Monday, January 31, 2011

Christmas with Granny & Pa-Pa

A couple of weeks ago, we were finally able to do our Christmas with Mr. Perfect's family. They were supposed to come down on Christmas Day, but unfortunately weren't able to make it and this was the first we could all get together.

The first night they were here we let BG open up her gifts from them. They got her a few Disney movies I she asked for, a couple of books, a cd with Bible songs personalized for her, and a Raggedy Ann and Andy doll.

BG wasn't so sure of the dolls. I hope she hasn't developed her Mom's fear of them. Hmm.. Maybe we should hide them just in case.

I kid, I kid.

The next day, Mr. P's parents and his brother came over to the apartment to hang out with BG for a little bit and then we went to grab some lunch.

We were in that restaurant for over two hours. Gracious above. Thankfully my child is an angel ins restaurants and we barely heard a peep out of her. Until the end, which I simply took as my cue to take her up front and watch the cooks cook the steaks. Good times.

BG and her Granny

Pa-pa, Granny, & Uncle K with BG

Mr. P's family


They weren't here very long, but we enjoyed out afternoon with them. BG crashed hard when she got home which is usually a sign that she's had a grand old time!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project 365: Week 3

I finally got my computer back up and running and got to my pictures (praises!), so here is Week 3 which I missed. Week 4 will be up as soon as I get home because, shh, don't tell my stalkers, but I'm in Coastal Town right now soaking up some time with my buds.

And it feels so good..

Sunday, January 16th:

Seriously. Is there anything on this planet sweeter than a sleeping babe?!?

Monday, January 17th:

BG thinks this chair is her personal jungle gym. She climbs on it, jumps on it, stands on it, and uses it to attempt to climb on the coffee table. Her parents really should put this thing in storage.

Tuesday, January 18th:

Do not judge. It was laundry day at our house and apparently Cash decided to make the most out of a blah chore. He looks pretty comfortable no?

Wednesday, January 19th:

This was BG's first trip to the park which I posted about here. She loved the park as evidenced by that little content grin on her face and we've been back multiple times since then. It's kind of becoming our "thing".

Thursday, January 20th:
I'm posting two pictures for today because I can't pick one and it's my blog and.. well, that's enough reasons.

Every day after lunch, we pack up everyone and make the trek around the apartment complex to the mailbox. This is my view. Clearly this was a good day where the pups weren't trying to pull my arm off as the picture isn't all blurry.

This is BG chilling out at our apt complex park. It's nowhere near as cool (no swings! seriously?!), but it has a few slides and it's a hop, skip, and a jump from our front door, so it'll do in a pinch. I love this little smirk of hers..

Friday, January 21st:

Us unwinding at the end of the night; I read blogs, he reads, whatever men read. Clearly this is after the little one is in bed as no one sits down while she's awake!

Saturday, January 22nd:

The little one in action getting ready to climb up on the coffee table. This is my view 93% of the day. No matter what is on that table, she wants it. Even if it's nothing. She's silly like that.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

road trippin'

Because I have the tendency to get ridiculous bored if I don't get out of the house, oh, every five minutes, BG and I have been venturing out a bit and taking a few road trips.

Nothing screams fun like a couple hours in the car with a nine month old.

Kidding. She's actually really good in the car, so road trips are a blast.

A few weeks ago, we decided to head down to Athens to hang out with the bestie. I love Athens and can't wait til BG is a bit older and can go down for games and stuff. I'm a little bit stoked that we live just over an hour from downtown.

We picked up AP and headed downtown where we ate lunch at Transmet. It was delicious, but BG was not impressed that she had to spend the entire meal in her carseat. Down side to college towns? No high chairs. Boo.

After lunch, we walked down the street to get some frozen yogurt. Because there's nothing like walking around outside in the freezing cold and then eating frozen yogurt. Hand in hand obviously.

Then we headed down to see one of the many bulldogs that line the streets of Athens. I'm sure BG loved it. Don't let her face fool you.

We headed back to AP's house after that so BG could stretch her legs out a bit before we headed back home. I was dragging my feet big time to head back to SC. It felt so nice to hang out with my bff for a while!

Then a couple of weeks ago, we ventured a bit south to spend the day with Erin and Hudson. Erin and I had been talking about trying to get together for a while and it finally worked out so we could meet up.

This blog world can be a little bit insane, but one thing I love about it is the amazing relationships I've formed. I've gained some close friendships through blogging and am slowly turning blog friends into "in real life" friends and I love it!

Erin and I went and saw Black Swan (awesome yet disturbing) while the kiddos got to hang out together at her house. BG loved Hudson. I think she's missed all her friends at her sitter's house.

I had a blast with Erin and am sure I talked her ear off since I've had basically no "girl talk" in months. She is exactly as awesome as she appears on her blog and we didn't stop talking the entire time we were there. I had to force myself out the door to make the trip home because I was having such a good time. So were these two who were very, very hard to get a good picture of! Such sweet, sweet kids, but they are on the go! Thankfully Hudson tired BG out for the trip home. She was out before we pulled out of their driveway.

So fun. We can't wait to hang out with them again.

In the meantime, where oh where should we venture to next?!?

Friday, January 28, 2011

i'm insane.

Yesterday BG took a grand total of forty minutes worth of naps.

Forty minutes in one day.

I was going insane.

This morning, she's been napping for an hour and a half. And I'm bored.

I kind of want to go wake her up so we can snuggle or go to the park.

But I won't.

I might be insane, but I am not stupid.

Thank you God for bringing me my good sleeper back.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

did i get too cocky?

Just when I thought I had this motherhood thing down, fate (or Satan or whatever) decides to step in and go oh I've got this and knock me right off my high horse.

I've been working out, cooking dinner, cleaning house. BG's been napping and we had us a good little schedule going.

Then there's today.

The house is a disaster. I do not know how since I literally cleaned all day Tuesday (what day is it?!?) but it is. There is dog hair, clothes, dishes, and toys everywhere. I can't deal.

I finally got my living room cleaned up during BG's twenty minute nap time (yes, twenty minutes even after getting up before six since she wet the bed, and we had to change the sheets at o' dark thirty), when my dog threw up.


As I cleaned the second pile up, BG threw Sophie in the mess and then lost it when I had to take her away to clean her.

Is this day serious???

We got to the grocery store and made it out alive only to have my bag break when I got to the car, almost shattering my jar of salsa. Then I dropped my keys trying to open the door and as I bent down to pick them up, BG picked that moment to throw herself backwards causing her to hit me in the teeth and ending with both of us in tears.

Currently, she is in her crib "napping". Meaning, she's been hollering, laughing, and crying for about two hours. I'm fixing to give up and just go get her.

I still need to fix dinner, but am seriously afraid something might blow up as it just seems like it might be that kind of day.

Ay yi yi.

It's seriously almost comical. And it's almost five which is awesome, because I can tag out to Mr. Perfect. Stick a fork in me. I am done son.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Our computer is currently down and it is downright killing me. I had a million blog posts I wanted to do, but can't now because I need my pictures the computer is holding hostage. I'm really out of sorts without my pictures. And honestly? Kind of can't breathe when I think of posts getting out of order because of this situation.

I'm certifiable. This I know.

Let's change the subject okay? Okay.

1. Yesterday I got up and hit the gym at five thirty AM. After going to bed at one. Not going to lie, felt great. About seven fifteen, I got super, super tired but knew there was no point in "cat napping" since BG gets up at 7:30. Coffee to the rescue. Somehow despite my all day exhaustion, I still couldn't get to bed early last night.

2. After working out yesterday, I slept late today but did the Shred tonight. Two days of working out, semi warmer weather, a couple of dates with BG at the park, and I feel like myself again. Take that SAD.

3. While we were having some warmer days, I woke up to snow on the ground yesterday. Are you freakin' kidding me? I am so, so done with winter. Please bring on the Spring.

4. I danced around the apartment for twenty minutes tonight in my underwear. It felt amazing.

5. TMI maybe, but ever since I gave birth, it feels really weird to do jumping jacks. I don't like it.

6. I don't like push-ups either. I feel like Jillian puts them first to weed out the weaklings. Almost works on me every single time.

7. Jillian almost falls doing the bicycle kicks on level one. The girls behind her are totally laughing. I laugh every single time I see it. I'm like a twelve year old.

8. I am currently addicted to soft chocolate chip cookies. Addicted. Like I'm pretty sure I'm going to start sweating them out or something. I am not allowed to buy anymore. Ever.

9. Sara has talked about frozen grapes enough that I decided I needed to try them. Pure deliciousness. Not as delicious as a chocolate chip cookie, but fixing to have to do.

10. Since I moved to this lovely small town in South Carolina, I have heard some of the rudest things ever be said to me. Seriously, I have a whole post in the works on the crap people think is okay to say.

I have no idea what I just typed. Welcome to la brain de this girl.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

42 weeks

You know how you see babies on television shows and they're always so calm and quiet? How do you think they make that happen? I was watching "Good Luck Charli" on the Disney channel today (I would like to tell you BG wasn't napping while I watched, but that would be a lie), and the little girl that plays Charli is so calm and quiet. For real. How do they make her do that?!

We certainly don't have any calm, quiet babies in this house. Which is actually a-okay, because the one we do have is an absolute trip.

**Do you see that hairline?!? What am I supposed to do with hair that has no part?? It's growing straight forward, just like her Daddy's. Looks like I'll be forcing a side part.

This past Wednesday, she really got the hang of scooting around using the furniture. Because of this new found skill, she spends 95% of her day hanging out on the coffee table. Putting her toys on it, walking around it, standing up drinking her bottle at it, and practicing standing and sitting for hours. No joke.

She does not sit still. Literally, you set her down, she takes off. All day every day.

Yes. I'm aware that she has food on her face, but I pick my battles folks and she was not letting me near her face. I won though, because her butt got dunked in the tub as soon as this photo shoot was over.

She has really started to "mimic" us this week. She smacks her lips, clucks her tongue, and tries to make whatever noise we make. She's also brought back her ear splitting super endearing scream. It's a joy. And it's loud. But for some reason I squeal back at her and keep the game going. Who's the smart one??

She makes me laugh pretty much all day. If she starts to throw a fit, I make the same noise she makes and it stops her every time. She just looks at me in confusion and then giggles. It works for now. We'll see how long!

I just adore this little girl! If it's possible, every single week with her is a little bit more fun than the prior one. I am just such a fan of who she is growing up to be!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

the park.

Yesterday as I was driving around exploring this new town, I stumbled upon a huge park not five minutes from our apartment. Being as how the weather was gorgeous yesterday and we'd been stuck inside pretty much the entire week before, I decided to head on home and get the hubs and babe and go check out the park.

Maybe because the parks at home were kind of gross and teeming with multitudes of kids (yes, I realize that's the point), but somehow BG is nine and a half months old (tear) and has never been to the park. Parent fail.

We will definitely be going back, because she loved it.

She just rode the swings with the biggest grin on her face and the wind in her face. She was, as she always is, so content.

We took her down the slide a few times and she just laughed and laughed. And did her adorable little closed mouth grin. I don't know where she got that.. I smile big as day.

Yea, we almost busted it because I put my feet down. Nice...

It felt so good to get out of the house for a bit. I think that's 99% of my problem. I loathe winter. I want to be out in the nice weather. Bring on spring.

There is a walking/running trail out at the park and if I could ever get my jogging stroller I've been talking about for years, BG and I could hit the trail running. Of course we'd have to avoid the massive quantities of birds hanging out there.

She loved being out there. We loved watching her and taking billions of pictures. Yes, there's more than I posted. I'm that Mom.

Such a fun day. Hope hubs knows we'll be going back time and time again!


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