Tuesday, November 30, 2010

shout out

A while ago, I contacted one of my favorite bloggers about a little project I was dying to have made.

Jess and I share a deep love for the Beatles and when I saw the Abbey Road drawing she did for her girls' room, I had to have one.

I contacted her a while ago about making a canvas for BG to go in her room. All I knew is I wanted it to match the colors already in there and that I wanted it to have BG and our pets on it.

Oh. And be the album cover. Minor detail.

After talking back and forth, Jess hooked me up. She sent me a sneak peak and I just about could not wait for her to send it.

Finally... (and I say finally but it literally was a few weeks from my idea til I had it in my hand. No time at all to wait).

...and inside..

Y'all. It's perfect. It matches her color, it looks like our dogs, and isn't BG going to be the cutest little toddler ever?!?!

I love it. My friends all love it. And my favorite part is she is the only one in the world who has one just like this.

So a huge thank you Jess!! We seriously hung it minutes after opening it and it already hangs in her new room. I can guarantee she'll have it for years!

Monday, November 29, 2010

my little model?

**I just realized this was never posted. Oops. So for Scrapbook's sake, here it is**
A few weeks ago, AP came to me with an idea.

She had seen this "casting call" for children that was going to be held downtown and she was dying for me to take BG down there.

Now, I am not the mother that wants her child all dolled up in pageants and wearing makeup when she's three. If you are, that's fine. I'm just not. So I was not too keen on the idea when AP approached me with it.

But then I decided, what the hey, it might be fun and what else are we doing that day?

So we packed up BG and headed downtown to her first casting call!

After we filled out a small amount of paperwork, we sat around and waited. There were a ton of people there. And they had gone all out. AP and I felt very out of place as there were people with professional photos and makeup kits and such.

We just had BG, her rattle, and some puffs. Oh, and a snapshot of BG with drool on her shirt.


BG spent her time rolling around on the floor and making friends with the kiddos sitting around us. Apparently she doesn't know that models don't roll around in their good clothes.


After about 45 minutes of waiting, we were called back to "interview" with some lady. Basically we just chatted for a second and BG swatted her rattle at the lady. Quite funny.

Then it was over.

Since we were downtown anyway, AP and I decided to grab some frozen yogurt and let BG people watch for a bit.

My girl and I.

She is just the sweetest thing.

Then she was ready to go home. At least that's the vibe AP and I were getting from her actions..

And that was that.

Or so I thought. Til I got a call a few days later that she'd been picked.

But that's as far as we're taking it. It seemed to involve a bunch of stuff and I wasn't sure how legit it all seemed, so we're staying out of it.

But if Gerber comes knocking on my door, well, I'm not turning them away!

**I have not already quit Project 365, however, my computer appears to be on vacation so I can't access my pictures. Fun huh? Look for it later this week, or whenever the computer gets back.**

Thanksgiving 2010.

This Thanksgiving, we packed up the two of us, the babe, and two of the pups and headed to Small Town, SC for dinner with Mr. P's side of the family. We almost always do Thanksgiving with his family since Mr. P works retail and always has to work Black Friday. So no jetting too far away since he works at four am the next day.


The super fun part of moving to a town where you know nobody?

Well there's a lot. But what hit us as we packed up was that we had zero places to take the pups. Fantastic. So they got to hit the road with us.

Fortunately, they do very, very well in the car.

Baby Girl only hit Lacy in the face with a toy once. So that was good times.

One of the best parts about this Thanksgiving, was my brother, Uncle Marine, was actually in town and got to spend the holiday with us. I LOVED having my brother there. This time last year he was in A-stan and it's a true blessing to have him here with us.

End. Before I get all teary.

We spent Wednesday night with them where BG quickly decided she was not going to sleep through the night.

*As an aside; BG is an excellent sleeper, but lately, she will not sleep on the road. Any tips on how to get her to sleep when we travel?!?

The next morning we got up bright and early (seriously BG? seriously??) and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I've really never watched the parade before, but BG loved it and sat right there in my lap for hours (in which she refused to nap) and watched. Mr. P, Uncle Marine, and Uncle K sat with us for a while. I kind of loved just sitting around with my boys and my girl. I'm thinking this may be one of our new traditions. :)

Eventually BG dosed off for a bit; just in time for family to show up. So Mr. P and I headed downstairs to meet up with everyone.

Uncle Marine and I come from a very small family. Like the two of us are the only grandkids. We're a bit spoiled I'll admit, but we're also very used to small, quiet family dinners.

Mr. P's family gets bigger by the minute. I was ridiculously overwhelmed when I first met all of them. It was super fun to watch Uncle M get overwhelmed as they kept coming and coming and coming...


Eventually BG woke up after a very short nap. But as soon as she saw all the people; she was on. There would be no calming down for that girl!

Mr. P, BG, and Uncle Marine

BG with her great-granddad. Clearly she's squirmy..

BG and U.M. He swears she got her eyes from him.

Eventually we sat down to eat. And eat we did. I don't think BG was impressed with her mashed up goo when she saw what we were eating.

Tough luck chick. Maybe when you have more teeth. ;)

Some of her cousins..

After lunch, the boys went to do do what they do best, while the ladies gossiped chatted about kids, school, and how adorable BG is.

For real.

It was such a good time. Somehow I think having a baby around breaks down walls for some people and for the first time in a while, I was able to actually relax and have conversations with some of his family that I haven't before. Plus, she's so darn cute that she just puts people in a better mood! Her aunt and cousins had an absolute blast playing with her all day. I practically had to steal her away from them!

It was an excellent first Thanksgiving for my angel.

Haha! Uncle M got slimed!

I pink puffy heart my little family.

Love this one of BG and the boys.

My best girl. :)

BG was so well behaved all afternoon. She didn't get a nap at all (whose going to sleep when they're getting that much attention?!?), but she didn't make a peep. She was an absolute joy. Everyone was impressed by how good she was.

But eventually she couldn't keep those pretty blue eyes open for a second longer.

She's so precious it hurts.

We packed our little family back in the car and headed back home. As fun as Thanksgiving was, I'm most thankful for just being at home with my family.

Even if home is a bit cramped at the moment. ;)

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was wonderful!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

this afternoon.

This afternoon I attempted to put BG down for a nap after an extensive trip to Publix.

I laid her down and she went right to sleep. Good baby.

However, about thirty minutes into her nap, she woke up screaming her head off. She wasn't having the calming down thing, so I brought her into the living room to rock with me.

It took her a while to calm down and it didn't help that our dogs don't get the whole "don't bark while the baby is sleeping thing" (grr...), but I didn't mind.

Because somehow already, at seven months and some change old, my sweet baby has lost the desire to cuddle with her Mama. Boo.

So I sat there. No tv, no phone (gasp!), no computer. Just me and my sweet, sweet girl.

**okay, so I grabbed my phone to take this. Shoot me. It's documentation**

We sat and rocked for a while as I looked out the window and listened to her breathe, sigh, and stroke her Wubbie.

Gosh I love her.

And am so thankful for afternoons like this.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving.

We're in Small Town, SC to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Mister's family today.

Thanksgiving is yet one more holiday that means so much more now that the little one is here.

I am so, so thankful for so many things this year.

- For my incredible husband. For him being the leader of our household, an amazing father, a wonderful husband, and most important, a great man of God.

- For my daughter, who is without a doubt the best thing that has ever happened to me. She's made me love in ways I didn't even realize were possible. She makes my smile every time I look at her. She is my miracle and my angel.

- For jobs in this crazy economy. After our scare a few months ago, I praise God for blessing us with a job so quickly. And I praise Him for my new job (details on that later!).

- For my family. My parents are always beyond supportive and are two of the hardest working, most dependable people I know. They're actually going through a rough spot (could use some prayers) but they never stop loving us, loving Baby Girl, and loving each other. I love them.

- That my brother is home safe and sound. The war over there is scary and hits too close to home, but my little brother is safe and home where he belongs. Thank God.

- For my friends. The older I get, the smaller the group gets, but the more genuine the friendships are. They make me laugh til I cry and I know I can always count on them.

- For my blog/Twitter friends. You guys got me through the first few months of motherhood. You have no idea how grateful I we are.

- For blog friends who have become real life friends that I adore and love talking to.

- For my pups; who still love me even after how mean I've been the past few months. Sorry guys... :)

- For my (former) co-workers. It was so awesome to go to work every day and enjoy myself. As happy as I was to leave Savannah and get up to SC with my husband, I do miss my co-workers and my old job. (not the insane clients though)

- For my freedom and my country. Say what you will, we still live in the greatest country on the planet. And I still cry every time I hear "God Bless America".

- For maternity jeans, which I still wear. No shame. They are the most comfortable things on the planet.

- For my new boots. Because I love them.

So those last two were ridiculous, but I really am thankful for them!

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a year ago.

This time last year, Mr. Perfect and I packed up and headed to Small Town, SC for Thanksgiving.

We had just found out that we were having a precious baby girl the week before. I smiled and rubbed my belly the whole day as family congratulated us and told us they'd been praying.

A year ago I thanked God for how blessed I was and couldn't imagine being any happier than I was in that moment.

Til now. Now as we make that same trip, only this time with my precious seven month old baby girl snoring away in the backseat.

I am so thankful for that little girl. I am so blessed that this is my life.
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

making new friends.

I would have to say that besides the whole "documenting our lives" thing, that the new relationships and friendships I have formed are the BEST part of blogging.

What is really cool, is when you get the chance to meet one of the people who you've gotten to know through blogging/Twitter in real life.

I got lucky enough last month (yes, I am ridiculously behind again) to get the chance to hang out with NCF and her adorable little ones for a bit.

She is as sweet as she seems on her blog. And her boys? By far the funniest, sweetest, best behaved littles I've ever seen. BG was enamored with them. Just watching them and playing with them. Of course it helped that Baby Boy (her eldest) was so attentive and made sure she always had something to play with.

We swung by their house on our way to SC from my parents. The minute I walked in, I was hit by the smells of baked goods. I immediately thought "she bakes! Just like her blog says!". We spent hours there eating, playing, talking, and eating some more. ;) I did mention baked goods right?! Eventually Baby Girl and I had to get on the road or I'm pretty sure we would still be there. So we packed up the snacks NCF made for us (seriously- she's that sweet) and hit the road.

Thanks for letting us stop by NCF! It was so, so great to meet you, your hubs, and your precious boys! Can't wait to do it again!

Monday, November 22, 2010

the proof is in the picture.

There they are.


In a photo (that I can get to) for the first time since they popped through on her 7 month birthday.

I wont even tell you how many times I got bit trying to get this.

No signs of any others joining the party. Which is fine. Because she has one adorable smile right now.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

in an instant.

I've been out of Savannah one day.

Back when I was in college, I had an awesome job at a huge retailer. What was odd about this store, was that it felt more like "family" than a job. My associates were amazing, my bosses rocked, and our store manager was awesome. I had a blast.

I worked there for three years, until I got married and moved to SC to be with Mr. Perfect.

Today I found out that my former store manager was killed on his way to work.

There's a lot of things that have happened recently, and oddly enough they involved this man, but today is not a day to dwell on those issues.

Today is a day that two teenage girls lost their father. A day that a wife lost her partner and best friend. That an older couple lost their son.

Today is just a sad day.

It honestly saddens me anytime that I hear of this sort of tragedy. I believe this man was a good man. Today is a day that a good man left behind his family.

So today is a day that I kiss and hug on my daughter more than she would like. Today is a day that I thank God for this time with my husband.

Because we are not promised tomorrow. It can be gone in an instant.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

state of our union.

I am alive.

It was touch and go for a second there as I was almost completely buried alive by boxes.


Most of you know, but those that don't, a while back Mr. Perfect got a new job in South Carolina. So a little over a month ago, he moved up there leaving BG and I by ourselves in Coastal Town. I didn't blog that fact because I didn't want to be a sitting duck for le internet crazies.

Being split into two households was not the most fun thing I've ever done. In that time, BG decided to cut two teeth, decide sleep was for the birds, and develop nighttime separation anxiety.

My sanity was questionable at best.

This past weekend, we loaded up the rest of le casa de Imperfect in Coastal Town, and Mr. P moved us into our temporary abode here in SC.

BG and I spent the last four days with my grandparents in Coastal Town while I finished up my notice at work and did some last minute business.

The little one decided she would not sleep in a pack-n-play while we were there so I spent two nights sleeping with her as she did her best impression of a fish out of water all night.

Good times.

Finally on Tuesday, I clocked out for the last time at my job, picked up BG from her sitter for the last time, and we hit the road to SC.

We're here now. Our first night was rough as poor little is so thrown off by all of this excitement, but last night, all three of us managed to get a bit of sleep which has worked wonders.

We are currently in a two bedroom apartment with two dogs and a cat. And about 3 dozen boxes. It's a bit cramped at best.

But I've already gotten ours and BG's room unpacked and managed to unearth my computer, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

So that's what's going on here.

Oh. And BG can pull herself up to a sitting position and yesterday started clapping. Just when you get really, really spent, you can look at her and she'll smile and start clapping.

I love her.

Hope all is well with y'all. Someday I hope to catch up on blogs, but I think the craziness is going to have to die down here a bit...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Making A List..

It's that time of year again!

I have a huge, huge love of the Christmas Season. I love everything about Christmas.


One of the best parts of Christmas is sending out Christmas cards. I get ridiculously excited when I open the mail and see a box full of fun Christmas cards. I adore writing out that list of people to send our card out to each year.

I might possibly be even more excited this year due to the fact that we have a new precious face in our family that will be gracing our card this go 'round.

I'm sure you have heard by now that Shutterfly is giving away 50 free cards for bloggers. If you haven't, well, check them out!

I have used Shutterfly a lot recently. We used them for BG's birth announcement and have printed multiple prints through them as well as making a photo book of BG's first few days.

I can't wait to send one of these cards out this year!

I love this one and could multiple pictures of BG on it since there is no way I'll be able to narrow it down to just one!

Or this one..

Or this one...

I will never be able to pick just one.

Laid Back

Or "hood". Whatever.

The other day I went in to wake the little from her nap and she was sleeping with her foot all propped up like so.

Then the other day, this was how she sat in the buggy at Target.

She is so chill.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank our Veteran's for everything they have done for us. Regardless of how you feel about decisions being made in this country, it's an amazing country to live in.

And it's that because of the men and women who fought to give us the freedoms we enjoy today.

I especially want to thank the three most important Veteran's in my life; my Mom, Dad, and brother. They are amazing. And I'm more proud of them than they'll ever know.


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