so I can get my little Garmin buddy up and running. I've had this thing for years, but haven't used it since the last time I was running seriously 3 years ago. I also must have (these are a necessity Mr. Perfect!) a new pair of running shoes. Mine are about shot and are giving me zero support.

I also want a new Ipod. Mine hasn't worked right since it quit on me during my first race. Yep, I've been running without one. I have no idea how you do it jlc! I can run without it but I seriously need some distracting. I truly think the music helps me run better.

I also want (geez I'm like a child) some new running clothes. These I'm making myself earn. I bought a couple of nice running shorts when I hit 3 months of solid running so I guess I'll buy some more in a few more weeks. I'm sucking it up and getting the shoes first. Do any of you runners out there have any shoe suggestions? I have very long, medium width feet with VERY high arches. I also have HORRIBLE joints from years of sports injuries so that's all got to be considered. Any suggestions would be fab.

That's it folks. My bed is seriously calling my name.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday

...It's back!!

Or I guess I'm back since this little bloggy carnival actually went no where. It was just off touring little rooms like nurseries, playrooms, and fun little rooms that I don't have. But this week it's bathrooms; and those, I've got.

Our guest bathroom is pretty basic. It has a skylight which is fun, but completely pointless. Whatevs, I didn't pay for it. I actually want to change this room. I want to put tile down (it still has linoleum), change out the sink, put wainscoting on the lower half, and paint the top half either lime green (working on the hubs) or a bright blue. But I would also like to eat, so all that will have to wait.

Looking in from the hall

side view

The wall by the vanity. I realize that a) the picture frame looks like a dog tried to eat it, but I don't care, I'm not buying a new one, and b)that UGA doesn't really match. I personally think he should not have to be banished to the bathroom but the Mr. is not a Georgia fan so here he sits. Sad. =(

The wall opposite the throne. You see that nice strip of blue? Yea, the morons perfectly nice people that had the house before us kind of painted the walls and the tub.

Crass I know, but I love it. I found this at an antique store Downtown.


blech, linoleum.

Now onto the master bath. Our bathroom is TINY, but it doesn't bother us at all. We leave for work at different times every single day so we are never trying to both get in there at the same time. If we're going out or anything, I do my hair in the guest room. I designed our whole bathroom around a mirror I found that the previous owners left in the garage. I knew right away that the bathroom had to be purple. The Mr. and I argued about this for months til he finally gave in. Now he loves it. Only problem. For some reason (I guess we chose the wrong paint?!) the water from the shower steams up the bathroom (I like my showers to the point of scalding) and then leaves water marks all over the paint. They never go away. So I guess we'll have to repaint. But I still love my bathroom!

Entering from our bedroom. We (go ahead and assume that "we" means "the hubs") ripped out the sink and put this one in. The mirror is the one I found that I lurve! We also put up the light fixture and tore down the horrible brass monstrosity that was up there.

See what I mean about the water?!? I want to get some sort of cabinet thing to put on this wall and move that picture to the other side. We (still means "the hubs") have too many "products" in here and not enough storage so I'm trying to find a cabinet for him to put them in so they aren't out, but they also aren't stuck up under the sink. Then we are both happy. Where do mine go? Secret: I really don't have any. I am freakishly low maintenance.

The tile!! Oh how I love my tile! The hubs did this all by himself! I'm so proud!!

The mirror and the products that need someplace to go. Hence, the cabinet above the toilet.

*ok.. so like 3 of those are mine..

That's all folks. I'm off to put in my miles now that it's out of the 100's and into the 90's here in Coastal Town, GA.

Fit Train Friday

Ok. All honesty here right?

I have started a serious running training program. I have been inspired by my favorite runner, Chicrunner, and I am determined to stick with this.

My long term goal is to be able to run a marathon.

Quit laughing. I am serious.

I'm starting at the very beginning. Like 2 mile distance beginning. So Monday and Wednesday I did my 2 miles. Tuesday and Thursday were "rest" days. Tuesday I headed to the gym and did the stairmaster for 10 minutes and the elliptical for thirty-five. Yesterday my friend Donner and I did the stairmaster for 50 minutes. 1665 steps. Know what that is?

Yep. We climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower. We're in training for our (totally hypothetical) trip to Paris.

Clearly I'm not good at "resting".

Tonite is another 2 miles or 45 minutes of running. If I don't have a heat stroke doing this I will totally keep you updated on my progress.

Wish me luck. I totally need it.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

No Competition

The Mr. loves his cat.

His cat loves him.

His cat HATES me.

This is what I walked in on today.

I mean come on cat! You've tried to kill me before!!

Whatevs. I've got this sweet, sweet baby...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

how did we not know about this?

How are the Mr. and I so behind on this?!

We signed up, ok he did, on Saturday. There were movies waiting for me when I got home today.

It's like Christmas.

We just watched "Taken". Absolutely fantastic movie. If you don't agree.. you should watch it again, because clearly you didn't pay enough attention the first time.

I kid...

I quickly signed up to get the first season of True Blood. I simply have to see what all the fuss is about! I plan on hibernating this weekend in front of the television.

Kind of like last weekend. Geez. I'm getting lazy!

In Fit Train news, I have a training program that I started on Monday and so far so good.

It is only Tuesday though...

Two miles on Monday, elliptical today, and back out for two more miles tomorrow. Got to start somewhere right?!?

My pup went to the doctor and has a UTI. Why did I laugh when the doc said that?! Because I am a child and thought back to what Cosmo so clearly states; you should use the bathroom after *ahem intercourse to prevent uti's.

Clearly Duke didn't get the memo.

And if that's not true and I really didn't read that, well don't tell me. I really can't believe I'm still talking about this...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

I cannot tell a lie. I might have been the most unproductive member of society on the planet this weekend.

And I lurved it.

Friday nite I went out for dinner with the girls, but came home early to catch up on some zzzz's for my soccer tournament. We're still playing the "whodunit" game with the dogs, so we locked up Duke, our hound, for the nite.

He screamed all night long. I almost lost my mind.

At four in the am I couldn't take it anymore so I threw his tail outside. I love my dogs, but I also LOVE my sleep. Not cool Duke, not cool. We did figure out it was him having the *ahem, problem, so he's going to the vet on Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed it's something easily correctable. Thanks!

After soccer all morning Saturday, I came home with the intention to clean up a bit. I do seem to have an addiction to doing so! I managed to get the vaccuum out before I gave up and hit the showers. Followed quickly by the bed!

I woke up from my afternoon nap with a headache, so I convinced the Mister we should just chill at the house and chill we did. I actually couldn't even tell you what we did. Afternoon naps pretty much ruin me for the day I've come to realize.

We hit the field bright and early on Sunday and I quickly sweated out another 10 pounds. I'm not kidding. I live in the hottest place ever. (I realize that's not true, but it's my blog and I'll exaggerate if I want to). After the 90 minutes in Hell game, Mr. Perfect and I went to eat lunch with the grandparents. Don't you worry your pretty little heads ladies. I did sneak a shower in there somewhere. I don't like to offend more than 10 people on Sundays.

After lunch, the Mr. and I once again made like vegetables and hit the couch. We watched "He's Just Not That Into You" which I loved, and Mr. Perfect pretended to watch while really playing on the computer with earphones in. Whatever. I had the tv, he was happy, there was peace in the Imperfect household.

I loved our lazy little weekend. Those usually are the best. Except I'm rocking a pretty serious shin guard tan line and I have to go out in the real world this week. I'm ready for next weekend and some serious horizontal time on the beach. Is it Friday yet?!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

me - 0, summer in savannah - 1

This summer might kill me.

I played in a soccer tournament on Saturday and Sunday mornings this weekend and barely lived to tell about it.

Saturday it rained on and off through our first game. Then poured down through the hour break we got between games. What happened during our 12 pm game?

The sun decided to beat on through and Savannah's 100 % humidity made it's appearance.

I hate trying to breathe and instead feel like I'm drowning.

Plus I got great tan lines because I guess it really is true you get good sun through a cloudy sky.

Then on Sunday it was once again cloudy, overcast, and 100 % humidity. I may have broken records for how much one person can sweat in a weekend.

Mother Nature, you sure can be a d-bag.


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