our story

We met in September of 2004, talking marriage one month later, engaged by December, and married the following May.

Quick, fast, and in a hurry.

When you know, you know right?

By Christmas 2005, we had suffered two miscarriages. Both surprises but both heartbreaking. The next Christmas, we suffered our third and were referred off to a reproductive endocrinologist in town.

After lots and lots of testing, we knew we had tons of issues but no real clue on how to fix them. I was diagnosed with MTHFR and Mr. Perfect was as well. That was the only "test" he didn't pass with flying colors. I was also diagnosed with poor blood flow to my uterus, a septate uterus, glucose interolerance, and low progesterone. 

We started meds immediately after meeting with our RE in 2006. Eventually it got to be too much for us and we pulled out for a breather. 

In 2008, we had another surprise pregnancy (you would think we knew how to stop that!) and rushed to our doctor. We started Progesterone suppositories,  heparin injections, and a plethora of oral meds. Unfortunately we lost that baby as well right before Christmas.

Somewhere in the middle of the hell that is infertility/recurrent pregnancy loss, Mr. P and I realized that we weren't living "right" and we got back on our game with our faith. We were baptized in February of 2009 and recommitted ourselves to God, each other, and our marriage.

In April, I had surgery to remove the septum in my uterus. My RE wasn't convinced that it would have much effect on our issues, but couldn't in good conscience let us attempt another pregnancy without attempting that fix. That surgery was rough but I would do whatever I needed to do to become a Mother.

After surgery, we gave my body a "rest" for a few cycles before doing a monitored ovulation run. It did not go as well as planned , my kidney function sucked, and my insulin came back all wacked up so a pregnancy trial was pushed to the back burner again while my doc tried to figure out this new curve ball my body brought to the game.

Well... someone had different plans.

In August, I played in a soccer tournament and waited anxiously for my "friend" to show up (read that post and look for the clue... hehe ).

It never came.

I was pregnant. It wasn't easy. We had scare after scare the first trimester, I battled anemia and other issues the whole time, but I. Was. Pregnant.

On April 3, 2010, we welcomed our sweet Ella into the world. We haven't stopped smiling since.

Now? We're just living life as a family of three. And loving it.

Our miscarriages are the hardest things we've ever been though but they made us us. And in the end, we got our miracle baby.


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