Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So, curve ball alert.

I got a call from my doctor at work at about ten this morning. He said he'd thought about it all night, and he had decided that it didn't make any sense to wait any longer on this little girl and that he wanted to get the show on the road sooner.

At three 'o clock tomorrow afternoon.

Holy wow.

I'm sitting here tonight, my last night in my quiet little home with just Mr. Perfect and myself and our pets. We've watched a movie and piddled around. Nothing exciting, just what we've grown accustomed to. Tomorrow, our lives change. Even if she doesn't come tomorrow, we start the process and our lives will forever be different.

I've been a lot of titles in my life. I've been a daughter (sometimes a rebellious one), a sister (usually a good one), a granddaughter (sometimes a spoiled one), a girlfriend (usually a bad one- at least I'm honest!), a best friend (usually a great one), and my newest one- a wife (a very blessed one). And some time in the next couple of days, I'll add a new one; a mother. Hopefully a great one.

When I got married almost 5 years ago, I sat up the night before and cried. Not because I was sad or worried or anything like that, but because a part of me was over. I had to grow up. No more running to my parents when things weren't going my way or if I needed money. No more late nights sitting out on the roof of the house chatting with my little brother. No more disappearing for days on ends on girls trips. I was becoming a wife and a part of my own household. Well now I sit on the verge of another great change. We're fixing to bring a child into this world. It's her turn to curl up on her Daddy's lap while he tells her a story. Her turn to look over and see her parents cheering wildly for her at whatever she decides to do. Her turn to make amazing friendships that will last her lifetime. Her turn to figure out that with God and her family, she can be anything she wants to be.

My time as a child is officially over. I guess it's been over for a while, but it really feels like it's over now that she's almost here. I'm kind of terrified. I'm fixing to be 100% responsible for another human being, and it's scary. But oh my gosh, I am so excited. I can't wait to be this little angel's mother and to watch my Mr. Perfect become her father. I simply cannot wait.

So this almost 5 year long journey comes to an end very soon. I remember after our 4th loss last year, Mr. Perfect just held me while I cried and promised me that he would do everything in his power to get us our child. Well, he did it. With a little help from the big man upstairs of course. Or a lot...

Here it goes y'all. I'll be updating as I can. Thank y'all so much for every encouraging word, comment, and e-mail. It seriously would not have been the same with out y'all. I can't wait to introduce you to my Baby Girl....

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

doctor update.

What a day.

I had another doctors appointment today. I was kind of dreading this appointment because I was TERRIFIED to find out how big she'd gotten. Last week she was 7 pounds 15 ounces, so we were thinking at least 8' 3 or so. Well.. not quite.

I mentioned I stopped my heparin shots last week. Now what we watch closely for is to make sure that my placenta stays healthy and that she keeps getting the nutrients she needs. So we go in for our ultrasound and the first thing she tells us is that my daughter is no longer in a great position for labor. She is laying with her back on my spine and she is looking straight up at the ceiling. Her head is still down (thank goodness), but apparently with her looking up like that, I'm in for quite the battle with back labor. Sounds super fun.

The u/s tech gave me a few tips for how to deal with back labor and then she moved on to measuring my perfect angel. Everything is still measuring great, except her abdomen. Somehow no matter how many times the tech did the measurements, she kept getting that Baby Girl had not only not grown at all since last week, but is actually measuring smaller. A whole pound smaller.


Everything else looks awesome though. She's still practicing her breathing, her stress test looks absolutely textbook (doctors words not mine!), she's still active, and her cord is still looking great. So. What to do?

Dr. S didn't want to send us straight over to the hospital because everything else looks great and theres always the chance that an u/s can be off even with how good my tech is and how many measurements she takes. My doc is VERY conservative and does not want her out before I turn 39 weeks. Frustrating. But... I guess it's best for her. So.. we're headed back in early Friday morning for another biophysical profile (u/s and stress test). If she still shows no growth by then, then it's straight to the hospital. We actually left today with strict instructions to watch her movement and call immediately with any slow down or any spastic movements and to bring our bags on Friday.


If she has shown an improvement in growth on Friday, then we'll definitely go in Sunday night at 5 and begin the process. So either way, this weekend, this show is hitting the road.

I'm very nervous now. I do not think it's a coincidence that she's showed a decrease in growth the week I stopped some of my meds. I'm just so scared that we're going to leave her in there too long. But I'm trying not to think about it. I just need to relax and get through these next two days.

If you think about it just drop a little prayer for my girl that she continues to be fine. I don't care what day she comes, I just want her to stay healthy until she gets here. Thank goodness I am still working. Otherwise I think these next two days would kill me...

Monday, March 29, 2010

38 weeks.

Total Weight Gained/Loss? I'm officially up 40 pounds. What the hey? But somehow it won't stop! Every visit the number gets more outrageous!!

Maternity Clothes: Necessary all the time. Although honestly at home (and I can't believe I'm telling you this..), I wear a sports bra and underoos. Yep. And I don't care. This belly wants to be free!

Sleep? I can sleep so I guess that's good. I wake up multiple times (like 6) a night, but when I'm asleep, I'm sound asleep. This past week has brought about a ton of dreams (anxious much?), and I still wake up with a pain in my right rib that's blinding, but at least I can get some sleep.

Best Moment of the Week? I've gone a week with no heparin shots and she's still doing great! We're weening off of a lot of meds in preparation for go time. Hopefully tomorrow, we'll have a better idea of when that is. Our last appointment, last Tuesday, our doc led us to believe that if she's not here by the 5th of April, that will be the induction day. Hopefully we'll find out for sure tomorrow.

Movement- All the time. Constantly. Still. If it's true that they're supposed to slow down before labor starts... well, it's no surprise mine is still inside! She really likes to stretch out and push her feet as far out my right side as possible. You can see it from the outside and oh, how good it feels. Well... not really!

Food Craving- popsicles. And chocolate chip cookies. Oh... that explains the 40 pounds!

Food aversions- I pretty much just eat junk. Should I be admitting that?!

Morning sickness?- none.

Gender- Baby Girl =)

Labor Signs- nada. Braxton Hicks, but those have been a constant companion for a while now. Last appointment there was still nothing going on down there. I knew given the chance my child would be late!

Belly Button- flat. Sometimes it's out if she's rolled behind it, but since she hangs out on my left side most of the time, the belly button stays flat. And huge.

What I miss- My back not hurting. Running. I really miss running this week. I feel very large. Oh.. and my ankles have started swelling this week. I miss my normal looking legs. I actually miss my pre-pregnancy body. I just feel huge!

What I'm looking forward to- Tomorrow. Another appointment and hopefully a better idea as to when this child is coming.

Weekly Wisdom- This past weekend Mr. Perfect and I took the weekend to have a date night just us. I'm honestly just trying to enjoy every second of this week just the two of us. I'm trying not to wish it away because I know when Baby Girl gets here, I'm really going to miss my quiet existence with my hubs. So while I'm really anxious for her to get here, I'm also ok with it taking a while. Take it day by day...

Milestones- We're almost done cooking!

Friday, March 26, 2010

cleaning 101

Over at Kelly's blog today, the Show Us Your Life theme for the day is cleaning tips, and I can't get enough. I think it's my OCD tendencies, but I kind of love to clean. Now don't get me wrong, my house is certainly not spotless, and there are times when it looks more frat boy style than Martha Stewart, but overall, I enjoy having a clean, relaxing home.

I don't have a lot of tips, but I have figured out somethings that work for us, to keep our house in working order.

First of all, we have 4 animals in our house. Yes, I know, but we adore them. So pet odor is a huge thing of mine as well as their hair. Fortunately, we have almost no fabric in our house. Our furniture is leather, our floors are hardwood and tile, and we just keep area rugs around. So the smell is kept minimal due to that. I use a Shark vacuum or a dry Swiffer every day to minimize the hair. This is a necessity. We also vacuum the area rugs every day. Annoying? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely.

Other than that, I've broken our house down into rooms to clean. Meaning on Monday, I tackle the living room, Tuesday, guest room and bath, etc. Each day, the room of the day gets a thorough cleaning. Dust, fans cleaned, ceiling wiped down (told you I had OCD), etc. It really does not take very long, usually 30 minutes at the most. I try to knock it out when I get home and Mr. Perfect is cooking dinner. Then we have the rest of the night to relax.

I try to clean the kitchen nightly. Try. This is honestly where I slack off. I HATE the kitchen so dishes in the sink... I can ignore. But I'm working on this! I also make the bed daily (until lately, because I can't bend over!). Just making the bed makes the room look more put together. We pick up after ourselves daily to minimize clutter and we do laundry as it piles up. Saturday is my catch up day, but I REFUSE to spend my whole weekend cleaning. So.. do it during the week. =)

I swear by Febreeze dust spray, Swiffers, and a hardwood vac. Love all three. That's about it. I got lucky in that Mr. Perfect tends to help out a good bit. He gets home before I do, so by the time I come home, he's usually picked up some and vacuumed the house. He's also real good at cleaning the kitchen. I'm lucky, I know.

I can't wait to read some more tips from the rest of you guys. Cleaning tips make me giddy!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

37 weeks- Full Term Baby!

Total Weight Gained/Loss? I somehow gained 3 pounds at my last visit. This is pissing me off. None of my clothes fit any different but that number keeps sliding up. Grrrr....

Maternity Clothes: Basically I live in yoga pants and Mr. Perfect's shirts. On the weekend I wear dresses and flip flops. Thank you Spring for showing up and bringing me some warmer weather!

Sleep? Somehow I think my child has destroyed my right rib. I wake up with my ribs literally burning in pain. I can't find a comfortable position that doesn't make my ribs hurt. And I wake up at least 4 times a night for a bathroom break again. It's great fun.

Best Moment of the Week? I am pretty much 100% prepared for her to get here. Meaning with her stuff and all that. Emotionally? I think I'm still terrified, but she could come at any time and I'd be ready for her. Her bag is packed and ready to go!!

Movement- This kid is still all over the place. No joke. The doc said it's because of my massive amounts of fluid, she still has so much room to move. She really likes to roll from side to side, and I swear, her head is like trying to rub a whole in my cervix. I feel such pain down there and can literally feel her stretching things out. Also, she's found something on my right side that she hits that makes my right leg ache ridiculously and then go to sleep. It happens all the time, like when we're walking through stores. So odd.

Food Craving- I'm over food. Funny, because the scale isn't saying that, but I'm having to force myself to eat again.

Food aversions- just over food in general.

Morning sickness?- none.

Gender- Baby Girl =)

Labor Signs- Lots of Braxton Hicks. Last Friday night was horrible. I swore I was going into labor. Turned out it was gas. =) But between the heartburn I was having and the gas pains with the Braxton Hicks, I was miserable. I basically laid on the floor and cried it all hurt so bad. And that wasn't even labor!! Still having a lot of pelvic pain. I was hoping at my appointment today they would tell me I was making progress. Then my appointment got moved to Thursday. They better have some good news for me...

Belly Button- the whole thing is pretty much out now. There's a tiny part at the bottom that is still flat. It's holding on with everything it has!

What I miss- Just being able to bend over. I couldn't even put something on the floor board of the car this morning. I can't tie my shoes and even putting the dishes away is a job. I also miss my skin looking like a twenty somethings, instead of a 13 year old boys. Gah.

What I'm looking forward to- My appointment Thursday. I stopped my heparin and one other blood thinner when I turned 37 weeks on Saturday (yay!) and I want to make sure she's ok with that change. Also, we should be finding out if we're making any more progress yet, and if we're not, then setting up a date to get this little girl out.

Weekly Wisdom- I really don't know... I feel better than I thought I would at this point and I think it's just because I'm trying to enjoy this. She's going to be here so soon so I'm trying to enjoy these last few weeks just me and her. I guess because I'm pretty sure this is the only time I'm doing this, I'm just trying to enjoy it. So I guess that's my advice. Enjoy it. It really does fly by...

Milestones- This little one is officially considered full term. Wahoo!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

change is in the air...

Ok. I'll admit it. I am not a fan of change. Not big changes. They scare me. They tend to be okay after the fact, but the whole process leading up to the "change"; terrifies me.

And there's a pretty big change on the horizon for our little household.

Let me wax poetic for a second, because if this pregnancy has done one thing, it has made me emotional.

While I cannot, repeat, CANNOT wait to meet my little, perfect angel, I cannot help but be a bit sad by the change in the dynamic of mine and Mr. Perfect's relationship. Sigh...

It's been over 5 years, just the two of us. Over that time we've fallen into quite the little routine and I happen to LOVE it. I love lazy nights curled up on the couch watching tv, I love that we never eat anywhere besides our laps on the couch, that we prefer to eat Mexican every night instead of saving up to go someplace "nice", and the fact that we might love our animals a bit too much.

I adore this man. He makes me laugh until I can't breathe, makes me see red when he gets me angry, but most of all, makes me feel more loved than I ever have in my life. I'll admit it. I'm pretty good at playing the "child" in our relationship, but it's because I know he will always take care of me. I love feeling taken care of. Love it.

Mr. Perfect is my best friend. He's my soulmate and I thank God every day for blessing me with him. I love our relationship. I love how we laugh til we cry, we bicker, we argue and we get over it in 5 seconds. (Well sometimes.. I can hold a pretty fierce grudge...) I guess I'm just nervous about the change our relationship is fixing to take. You know, when we have to be grown ups and responsible for another human being.


I will say one thing about how long it's taken us to become parents; it has given us the chance to grow and learn to love one another in ways I didn't think possible. Over the past 5 years we've been through A LOT. A lot of heartbreak, a lot of good times, a lot of tears, and whole lot of laughs. We've gotten Saved since we got married, we've buried family members, lost our babies, and in the process figured out how to be best friends and each others biggest supporters. Honestly? Sometimes I feel like it's me and him against the world. And I'm completely cool with that.

So yea.. I'm a little nervous about how our relationship is fixing to change to see what dynamic it's fixing to take, but at the same time, I can't wait to see this man become a father. Somehow I know that the love he gives me is not going to diminish, but instead grow and change in ways I can't wait to see. And the love he's fixing to give his daughter? Wow. I can't believe God chose me to be a part of this huge blessing...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

doctor update.

First of all, how come no one told me how much it would hurt to get "checked" for progress down there?!? Thanks for the heads up guys! I almost crawled off the table. Not cool.

As for progress... We got nothing.

I'm starting to thin out but that's about it. Not dilating at all (insert sad face) and while her head is down, it's still floating thanks to my large amounts of amniotic fluid.

So... I don't think this little girl is going to make her way into this world willingly. Oh well. I guess induction isn't completely the worst thing ever.

Other than the no progress thing, she's doing great. We did our weekly ultrasound and fetal monitoring and she passed every test with flying colors. She's still doing her breathing exercises and her heart is doing exactly what it's supposed to during and after activity. She's still gaining about 8 ounces a week, so she's right at 7 pounds 3 ounces right now. Le sigh... Bring on the 9 pound baby!

Monday, March 15, 2010

36 weeks - 9 months pregnant!!

*Ignore my ridiculously red nose. I am still sick. And yes, I had to take maternity photos Saturday morning with that Rudolph honker. Boo.

Total Weight Gained/Loss? Down 1/2 pound from last week. Yea, let's keep up this trend!

Maternity Clothes: Necessary all the time. It's getting warmer so it's been maternity dresses with flip flops. Yes, flip flops already. And I dare anyone to say anything to me!

Sleep? Ha. Not even possible anymore. I am too large and that rib I told y'all about last week? Is still throbbing. It hurts so bad I can't even lay on my right side anymore either. So everytime I roll on to my right side, I wake up, it hurts that bad.

Best Moment of the Week? Her room is basically done! We've ordered the last few touches and ordered her diaper bag and I finally feel like we're almost ready. Wahoo!

Movement- She has her moments where she's really chill and then she has moments where she's kung foo fighting again. I think the lack of movement is getting more and more often though which sometimes scares me, til I remember, she really has no room in there.

Food Craving- Popsicles and chocolate chip cookies. I die.

Food aversions- not really anything. I pretty much eat the same five things over and over so nothing bothers me.

Morning sickness?- none.

Gender- Baby Girl =)

Labor Signs- Braxton Hicks and pelvic pain. Hopefully I'll find out tomorrow that these pains are serving a purpose and I'm doing something down there!

Belly Button- same. Top half out, bottom half in.

What I miss- Being able to bend over. I just miss being able to do the little things. Like put my shoes on with out needing a nap afterwards, or bend down to pick stuff up. This belly is in the way.

What I'm looking forward to- Finding out that we're making progress at my appointment tomorrow. And if I don't find that out.. well.. it won't be pretty!

Weekly Wisdom- Don't try to do too much. Seriously, I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off and I got sick. So sick I haven't been able to do anything for almost a week. Which stinks, because I have stuff to do! Listen to your body. If it's telling you it's exhausted, it probably means it!

Milestones- We are 9 months pregnant!! Holy whoa!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Sorry for my lack of checking in, but the plague has settled in over the Imperfect household. And it sucks.

Sleep would be nice to sleep this crud off, but ya know, there's no sleep to be found for this girl. So I'm nice and cranky and sick. Just keeping it real.

Hope you're all having a great week. Be back soon!

Monday, March 8, 2010

35 weeks

Total Weight Gained/Loss? Up 31 pounds. I just keep telling myself that there is a BIG 'OL baby in there, so she'll take it all with her. I've put that on repeat..

Maternity Clothes: hate clothes, just uncomfortable. Period. I'm still living in yoga pants and Mr. Perfect's shirts. At work, scrubs. That's about it!

Sleep? This week, I swore my child broke my rib. In half. Not kidding. It woke me up in my sleep it hurt so bad and I spent the rest of the night trying to get comfortable. Now, I wake up multiple times a night to use the bathroom, and every time I wake up, that rib is throbbing. So I've been having to come up with some new ways to sleep. Pretty much, I don't sleep anymore!

Best Moment of the Week? Her room is coming together! Her changing table was made by my parents and it's done and here and things are being completed! I am so excited!

Movement- Yep, she's still at that. It's mostly rolls and nudges and that one foot in my rib now. And it's constant.

Food Craving- popsicles. love....

Food aversions- seafood still, please let that just be a pregnancy thing!!

Morning sickness?- none.

Gender- Baby Girl =)

Labor Signs- Braxton Hicks. And I've held a lot of pelvic pain this week. Not sure if that's a labor sign or not, but my hooha hurts! Not sure what's going on down there, but we'll find out tomorrow. Oh yay!

Belly Button- top half is back out, bottom half is flat. Looks like old faithful may stick it out (or in hehe) this whole time. That would rock.

What I miss- Energy. I am exhausted. And I can't sleep. This part sucks.

What I'm looking forward to- Appointment tomorrow. Let's see how big this babe has gotten now!

Weekly Wisdom- I can't think of any. Wow.. I'm lame.

Milestones- My rib is still in my chest. That's huge!

Baby Girl Update

We had another appointment last Tuesday to see our precious angel and check in with how she's doing.

Worst appointment ever. Not because of her, but I was not up to it at all.

I wasn't feeling like myself at all and even the ultrasound tech could tell. Yes, we go to the doc so much they know me about as well as I know myself. She kept telling me I just looked "tired" and "beat" and asking me if I felt ok. I told her I did and we started the appointment.

I got up on the ultrasound table and laid back and got ready. I was so uncomfortable so I was pretty squirmy while she was trying to get her measurements. She kept asking me if I was ok and I just said "yep" praying this would be over quickly. She measured her head and abdomen and was working on her legs when I lost it. I was so hot, my ears were ringing, and I could just feel myself slipping. I told the u/s tech I had to sit up and I barely got up before I passed out. I think I terrified poor Mr. Perfect. I was white as a sheet, covered in a cold sweat, and shaking like a leaf. I knew it was coming. I should have said something sooner, but I really just wanted to get through the u/s. Finally after I calmed down a bit and my blood pressure regulated itself, the tech set me up on my right side for the rest of the u/s.

My child was so obnoxious. I felt horrible and just wanted this to be over. Well, Baby Girl had other plans. She would not sit still at all! The lady needed measurements on her cord and every time she found the cord, Baby Girl would grab it and pull it out of the way. She kept wrapping it around her feet, kicking it, pulling on it, everything she could do to keep the lady from getting what she needed. It took an additional 30 minutes to get what she needed from the cord. So frustrating.

After that was the stress test, which my angel finally decided to cooperate for. She must have figured out that her poor mother was fading fast, because she did perfect for this test. Her heart is doing exactly what it's supposed to and she is one active little munchkin.

The u/s tech did find out that I have a high normal amount of amniotic fluid. As far as I understand, it's not really an issue right now, but it will be something they watch. Good think I hang out with them so often, plenty of chances to be monitored. I guess I'll find out more about my fluid levels when we go back tomorrow. I'm also being checked to see if there's anything happening down there *ahem...

Thankfully, I still have a very healthy, very chubby, precious little girl growing away in there. I am getting so ready to meet her....

Friday, March 5, 2010

and it happened...

Well, I made it to 34 weeks 5 days before I did it.

I'm honestly shocked it took that long.

Last night, I sent Mr. Perfect out to the grocery store for a food that I simply had to have. And I might have thrown a major conniption fit until he agreed to go get them.

Y'all, I had to have a popsicle so bad I couldn't think straight. In a way, I blame Mr. Perfect. See after his surgery, he was put on a strict liquid diet. So I bought him 3 boxes of assorted flavor popsicles.

I ate about 2 1/2 of those boxes. And I haven't stopped thinking about those things since.

Last night, I had to have one. I dug through the freezer for 10 minutes looking for one even though Mr. Perfect had already told me there were none. I couldn't help it. My eyes welled up with tears and I could feel my lower lip shaking*.

*In my defense, last night was an all time high on the pregnancy hormones, so I don't think this was all popsicle related!

It was cold, dark, late, the pups were already in for the night, but I just knew I wouldn't be able to sleep without that frozen goodness. So we packed it up and headed to the store to get me my fix. At least it's legal...

Mr. Perfect bought the ones that were a dollar more because "they have fruit juice in them". Good looking out hon. I do love you.

Got home and proceeded to eat three of them.

Even had one for breakfast. Seriously, these next four weeks might be a doozy.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Here's what I don't understand. Women have had a hard road to get where we are today. Ladies before us busted their a*$es to work and fight for the things we get to enjoy today. We are a powerful group. We can still rock a board meeting, give birth, run a marathon, and run our daily errands wearing 5 inch heels and a smile. Well... most of the time. We can vote, we can hold incredible jobs, we can voice our opinions and have it heard and taken seriously. Yet, we still have one major thing that is always trying to hold us back.

Other women.

Seriously. What is the deal? I've never understood the cattiness of women. All my life I've been closer with guys. Because you know where you stand with them. I like the whole "what you see is what you get" thing. They're honest.

A woman?

Will stab you in the back quicker than you can say "stiletto". And I do not get it.

If you don't like something that someone says, then don't agree with them. Simple. You don't have to not only disagree, but take their words and belittle them to the point that they feel 2 inches tall. I mean, come on. Some women are prettier, some are smarter, some make prettier babies (hey, I'm honest), but every single person out there is struggling with something. Why do we as a group have to make it harder for us to get through the day?

That's all I've got to say about that. I just don't get it. And I think there's been way too much of it all around lately. Chill out ladies, and put those claws away. It's actually ok to be nice and supportive. Shocker huh?!

Monday, March 1, 2010

34 weeks.

Total Weight Gained/Loss? Up 29 pounds. Clearly I'm going to make up for all the weight I lost at the beginning here at the end. Grr...

Maternity Clothes: Yes, but I'm over clothes. This belly wants to be free!! Thank goodness for Mr. Perfect's button downs which I have claimed as my own and now live in!

Sleep? Not bad. I wake up a few times a night and have the hardest time getting out of bed, but I sleep pretty hard when I am asleep. But I am ALWAYS tired. Always.

Best Moment of the Week? It hit me the other day that this is seriously almost over, so I'm focusing on all of it. I love her movements, I love the fact that right now, it's just me and her. She's like having my own little secret buddy that I can take everywhere and I love it. I would like it if my secret buddy would lay off my ribs a bit though.. Just saying... I'm just trying to take it all in, because she'll be here so soon..

Movement- Yea, but she's slowed a bit this week. Her movements are more deliberate now, but there's less of them. More rolls and pokes than the fast movements from earlier on.

Food Craving- I am always hungry. But then I eat and I'm miserable. But who cares.. bring on the food!

Food aversions- seafood and sauces. blech.

Morning sickness?- none.

Gender- Baby Girl =)

Labor Signs- Braxton Hicks and they are back big time. I get them all the time. I get them real bad when I get up from the toilet. TMI? Sorry.

Belly Button- in more than is has been, but ya'll, this thing is huge. It looks like a moon crater for real.

What I miss- Just being comfortable. I am really big and my stomach is really in my way. Oh, and I miss running. The weather is perfect right now and I can't enjoy a run.. Sigh..

What I'm looking forward to- Her getting here. Is it too early to say that?!

Weekly Wisdom- Enjoy it, because this really does fly by. She'll be here before I know it, and I know I'm going to miss having her all to myself and feeling her move around inside me.

Milestones- 8 1/2 months. Wow. Doctors appointment tomorrow. I get to see her again!!


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