Sunday, July 31, 2011

project 365: week 30

Sunday, July 24th:

I wanted to try and get some family pictures since we don't have very many of the three of us from lately. Unfortunately a certain little person was not having it. I took a ton and this is the best I got. Nice face love.

Monday, July 25th:

Baby Girl getting ready to lay her baby down on her blanket. I think she changed her mind halfway though and took off with her. That doll sees a lot of mileage.

Tuesday, July 26th:

So we finally switched BG around on Sunday and so far she is loving her new view! She actually has to sit forward facing in my car so she's flipped in their but still rear facing in Daddy's. I personally would keep her backwards til she is sixteen, but she's seriously out of room. As soon as her new carseat comes in, she'll be forward facing in Daddy's car too. Why does she look so big like this?! She just sits back there now looking around grinning. Or bobbing her head to the music. I love it!

Wednesday, July 27th:

Love this girl. Love her silly faces. Love.

Thursday, July 28th:

I can't even tell you how many times Mr. P and I have fallen on these things as of late. This is how our floor looks 98% of the time now. She is obsessed.

Friday, July 29th:
Ok so I took one picture all day but it's of my toes. I'll spare you of that. You're welcome.

Saturday, July 30th:

BG loves her some books at the minute. She will keep bringing you book after book to "read". Usually she just looks at a few pictures and then wants the next one. I love it though because she also likes to come sit in your lap for a while and read. It's my absolute favorite.

Friday, July 29, 2011

girl mom.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

When I found out I was pregnant, for just a second, I was terrified that I might have a little girl.

Then everyone started telling me that they thought I was going to have a boy and I was totally on board with that. I'm a bit more of a rough and tumble girl and felt like I just would know what to do with a boy whereas I'd be lost with a girl.

But there was a part of me that really, really, really wanted a little girl.

So as everyone guessed boy for me, I smiled and went along because I was afraid to say that I thought girl. Because hello, who wants to be wrong on that one!

But I knew. I just knew that I was going to have a little girl.

And duh, I did.


I cannot even imagine not being a girl mom. This girl's mom.

This tomboy's house is littered with dolls, clothes, jewelry, bows, and shoes and I love it.

There are trucks and blocks in the toy box but the dolls get way more face time. They get rocked, cuddled, patted, and put to "nigh nigh" with love.

If you leave the babe in her room alone, you're likely to find she's pulled all the clothes out of her hamper and put them all on. Or that she's in her closet trying to put on her "dues" (shoes).

My costume jewelry is a new fascination and you can find her multiple times a day standing in front of my jewelry box just putting on "balls" (bead necklaces). She rocks a necklace to day care because she loves her some accessories.

Everything about our house screams "a little girl lives here".

It's official: I'm a girl mom and it absolutely rocks.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

come again?

Let me start with an admission. I have a tendency to speak before I think more often than not.

Es no bueno.

Thankfully this little disorder seems to be getting better with age. Thank you sweet heavens. It doesn't happen with everybody.

I have had some of the oddest things said to me since having BG. It's something about carting a child around that makes people just flap their jaws in your directon.

I've had more people ask me "when are y'all going to have another one?" or tell me "you need a boy" (I actually only NEED food and water thanks) or pass along "you don't want them to be too spaced out" as another adage of wisdom from so many fine folks.

One lady told me once that it's a shame my child looked nothing like me but I could always hope the next one might. One lady told me I would never look good again because my baby stole all my good looks.

People are peachy aren't they?

Seriously, they will say anything.

But the best one ever...

So BG and I are perusing the purse section of TJ Maxx one day. This was probably February and I still hadn't gotten around to joining WW and was still packing a few extra poundage in the mid section area. Fun.

So we're shopping when I see this cute old lady smiling and making eyes at BG in the cart. I smile back and she comes over to us.

"How old is she?"
she asks nodding at BG.

"Ten and a half months" I said with a big 'ol smile.

Then the lady furrows her brow and looks at BG and then looks back at me like she's figuring something out.

"Ten months? Well she's such a pretty girl isn't she?" she's practically cooing at BG by this point.

Then she turns to me and puts. her. hand. on. my. poochage. and says "and another one on the way so soon?".

I was floored. But thankfully my mouth can always be counted on so I spit out "oh no. That's just the bits and pieces this one left behind".

And with that, I had to move on because I was mortified.

I also came home and signed up for WW. The truth comes out.

Monday, July 25, 2011

so that's what's up.

Things change in literally the blink of an eye when you have a kid.

I'm still pretty sure that it was just, oh, last week that BG was this tiny, little baby that let me rock her to sleep and love on her to my heart's content.

Of course that was actually like a million years ago because the kid that lives here now is somehow a full blown toddler.

So what's Baby Girl up to these days?

Good grief. What isn't she up to?

She likes to play with her dolls. A lot. She still hates the one that squeals and laughs really loud. She's completely terrified of it. But her other one? She loves. She's started putting her to "night night" in the Moses basket and tucking her in with her "blankie" (which she then pulls off with a vengeance and disappears with).

She prefers adults to kids. She would rather walk around with me than go play with other kids. Which is completely fine with me because when it's just the two of us, she'd rather be alone.

The exception to that rule...

The mall play place is her favorite. It's the one place where she just goes crazy with other kids. The minute we get there, she no longer has a Mom. I just sit to the side and wait for her to tire out.

She is really LOUD. Shocker since I'm the quietest person ever (ha!). She especially likes to stretch her pipes at the dinner table. Conversations are pretty non-existent these days as it sucks to tell a story in multiple different parts with toddler interruptions.

She is so, so funny. And she knows it. If she makes you laugh, she'll throw her head back and let out this "chuckle". It is absolutely the cutest thing ever. She'll then proceed to do whatever it is over and over and over just to keep you laughing.

She no longer just walks wherever she's heading; she is full on running. Usually while screaming. She likes to gather up a lot of speed and then head straight for your knees. Which she thinks is hysterical.

As her sitter says, she has two speeds; full out and comatose. That's it. She's either going full speed ahead or she's asleep. There's no middle ground. I don't know how she isn't the tiniest kid on the planet with the way she moves.

We just turned her carseat around yesterday because she couldn't even straighten out anymore. She is a BIG fan of her new view. She just sits back there with this little smile on her face just looking around. Car rides are so much more pleasant now!

So that's what's going on over here. Basically my baby is becoming a full on toddler right before my eyes. Or she already did that and I just haven't come to terms with it. Sigh..

Oh.. and she's deathly allergic to mosquitoes in case you couldn't tell by her legs in these pictures. :(

Sunday, July 24, 2011

project 365: week 29

Sunday, July 17th:

My kid found her old bathrobe that is about three sizes too small and decided to channel her inner Hugh Hefner for a bit. I personally think she rocks the bathrobe way better than he does..

Monday, July 18th:

My summertime Monday nights; wine and the Bachelorette. If 22 year old me could only see me now.

Tuesday, July 19th:

Not much is cuter than a baby in a bathtub, except possibly this baby in a bathtub after getting busted for eating bubbles. That might just take the cake.

Wednesday, July 20th:

BG enjoying her pancake breakfast that she helped make. I think she liked making it better than actually eating it.

Thursday, July 21st:

Mr. P was sitting in this chair while he brushed the dogs the other day. The little one decided that she needed to sit in there with him, so she climbed on up. Somehow she missed the seat though and ended up like this. It was all fun and games until she realized she didn't have a clue how to get out.

Friday, July 22nd:

BG has found my jewelry box. Fortunately, she's mostly interested in the drawers that contain my "play" jewelry. She now walks around with no less than two necklaces on 95% of the time. While it is absolutely adorable, we've already lost two necklaces to the cause. Boo.

Saturday, July 23rd:

BG received a sucker in her favor bag she got from the birthday party we attended on Saturday and I decided to let her enjoy the treat. She loved it. Of course she got it all over her chair and I had to tell my self to relax no less than twenty times, but it was worth it since she loved it.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

Saturday Morning Scene

Today we're linking up with Katie again to show you what we've been up to this lovely Saturday morning.

BG got invited to a birthday party of a little friend of hers up here, so we've been playing our hearts out at the splash pad. We LOVE that place. Although BG skipped her morning nap to go and was a teensy bit clingy out in the water. She got over that quickly when we got indoors where she could run around playing with the balloons.

Thankfully someone played so hard that she came home and took a three hour nap!

I'd say this morning was a win for Mom and baby. So happy to be building relationships in our new town!


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