Monday, July 28, 2014

23 weeks

How Far Along? 23 weeks

Total Weight Gained/Loss? I don't wanna...

Sleep? Having a hard time falling asleep, sleeping pretty hard once I finally fall asleep, and then waking up exhausted. It's a fun cycle.

Best Moment of the Week: Daddy got to feel him Sunday night!

Movement- all the time. I was worried that he wasn't moving enough, but now? Now I'm worried that he's going to be just as active as his big sister. She was crazy active inside and is still insane and now he's acting just the same. I'm a bit scared. No lie.

Food Craving- pineapple. lemonade. ice. all the cold things.

Food aversions- no real aversions, but not much sounds really good.

Gender- a sweet, baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!

Labor Signs- nada

Belly Button- pretty shallow but I don't think it's going anywhere.

What I miss- my back not hurting. That's already hard core. Boo hiss and all that stuff.

What I'm looking forward to- I think I finally picked a theme for his room. So I'd like to decorate sometime soon.

Big Sister Status- she's still pretty standoffish. Doesn't want to talk to the belly much or things like that, but let's be serious, her parents aren't big belly talkers either so... In her DNA.

Monday, July 14, 2014

21 weeks

How Far Along? 21 weeks

Total Weight Gained/Loss? 15 pounds. That's fun.

Sleep? cannot get enough. So tired.

Best Moment of the Week: his movement.

Movement- He's starting to move a lot. He doesn't jab and kick as much as E did though. He does what feels like flips and rolls a lot. He also hangs out on my bladder. It feels like someone is just wringing my bladder constantly. Weirdest feeling ever.

Food Craving- lemonade still. there's really nothing I have to have.

Food aversions- seafood. chicken with bones.

Gender- a sweet, baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!

Labor Signs- nada

Belly Button- pretty shallow but I don't think it's going anywhere.

What I miss- It's getting harder to put my shoes on. That's not so fun. Especially when you wear boots for a living :(

What I'm looking forward to- I should probably start working on his room. That sounds fun.

Big Sister Status- she's getting more excited. She's decided that she's named the baby and walks around calling him that now. Good thing one person in this family has named him.....

Friday, July 11, 2014

the deets on baby 2.

For about a year now (if not more), Mr. P and BG have been on Team Baby 2. This girl couldn't quite get on board.

It's not that I didn't want another baby it's just... I kind of didn't want another baby. Does that make sense??

I was good with just E. I'm actually thrilled with just E and the three of us are good together. Like real good. So I was iffy. I liked the idea of a sibling for E, I just....

Maybe most of it was I was terrified. I knew that I couldn't handle going through what we went through before E again. I was also scared of being as sick as I was with E while trying to parent a toddler. I was just terrified.

In November I got frustrated with some issues I was having with my IUD and finally decided it had to go. So I made the appointment to get it removed. At the appointment, I talked with my doctor about not going on the pill or anything along those lines. We both decided that Mr. P and I needed to head to the specialists in Charlotte to talk things over before going any further.

We headed up to Charlotte at the end of December and met with the doctor up there. The appointment went well. Mr. P had to leave early so it gave the doctor a chance to talk with me about some things. We talked about how stressed I was about going forward and he promised me that he would do everything he could for us to have a healthy pregnancy. And that he felt really good about things.

We left that day with the instructions to come back when we were pregnant. And that was that.

In February, Mr. P took a new job that actually had him move to Savannah for a bit. For a while it looked like we would all be moving back to Savannah and a part of me took that as a sign that we should definitely try for number 2. I never wanted to do another pregnancy without my Savannah docs so I was thrilled we may be back down there with them.

Mr. P was in Savannah for a few months without E and I and somewhere in there (February) I got pregnant. Come St. Patrick's Day weekend, E and I joined Mr. P in Savannah for the weekend and he and I both had this feeling that I was pregnant. So I took a test on the 16th (I really just wanted a clear conscience to drink the next day). And that test quickly turned positive.

We spent the next day at the parade where we had to call my Charlotte doc who then sent me straight to a lab in Savannah for bloodwork. Over the next couple of weeks, I went to multiple blood draws and ultrasounds and continued to parent E while Mr. P was still in Savannah. It was hard. Especially at the appointment where I first got to hear the heartbeat and the doctor's exact words were "it's pretty slow, but there's nothing we can do. If it's going to stop, it's just going to stop".

Good times right.

But that heart didn't stop. And that little one just kept right on growing.

My initial reaction at that first appointment was that the baby was a boy, but that would change off and on over the next few weeks. Fortunately Mr. P moved back home not long after St. Patrick's Day weekend and was here for the main exhaustion and nausea. And there was so much of both of those.

I didn't have the problems I had with E. There's been no bleeding and other than that one slow heartbeat scare, I've had zero issues. My medication protocol is a bit different but I still started progesterone and heparin shots immediately and am still on the heparin until around 38 weeks. I haven't done nearly the meds I did with E though which has been a nice little break.

Baby 2 was rough on Mama that's for sure. I was way sicker with this one than E as I was afraid of, but we made it through. I even made it through the terrible migraines that week 14 brought into my life (though those are still too frequent for my liking). And now? we're almost 21 weeks with a healthy baby boy.

So ready or not, he's coming. We should probably start getting prepared!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

20 weeks

How Far Along? 20 weeks 2 days

Total Weight Gained/Loss? find out at appt tomorrow.

Maternity Clothes: yes. from here on out. last week i'll leave this question on here.

Sleep? I'm still really tired but it's getting better.

Best Moment of the Week: the boy clothes are rolling in. And it's totally fun.

Movement- starting to pick up some and get more consistent. I feel him the most in the early morning and bed time but I'm also 90 to nothing all day so...

Food Craving- lemonade. I cannot get enough of CFA diet lemonade.

Food aversions- seafood.

Gender- a sweet, baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!

Labor Signs- nothing this week.

Belly Button- pretty shallow but I don't think it's going anywhere.

What I miss- not having heartburn. I had heartburn with E but nothing like this. It's not so fun.

What I'm looking forward to- appt tomorrow for our big anatomy scan. We've already confirmed everything looks great with the fetal specialist but I'll always take an opportunity to peek in on him.

Big Sister Status- she's pretty oblivious right now. We did have a scary moment this week when she dropped her entire 40 plus pounds on my belly. I just don't think she's that "in tune" with what's going on yet.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

our fourth.

We had a good holiday weekend. Like real good.

Which I wasn't sure it would be with Mr. P working the whole time, but it was.

I've been getting a little emotional lately about this new baby thing. Which is a whole 'nother post in itself but let's just say that my heart has been a little sore lately as I think about dividing my time between two littles. So when I heard that Mr. P was working, I decided that I was going to make it a great "girls weekend". Just a grand 'ol time the two of us.

Then BG woke up in rare form on Friday morning and refused to listen and had a meltdown over her outfit and I was in tears by 11 am. True life y'all.

I gave myself a minute to be woe is me: "we have no friends here", "she has no friends", "this is going to be the WORST holiday ever" (I'm nothing if not dramatic, and wrong, 98% of the time), and then I packed us up and headed to the park. Where we stayed and ran around until I noticed her ear was pouring blood. So off to Urgent Care we went.

A quick diagnosis of conjuctivitis and an outer ear infection later we were on our way.

A friend of mine texted to see if we wanted to join her and her family for the rest of the afternoon so we packed it up and headed over there where we spent the next few hours lounging around with friends. It was good. And tired BG out. WIN.

Mr. P came home to two girls in the bed at 9:30. We decided to wake the little one up for the fireworks in the neighborhood but that was shortlived as she was terrified. So back to bed we went.

We spent the next day lounging around the house. BG played upstairs a lot (yay for new found independence!!) while I got some stuff done downstairs. Around lunch time, I decided we both needed a break so we packed a lunch and had a little picnic outside on the patio.

We made a quick trip for ice cream and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool before moving inside for a late afternoon movie.

It was a quiet weekend. But it was so good. I do enjoy this age so much. She just loves everything she gets to do with us and she's (usually) just so happy to be doing it with us. We girls needed a weekend like this. I won't mention ago how prevalent it is in my mind that there's not that many left just the two of us..

Hope you all enjoyed your holiday!


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