Saturday, July 31, 2010

cannot get enough.

I simply cannot get enough of this face!!!

And her first time wearing shoes. I think she'd rather go barefoot like her Mama...

Friday, July 30, 2010

how "real" are we?

I find myself wondering as I read people's blogs, just how "real" they're being when they write. I read blogs and from what I get off the page, I make assumptions as to who these people really are. I decide who I think I would really get along with, who would make me laugh, who would probably aggravate me in real life (y'all think it too I know you do), who I could hang out with, and who I could possibly be real life bff's with.

And then I wonder, how "real" is the person being portrayed?

I know I'm not always myself on here. I sometimes worry about offending someone or someone deciding I'm boring or just not worth them stopping by to read. So I write as how I think people would want me too.

Then sometimes I hit my "I don't care what people think" mode, and I write about my lack of love for popular music or my tendency to think about random and ridiculous things.

I've decided to stop worrying about what people think. I don't want to look back at this blog years later and go "What the crap was I talking about? I don't think like that?!". I'm not worrying about a lack of comments on a post, or losing a follower.

I'm writing for me.

So in an effort to be more "real", here's a few things you might not know about me... in all it's unpretty glory.

I can't stand Paula Deen. She's like nails on a chalkboard to me. I hate when people hear where I'm from and immediately associate it with her. What about the fact that Sherman didn't burn our town because he thought it was too "beautiful"!?

Not important. But that cooking lady has a restaurant there and that's the best thing ever. Gah. Nails on a chalkboard. She makes me crazy.

I will not spend a lot of money on clothes. I just can't do it. I will straight up rock a dress from Wal-Mart before I'll pay full price anywhere. Now a clearance sell? Bring it.

I do not own a single button down shirt. Just thinking about a starched collar makes me feel like my throat is closing in. I also don't own a pair of khakis. I guess the truth is out. I am not a preppy dresser. I love that look on people. I think it's so classic, but when I go shopping I never buy that style.

I can't stand Lilly Pulitzer. Grown women with pastel animals on their clothes?! Really. I'm the only one who sees a problem there?!

I have a tendency to judge people pretty quickly. Nine times out of ten, I find that my judgment was completely off base. Every time that happens I tell myself that I really shouldn't be so judgmental. And I'm not any more.

Til the next time I am.. Oops.

I think that's enough for one day. I'd rather not scare off everyone in one post.

I think the best thing about blogging is meeting so many different types of people. I adore my blog friends. They've saved me multiple times when I've had a problem or what not and I love them for it. I just wanted to make sure that I was being "real" with you guys as you deserve it. I'm not always super happy go lucky and chill (although I like to pretend I am..)

Sometimes I'm an anxiety ridden basket case. Sometimes I drop the f-bomb multiple times in a hour day. Sometimes I want to kill my husband because I'm a hormonal mess. Sometimes I want to flip the world a bird. And sometimes I just want to curl up with a twelve pack and forget about life for a while.

Those are what make me "real".

Thursday, July 29, 2010

a visit with Aunt Texas

My Aunt from Texas came down last week to visit with the fam. It was so good to see her and hang out with her a bit. Of all my aunts, I am by far closest to this one. She might be the one in my family that thinks the most like me. I was super stoked to finally get to introduce her to my sweet girl.

Of course Baby Girl was on her best behavior for her Aunt Texas. I love that sweet girl.

She started to get a little fussy, but Aunt Texas was all over it. She was out in about five minutes..

After church one night, we stopped by the grandparents to hang out with Aunt T again. While there, BG showed off one of her newest tricks; she's just starting to be aware of her feet. She doesn't grab them yet, but is becoming aware that there's something down there.

I love this picture!

Over the weekend while she was here, Uncle Marine managed to come down as well. There was definitely enough family around to keep BG entertained for hours.

Uncle Marine had a wedding to go to and actually had to put real clothes on. I figured I should document the occasion since it basically never happens.

The next day, all of us that were in town got together for lunch. And the much looked forward to (dripping with sarcasm..) family picture.

Last Tuesday while Aunt Texas was still here, BG and I went with her, my other aunt, and my Granddad, down to the historic district in town to do some of the tourist stuff.

It was beyond hot. BG was not a fan.

Neither was this girl.

We drove out to the beach to go to one of the historic forts in town. I pulled out the infant carrier for the first time since BG gets so hot in the stroller. Well, and because I was over pushing the stroller.

As is par for the course with my child, BG didn't want to sit the way a "baby" sits. So I had to flip her around to be able to look at. She was good as gold once she could see. I think she's a history buff like her Mama..

After about twenty minutes of walking in the heat around Hell the fort, (seriously, so hot), BG was over it. She lost it. I could not get out of that fort fast enough. My Aunt P and I went and got the car where we drove around til she conked out.

This is her "What?! That wasn't me that just threw a Texas sized meltdown and screamed over the tour guide so that the tourists gave my Mom multiple dirty looks" face.

That night we all went out to eat for Aunt Texas' last night in town. It sucks that she lives so far away, but it does make for a really fun visit when she comes to town. We can't wait to see her again!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

(almost) wordless wednesday

Somebody found their thumb...

a bust.

I got up at five (yes, a.m.. Ridiculous I know...) to lace up my running shoes and hit the pavement.

Guess who else got up at five?!

Morning run?

A total bust.

Cuddling with the little one?

Totally awesome.

Although it would be totally awesome a little later in the morning sweet girl. Just sayin'...

I think BG like the fact that we're rocking matching Buddha bellies right now.

Guess we'll try again tomorrow...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

first pool day.

A couple of weeks ago, BG and I attempted our first trip to the pool.

Oh good times...

As an aside, my child hates to be hot (gets it from her Mama). I had heard that babies didn't sweat.. but I'm calling bull. My child sweats. Her head sweats, her back, probably her armpits. She gets all that honest too..

So we pack up one Saturday while Daddy was still at work and drive about thirty minutes to a friends house to play in her neighborhood pool.

It. Was. So. Hot.

I got BG nice and lathered up with suntan lotion and then set her up in the shade. We had towels and blankets and toys and drinks and... So much stuff. I got us all unpacked and set up. BG was already hot and ruddy cheeked just sitting in the shade.

Right as we were planning to get in the water, a storm rolled in. It didn't start raining, but there was thunder and lightning in the distance and this new mama wasn't taking any chances. We sat around and waited to see if the storm blew over for a while, but eventually headed on home.

BG & C

Not the most successful pool day.

I can't wait to try again. BG loves the bath so I'm hoping she'll be a water baby and totally dig the pool. Guess we'll have to find out later.

Monday, July 26, 2010

apparently I'm eighty...

I am the oldest twenty seven year old girl you will ever meet.

I kid you not. The other day I was riding in the car with a friend and she changed my radio station (dangerous..) to the local "hip" radio station. Some song by some girl named "Kesha"? (is that right?) came on. I looked over at AP and said "What is this mess?"

She then tried to explain it to me and who the singer was. I had never heard of her.

I promptly made her change the station back to my regular seventies rock station.

She did. But not without a lot of huffing and puffing. Oh, and looking at me and telling me "You are so old! You're like the crotchety old man who shakes his cane at people.".

Hmm... I can totally see the comparison. But seriously? What is this mess kids these days call music?! I had to Google Justin Beiber the other day. All I can say is the dude needs a hair cut.

Man... I really am old.

everybody loves Baby Girl...

A couple of weeks ago (why do all of posts begin with that? Am I seriously that far behind?!), Mr. Perfect's parents came down to hang out with us.

Who am I kidding? They only came to see Baby Girl.

Of course it took about two seconds for her to have the cooing and crawling on the floor with her.

She has that effect on people.

BG and her Pa-Pa

Granny and BG playing in her bouncer..

Yea they're entertaining her with the bar off her bouncy seat.. Whatever works!

Baby Girl loved her weekend with her Granny and Pa-Pa. She can't wait for them to come down and spoil love on her some more!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

16 weeks.

Trying to get away..

Apparently the teething process has begun in the Imperfect household. I say this not only because of the three outfits I tossed in the laundry today soaking wet in drool, not because of the gum marks I have on my right arm, and not because of the teething rings thrown around the living room, but because my perfectly content, happy, smiley baby has temporarily disappeared. In her place we have a little one that can't smile because her hand is always in the back of her throat and who bursts into tears quite a few times a day in absolute frustration.

My poor babe..

Fortunately my happy babe is still inside this little body and I still get to see this precious smile most of the day..

I love this child.

The people in the restaurant we attempted to eat lunch at today aren't big fans but.. what are you gonna do?!

Bring on the teeth!

Friday, July 23, 2010

fit train friday.

As a way of keeping myself accountable, I've decided that each Friday I'm going to have to log in to this 'ol blog here and type out what I've managed to accomplish that week on Operations Lard Loss.

Yes. That sounds disgusting. But muffin top sounds cute and what I've got going on is not cute, so let's call a spade a spade here folks.

I pulled out me old running shoes and hit the pavement on Monday.

Apparently something happened to my feet while pregnant because my shoes no longer fit comfortably at all. Add to the fact that they're old and rundown and I felt like I was running barefoot on concrete the entire time. Not fun at all.

I managed to eek out about 30 minutes of off and on running in the 100 degree heat. Not too bad. Not where I was at all, but I can work with it.

However, the next morning I woke up and was pretty sure my shins felt out my legs when I stood up. No bueno.

So I'm going to have to curb the running until I can get some new shoes. And that will have to be when I find a little free time to go and actually find some good running shoes.

I managed to squeeze in the Shred about four times this week. Once I get BG down to bed, I pop in my dvd and do the workout about 9:30. Yes, ridiculously late to workout, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

The Shred is really hard y'all. I swear it's gotten harder while sitting on my shelf for a year!!

I can't quite make it through without stopping yet, but I'll get there. And I didn't do it last night because I was exhausted and BG was exhausted so we curled up together for most of the night.

I've been trying to watch what I eat and just eat smaller portions. I'm also trying to stay away from my newly acquired Mountain Dew habit. Of course I'm back on my two pots of coffee a day habit but at least that's low calorie!!

So after a week of watching what I eat and trying to work out again, I stepped on the scale expecting to see some progress.

I gained 2 pounds. I hate that thing.

Must not give up.... (she says pounding her fist on her head).

I'm not quite comfortable yet with putting my weight out there but I will say this; I'm about 13 pounds above where I was pre-pregnancy. Ideally I'd like to lose about 25 pounds.

Are there any other good workout/workout dvd's y'all recommend? Gym time is just not an option yet. Maybe when they add some hours into the days, but not now. Any suggestions are much appreciated!!

It's time to kick Operation Lard Loss into high gear!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

big girl.

Somebody thinks they're a big girl and doesn't need her Mama's help anymore...

Fortunately she grows tired of this pretty quickly and lets me help again. Well, help as much as I can with her grabby little hands pulling the bottle back to her over and over!

Monday, July 19, 2010

15 weeks

This past week has been quite the week for you Miss Girl...

You are a ball of personality. You are the sweetest, happiest, little thing I've ever seen. This week you really seem to recognize people. You've always been most comfortable with me, but now when I go to pick you up from the sitter in the afternoon, I get the BIGGEST smile! And I love it! You'd been smiling when I dropped you off, but I prefer you to smile when I pick you up!

You love your Mama and Daddy. We get the biggest open mouth grins any time we come around. You sure make us happy sweet girl..

You never stop "talking". You coo, you squeal, you holler.. anything to get attention. You sit in the backseat and "talk" to the animals on your carseat handle. It's the cutest thing!

I see less and less baby in you every week. I look back at your newborn pictures and can hardly remember you being that small and helpless. You're getting so big!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


We've had revival all this week at church which we somehow made it to every single day. Not that it was easy. It stormed every day, we're both working, and we've had visitors as well.

But we made it.

And I'm so glad we did.

Honestly, for the first time in a very long time, possibly ever, I am completely content. I have an amazing husband, an incredible daughter, a home, a job that is laid back enough that I still see my family a lot, my brother's home.. I can't think of one thing that I am not happy with.

I think that's when Satan hits me the hardest.

You see, when I'm going through a tough time, I pray daily. Sometimes multiple times a day. I beg God for help, advice, assistance with a need, whatever. I talk to Him a lot. I worship Him hard core in church. I listen intently to sermons to find a message for me.

When things are good?

I totally backburner Him.

I don't mean to, I just get caught up in how good things are and since I don't need anything, I don't pray to ask for things.

But this week I got a swift reminder that my job as a Christian is to always work on my relationship with God. Our preacher asked us how we can say we have a close, personal relationship with Him, when we don't spend time with Him. Very true. I've never managed to stay close friends with people that I didn't make the effort to talk to and hang out with.

It's also my job as a Christian to pray for others. Just because right now I'm not personally going through a trial (believe me it's coming..), I need to remember that others are. I have some friends going through very tough times right now. A friend that is separated from her husband and has two young kids, a friend that is struggling big time financially, and a friend who just lost her beloved son. It is my job to lift them up to the Lord daily, no constantly, in prayer.

I struggle a lot with my prayer life. I have the attention span of a flea and nine times out of ten I lose focus about eighty times while in prayer. I think of things that need to be cleaned, or work stuff, or what Baby Girl needs. That's not cool. I really need to work on having my prayer time be my quiet time with just Him. I need to focus.

Because while things are great right now, my trial is coming. It always does. I need to be constantly praising Him for the good things He is working in my life.

Monday, July 12, 2010

14 weeks.

Oh my sweet girl you are growing so fast.

This week you decided that the best place for your tongue was hanging outside of your mouth.

Where it stays, about 99% of the day.

You now chew on our fingers. It feels great let me tell ya..

You are so verbal now. I love that you sit in the backseat and talk to the little animals on your mirror. It cracks me up!

And obviously you no longer sit still as evidenced by these photos!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

still here...

Cash wanted to pop in and say hey. He seems to think that the Imperfect dogs are pretty neglected on this here blog lately.

So true.

Sorry pups.

But they're still here just hanging around.

Or flying high as it seems the case may be..


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