Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Cat Hates Me.

A week in the bed/on the couch, has been tough.

The toughest part?

Trying to co-exist with our the husband's cat.

The other day, he took off running around like a chicken with his head cut off. Jumped on the bed, jumbled up all the covers, jumped on my stomach, jumped off the bed, then jumped right back on landing on my stomach.

All my incisions are on my stomach. I saw stars.

I think he's trying to kill me.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trash The Dress

My anniversary is coming up in about 2 weeks. It's our 4th wedding anniversary. 4th.

We still have no professional wedding pictures.

I'll let that sink in.

Nowadays there are wedding blogs galore, theknot{dot}com, Facebook's "weddingbook", and so much more. Now maybe these were around 4 years ago, but if they were, I did not utilize them to their full potential.

Or at all.

I hated the wedding planning process. HATED. IT. Every single millisecond was like shooting darts under my fingernails. While I won't get into all of the drama that was the Imperfect's wedding, I can say that wedding planning and all that it entails qualifies in my "Top Ten of Crap Things I Never Want To Relive".

I pretty much sat back and let my mom ahem
"handle" things. One thing I did insist on was good photography. Oh, you silly, silly girl.

I wanted my photographer picked quickly. I only had a five month engagement and I wanted the photos ironed out; engagement photos, bridal shoot, rehearsal dinner photos, and of course, wedding photos. Mom and I picked a photographer pretty quickly. Then he disappeared.

We'd already paid a pretty large deposit and I could not get the guy to nail down a time for engagement photos. At this time, I'm in class, working, the Mr. still lives in SC, and had a fulltime job. We were a scheduling nightmare. Every time that the Mr. and I settled on with him, he'd flake. About a day ahead of time. Long story short, we canceled our contract with him after court battles and all, got our money back, and then picked a new photographer.

With 2 months left.

With the new photographer, we got our engagement shots done pretty quickly. While I don't lurve them (or own any- seeing a pattern?), they got the job done. We got our picture in the newspaper, etc. I got my bridal shot done and they came to the rehearsal and wedding.

They stayed at the wedding for an hour. That included our 30 min. ceremony.

We had to do a fake "exit" for them to photograph. I am still bitter.

This was all after we had gone over a "wedding checklist" of shots they MUST get and then some we'd LIKE for them to get, and after they reassured us we were the ONLY wedding of the day.

When we went back a month or so later to look at proofs, I quickly noticed a major oops.

They had not taken one single photo of me and the Mr. together. Not. One. Single. One.

Photographer's suggestion? "Well we can just crop you two out of one of the group shots!"

To this day I have no idea how that happened. I suppose it should have hit me, but HELLO! It was my freakin' wedding day!! It was such a blur I'm not quite sure I could have told you my full name that day. Plus.... I should not be doing your job and making sure you get your shots!!! I'll give you a hint.. this was on their "MUST" list on their checklist.

Not only that but these photographer's ended up moving or something right after our wedding. They sent us cd's with all the pics on it and proof books and we can't get in touch with them. I spent 2 months after the wedding putting together the album that came with my package deal. They sent it back and said they'd accidentally given me the wrong layouts and to redo it with new ones.

Are. You. Kidding. Me.

That album was the bane of my existence for 2 months. I was not redoing it.

Needless to say, all of this caused a lot of tension in my family for a while. I was furious at my parents (long story), my mom was frustrated with me for not redoing things, Mr. just looked like he couldn't believe what he'd just married into..

In our defense, we researched these photographers. They'd been doing business in our area for years with all positive feedback. I even recommended them to a friend (who never said anything to me about her pics- but I saw them, she got bride/groom pictures!). I have no idea how all this happened, but you still can't bring it up to my Mom without reopening the wounds (and it's SO not pretty!).

So, long story short, we have no pictures.

We do have some candids that I love that a family friend took and they are the one's I have on display and in an album. But the point to this whole tirade is...

I'm thinking about doing a Trash the Dress shoot..

©Photography by Jennifer Brum

I'm sure more of you know a bit more about this than me. Did anyone do this? Or are you thinking about doing this?

I don't want to ruin my dress. I paid a lot of money for it and while I'm not sentimental enough to be holding on to it for my daughter (a la my mom), I haven't decided what to do with it yet. I honestly don't even know where it is. But I really want to do this. I want a picture of me and the Mr. together. Oh yea. I'm totally making him do something with this too. Kind of like engagement photos but so not...? Does that make sense? Has anyone done anything like that?

I just want more photos! I feel robbed of pretty photos in my dress =(. Plus, I was the heaviest I've ever been at my wedding (I cannot stress how stressful planning was on me- and when I'm stressed, I eat). I just want to suit up in that dress and actually feel pretty....

I guess I haven't decided completely so I want some opinions. I was thinking about doing this for our 5 year anniversary, but (insert crossed fingers) I hope to be pregnant at that time so.. the sooner the better.

I really want something artsy and just plain awesome... Anyone got any suggestions?

Wait. I lied. Here is the only professional picture of me and the Mr. from our wedding day. This was our "fake exit". See why I want some new ones?!?!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

on a + note...

At least I'm curled up with her....

Monday, April 27, 2009


I am struggling to be positive right now. So I'm actually going to keep this short. Because negativity sucks and I don't want to be responsible for putting it out in the world.


I went in for surgery at noon on Friday. By this point I was hungry, thirsty, cranky, and about to pass out from hunger. I'd been living off liquids for 3 days and hadn't had anything since 8 pm on Thursday. I just wanted to get to the hospital and get it over with.

I only had to wait in the waiting room for about 20 minutes. They had me go on back by myself for a couple more pre-surgical tests. I got my blood pressure taken (low), a pregnancy test taken (negative), and got spiffied up in my designer hospital gown. My nurse was an elderly lady who was super nice, but stuck me way too many times so our friendship got off to a bad start. She decided first of all that I needed something to relax, but I needed an IV first. 10 minutes later she came back to give me an IV. She took my right hand and made a remark about how good my veins were. Why don't you just jinx yourself lady?! She gave me a numbing shot of Lidocaine (which I don't get- it hurts worse than just getting the iv put in!), then tried to get my catheter in. The vein blew. I told you you jinxed yourself nurse lady... She moved to the left hand. Same thing. She decided to go get someone else who does manage to get an iv in the side of my right arm.

They finally let Mr. Perfect come back and they give me something to "relax" me. Basically, makes me worthless. I saw my doc for a quick second who just stopped by to do some reassuring (not necessary post drugs...) and then the anesthesiologist came by. Same guy that I had back in January. Nice guy. Same name as my dentist. Not important facts....

They finally came and wheeled me back to get ready for the O.R. They wheeled me into a room full of old people and I begged the nurse wheeling me back to not leave me in there... Scary. (I am not afraid of old people, but I was tripping... and these people did not look healthy!! I didn't want to be left in the "room of the dying" as I saw it.) I remember all of two seconds of being in the operating room and then it's all.... blank.

Apparently the surgery lasted almost 4 hours. Dr. O came out to talk to Mr. Perfect and show him some pictures of everything. From what I've gotten from Mr. Perfect, the septum was a bit bigger than they had thought, but Dr. O feels fairly confident that they got the problem. While they were in there, they did discover that I had endometriosis on my abdominal wall. Basically, the cells that line your uterine wall are endometriol cells, but endometriosis is when they grow on other body parts. I think that's a dumbed down version. I haven't been able to talk to my doctor about all this yet. Dr. O went ahead and made one other cut in my abdomen and went ahead and lasered the endometriosis out. He thinks that he got it all.

I have felt like crap for the last 4 days. My stomach hurts to the touch. The gas they blew up my abdomen with to look around, is stuck in my chest and it hurts to lay down. The only time I can function is when I take the pain pills, but then I feel loopy and out of it and I can't deal with that. I slept most of the weekend but am now trying to get up and do something. I can't even straighten up without feeling a tug in my abdomen that sends me back to the couch in pain. I'm frustrated with hurting, I'm frustrated with not being able to eat, and I'm frustrated with feeling like crap. I'm frustrated that I even had to have this surgery in the first place, but then I'm grateful that I did because they found the endometriosis and hopefully early enough that it will have little impact.

I don't do good on my own. I know this. So two days at home, laying in bed, in the dark is seriously messing with my head. I'm getting depressed and sad. I'm mad because I haven't worked out in days and I feel flabby. I'm mad that my head hurts and is making me think about it, when it's my stomach's turn to hurt (I might be insane). I want to go back to work but I'm afraid it will hurt. I'm seriously strugglin' right now ya'll...

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I hurt. End of story.

But oh how I lurve me some pain pills... =)

Friday, April 24, 2009

It's That Time..

Welp. It's THE Day. I'm headed off to surgery... dum dum dum.

I'm not melodramatic at all.

If you have a spare minute, please just say a quick prayer for us. That this will help fix some problems and that the doctor will be able to see what he needs to see and fix what he needs to fix.

Oh. And that it won't hurt too bad. Because, let's face it.

I'm a whiny little baby when I'm hurting and no one likes a whiny little baby!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


So I jumped on the Twilight bandwagon a bit late.

I just finished the first book and the movie. It honestly took me forever to get through the book. I just could not get into it. But I made myself finish, because I want to be one of the cool kids who's in with the vampire lingo and such. By the end of the book, I knew I just had to read the next one to see what happens. So I bought the next one.

Then I just had to watch the movie.

The Mr. and I both liked the movie. Although, I didn't think Rosalie was pretty enough. (But I complain about Hollywood's standards...)

And I personally think Bella whines way too much. I just want to smack her and tell her to pony up.

The girl couldn't play hard to get if her life depended on it.

I have to say I'm already liking "New Moon" a bit more.

Oh. And Edward Cullen = HOT. Good casting there Mr. Movie Producer.

Don't forget.. email me any question you've got for little 'ol me. I simply can't wait to answer them! Hit me up at perfectlyimperfectlife@gmail{dot}com. I promise to be an open book =)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Move?

I know I'm probably one of like 12 people that still watch Desperate Housewives. I just don't understand why you would kill off Edie?! I loved her!!

Sounds like she's not crying in her cereal about it though...

Not cool with ending the article on the tramp comment Marc Cherry... That "tramp" leaving might make your show way more boring...

umm hi there!

Jesse McCartney. When did you grow up and get so daggum adorable?!

And why can't I get this song out of my head?!?

It came on this morning on the way to work. I rolled the windows down, opened the sunroof and just blared along. The lady next to me kept giving me weird looks. I haven't decided if it was the singing she was opposed to or the fact that I was hanging my head out the window to dry my hair.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

8.00 Monday Nite

Yep. That's the last time food has touched these lips people.

But I went down with a fight. I had Mexican and Krystals' for lunch and dinner yesterday. What a perfect last meal. Don't know the Krystals people. I know most normal people would rather peel off their toenails than eat those little pieces of perfection, but not this girl.

I've had 2 SlimFasts Optima's (seriously, these are supposed to curb hunger?), 16 cups of coffee (I can barely type I'm shaking so bad), 2 G2 Gatorades, and 4 bottles of water.

I am starving and I can't stay out of the bathroom.

Oh. And I'm getting cranky. I can literally feel my blood sugar dropping.

People do this liquid diet willingly?!

For anyone that doesn't know, I am not happily doing this no food thing (ha! you think?!?). I'm having surgery on Friday to remove a septum from my uterus, and this is all a form of Chinese water torture preparation for that operation. Gah. I can only hope that this surgery will (insert crossed fingers) do something to help our current situation and that in removing said septum, we will get rid of the reason I can't seem to keep my babies alive. Sorry for the wording. I really am cranky.

In other words, keep your questions coming in for my Q&A post. I promise I won't answer them while I'm drugged up this weekend. Although... Nope. I won't.

Hope you're having a great Tuesday! I personally can't wait to go home, climb into bed, and drift off to sleep with visions of french fries running through my head...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter... Just a bit late...

Yea.. so my big 'ol 100th post.. not gonna be on the 100 mark. But it's coming. Just not in time, because I'm a grade A procrastinator. Simple.

So last weekend was Easter. I'm posting about it this weekend. Seriously, procrastination at it's finest here folks.

My lovely parentals decided to tell Mr. P and I that they were coming down on Tuesday. Nice advance notice there folks.. We had already made plans to go up to Mr. P's hometown so we weren't going to be able to do Easter with them anyway. They made it down here on Thursday though, so we got to spend some time with them.

The Marine took his new girlfriend, Lora (name has been changed to protect the guilty), out to my parents camper for the official meet and greet on Friday while I was at work. Not sad I missed that actually. I always hated going through that! But apparently all went well.

We headed out to the Crab Shack on Friday nite. Mr. P of course drove like a maniac and almost made me kill him. He does this when my parents are in the car for some reason. He says it's payback for how my Mom drives... Whatevs.

Mis parentals waiting to eat...

Mr. Perfect and I

The Marine and Lora..

The 'rents and I

My Mr. Perfect and I... Yea, he was eating when I was trying to take pictures.

Leaving the Crab Shack sufficiently stuffed.

We decided to head on back to the house and have a Wii Dance Off. Did I mention that Lora is a dancer?! She pretty much made the rest of us look stupid so the boys switched to tennis. We all know I try to not play that with people around...

I have a bad habit of ruining pictures...

Check out the concentration!

Saturday we packed up and headed to Smalltown, SC. We went out to eat with Mr. Perfect's parents Saturday nite, then hit the hay. We got up Sunday morning and went to church with his Dad. It's fun to go up there and see the church Mr. Perfect grew up in and hear his stories of the people he knows. We didn't really like the sermon though. Kind of blah for an Easter service. I'm used to a way more emotional service on Easter and this pastor's just didn't deliver. But it makes his Dad's day for us to go to church with him, so I'm all for that.

We left right after lunch. It was a pretty small, tame gathering as Mr. Perfect's family goes. There's a freakin' ton of them, but most weren't there so it was pretty quiet.

We got home and spent the rest of the evening hanging with my parents. They had gone down to Lora's family's place for Easter dinner. I think that's weird, but whatever. I have mentioned before that Lora's cousin is my ex-bff right? Yea. My parents and brother spent Easter with her. I haven't decided how I feel about that exactly. Or maybe I have and I'm just not into going into it. But I digress..

Overall it was a nice Easter. I think we've decided next year we're definitely doing Easter at our church. Let's see how all parents go for that.

This weekend was pretty lazy. I ate everything I wanted since I start my liquid diet of fun on Tuesday. Can't wait for that! (insert sarcastic grin). Mr. Perfect had inventory all weekend, so I really haven't seen him. And then I was bad and didn't even get up for church this morning... In my defense, I think I might have been in a small coma. I could not budge.

So..... I'm going to go ahead and do what so many before me already have. I'm doing a Q&A! Everybody says "yay!". Even if you don't get that excited, send me your questions folks. I'm pretty open, so I'll answer about everything, and probably with pictures because that's how I do. Email me at perfectlyimperfectlife@gmail{dot}com with your questions.

And if you don't mind too much, say a little prayer for this surgery because this girl is FREAKING. Not about the cramping or anything like that because I've been through that, but about the pain from the incisions in my abdomen. I'm seriously stressin' here folks.

Oh yea. And about that liquid diet thingy and the other ahem prep work... Not fun.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I feel like I should do something super fun for my 100th post. But I'm freakin' out about my surgery next week and my brain isn't quite functioning properly. So I'm begging politely asking you lovely ladies for some suggestions... What would you like to hear about on my lovely 100th?

Nothing like waiting til the last minute or anything.. smooth.

Also smooth? This fierce skinned up knee I'm rocking.

That's right. My knee matches your pre-pubescent skate board riding boys.

I have super loose ligaments in my ankle. They tend to roll quite easily. Thankfully I've never had a sprained ankle because they are so loose. So I'm running along (on a very busy street) when my ankle rolled. If it's my right ankle, it's all gravy it doesn't even slow me down, if it's my left ankle, I usually eat dirt because my left knee is shot and give me 0 support.

Guess which ankle rolled?

I fell flat on the pavement. I. Was. Mortified.

And still a mile from home.

Not even going to lie. I busted out in tears (we're talking serious blow to the pride here people! I was on a BUSY street!). I ran limped the last mile with tears streaming down my face (they dried up quickly though), blood running down my legs, and blood running down my arms from where I landed on my hands.

I don't remember skinned knees hurting this bad when I was little?! And did your hands actually bruise when you fell on them where you were a kid?

Sign of the times not so much.. More like sign of the late 20's.

Also on the list of super fun things this girl got to do this week; I had my pre-op appointment on Tues. La de da the fun of yet one more physical and one more blood draw. Of one more nurse seriously checking your pulse when she sees your blood pressure is 98/58. I assume that's shocking. I promise you I'm sitting here breathing.

What was completely unexpected and almost made me run screaming for the hills?

My week on a strict liquid diet. You heard it here first. I almost walked out of the doctor's office.

I will be a raving maniac by Friday if I can't eat starting Monday. Oh my poor husband....

Enough ranting. Hook me up with some fun post ideas! What did you guys do for your 100th?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

She's Just Being Miley?

Oh Miley, Miley, Miley...

While I thought you looked cute Miley (even almost a fan of that messy hair), I don't understand how you come out and throw your head around like your Steven Tyler. You're in an evening gown for crying out loud and your acting like you're joining a mosh pit...

Who's leading this baby?!?!? Somebody tell Billy Ray to quit giving his girl performance tips. It's killing me.

And why is she on Glamour's May cover?!? I'm missing that link there obviously....

But yay for saving Matt!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Second Foray into Domestication

I cooked dinner again tonite. I made Whitney's Mexican Chicken that I divoed off her blog.

It was actually very good. All things considered. Of course it wasn't easy.

I called Mr. Perfect at lunch to get him to pick up some Rotel and Velveeta cheese. He asked me multiple times "Is that all you need?". Multiple times I said yes.

Then I remembered we needed egg noodles. Thank goodness he hadn't left Publix yet. =)

When I got off work, it was raining something ridiculous. I happen to live in a very low lying area. Surrounded by water. I drive a Bug. It's usually not pretty if it rains more than 10 minutes. But I made it home. I got in the kitchen and started cooking right when I got home. I went to the pantry and got out the 2 cans of cream of chicken soup that I knew were in there.

Something made me check the expiration date; November of oh5. Are you freakin' kidding me. Do you realize how many times we've moved since then? Have we seriously been carting these two cans along for almost 4 years?!?

I should have kept them for posterity's sake.

So I had to get back out in the rain to get soup. (Oh yea. I was determined to make this recipe!). I went to two of the closest convenience stores. In the pouring rain. Neither had any soup. Made it to the Ghetto Lion (Food for some of y'all), opened the car down, and almost drowned. The water was so high it almost got into my car. Not cool Mother Nature. I get into the Ghetto Lion and get my stuff. I'm only carrying my Vera Bradley id case and keys which usually holds my debit card. Not today.

Boo. So I pull out the emergency credit card (yes, for just a couple bucks of groceries!), but somehow I'd let the daggum thing expire. I am dying. I run back out to the car to find some cash. The wind slams the car door on me and breaks my overpriced Vera Bradly umbrella. I am almost in tears.

I manage to dig up a checkbook. Not even sure to which account if you want to know the truth. I go back in and get my meager bag of groceries. The old lady behind me gives me more dirty looks. Thanks lady, I got it. You're pissed.

I return home wet and pissy, but determined. I forgot the noodles and let them cook way too long. But all in all, not to bad. The recipe was great, I just had to put a few of my special touches on it (limp noodles, burned chicken, etc...).

This whole domestic housewife thing might kill me. Not even joking.

The satisfaction of knowing I was actually able to put dinner on the table....

Totally worth it. However, my next nite to put dinner on the table might entail a quick stop at Pizza Hut....

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Peace Out!

Mr. Perfect and I are headed to small town SC for Easter. We're technically supposed to be on the road already.

I don't do things on a time frame very well. oops.

But we're out of here til Monday. Two days of multiple children, tons of family, and being in the car for hours ought to give me plenty of adventures for you guys on Monday.

Hope all my bloggy BFF's have a great Easter! Hope it's full of family, fun, and chocolate.... And wine. If some of the above lends you to need that. =)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Stuck Inside..

Since Friday is my 8 hour venture into Hell day to sit at work all day by myself and answer the phone, I am currently stuck inside while it's gorgeous outside.

What's a girl to do? Well this one has been reading new blogs all day. Oh. And shopping. But shhh on that one...

I did decide to mop while I'm stuck in here. A little productivity never killed anyone right?

Wrong. Well almost.

I totally busted it mopping the bathroom. And in my scramble to grab something to keep me up (think a cat flailing in the bathtub), I think I pulled a muscle in my back.

It's either that or I'm sitting here having a heart attack.

In better happenings, I received this award from Sassy Engineer.

Thanks girl! If you don't read her blog, you should. It's wonderful! Plus she pretty much agrees with me on everything political so that makes her pretty close to perfect.. =)

I'm passing this on to two of my fave daily reads:
LyndsAU @ All Things Fluffy, Fashionable, and Famous
Mrs. Stilletos @ Newlywed Stilletos

These ladies have 2 of the cutest blogs ever. Plus they're both preggers and still manage to be beautiful! So hats off to them!

I also received this award from Loren:

Rules of The Sisterhood Award:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate 10 blogs with great attitude and/or gratitude.
3. Be sure to link to your nominees in your post.
4. Let your nominees know they have received the award by leaving them a comment on their blog.
5. Be sure to link this post to the person who nominated you for the award

I honestly can't even pick 10 blogs so look to the right.. If you're on my blogroll (sorry it hasn't been updated recently!) then consider yourself tagged because i lurve your blog! Simple as that.

Hope you're all enjoying your Good Friday. Hopefully you're not stuck inside like this girl.

Don't worry, I'm peacing out early =)

Good Friday

I opened my email this morning to this verse:

"My soul is crushed with grief to the point of death..." Mark 14:34

The devotion that followed is making me take a good look at my sins and how I handle them. Especially on this day. The following excerpt is from a daily email I get from Proverbs devotions. Just thought I'd share it with you guys... This is from Mark Chapter 14.

"In this scene, Mark describes Jesus' intense anguish as He contemplates the next step in His earthly journey...death on a cross. Jesus' emotions, deeply distressed and troubled, come from the Greek word "ekthambeo" which means, "to throw into terror; to alarm thoroughly." Scholars believe that in this moment the devil visibly prowled around Jesus. He was desperate to stop Jesus, to drive Him to despair, to steal His hope and belief in the goodness and faithfulness of His Father. Satan needed victory. If he failed, and Jesus walked in obedience to the Father's will, Satan would be vanquished forever! What a powerful moment in Scripture. When God's Word tells us Satan prowls around like a roaring lion, our Lord and Savior knows first hand!!

Jesus' words, My soul is crushed with grief to the point of death, reveal that He fully knew He was about to endure the sin of all mankind. The King James version says, "My soul is exceedingly sorrowful," which is from the Greek word "perilupos" which means "deeply grieved." Jesus, who knew no sin was made sin for us. His Father, our God, is perfect in every way. Jesus knew that when He took upon the sin of the world, His Father would have to turn His back on Him. He could not look upon His own Son. The weight of that sin crushed our Lord."

I can't even imagine.

The thing is, we all sin. We're supposed to. We're human. But have you ever felt overwhelming grief when paying for those sins?


Because He already did that for us.

I am in love with a God that went through all that for me. Who suffered and died for me. Who had to feel alone for me. Who was crushed emotionally for me.

I hope you take the time this Easter to just remember and be oh so thankful for His Son. Thank you God that we are Saved!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Awww Shucks!!

I broke down. I ordered the shoes.

I know they won't be here in time for Easter (grrr), but I needed them. For the rest of my life ya know?!

Scary part of post alert:

I got tagged by Megan for Keepin' It Real.

Unfortunately to play, you have to abide by some rules. I do despise rules! But I do love being tagged so duh, I'm playing.

Take a picture of yourself right now.
No primping or preparing.
Just snap a picture.
Load the picture onto your blog.
Tag some people to play.

I just walked back in the house from running. So please excuse the no makeup, sweaty, "I just survived a tornado" hair. Although if we're really keeping it real, I have basically no control of my hair ever, so this look is probably right on. Scary...

Yes. I only have eyeshadow on one eye. Apparently there's staying power on the right lid.

I can't even believe I just posted that picture.

So... who wants to play?!?

I'm tagging:
Mojito Maven
Am over at It's Not Gossip

I'm sure their pictures will be way better than mine so don't be scared to check theirs out! Besides.. their blogs rock!

In other news... I got a couple of awards.. Yay!

Thank you Jennifer! So I'm supposed to list 7 things that I love and then pass this on to 7 bloggers. For the sake of making this a little bit interesting, I'm not including Mr. Perfect, family, or the kiddos, because duh. We already know I love them.

1. shoes. 'Nuf said.
2. clean sheets. Nothing quite like climbing into a bed with fresh sheets.
3. beer. I can't help it. I'm a good 'ol Southern girl and can drink a beer with the best of 'em. I blame where I went to college. Bud Light was easier to find than water!
4. sports. I love everything about them. I love cheap beer, expensive hot dogs, cheesy jerseys, and the National Anthem. There's nothing like a good ball game. This includes baseball, football, soccer, etc...
5. music. you can have movies. I can barely sit still for them, but I've got the music. I can be kind of a snob about my music. sorry.
6. the South. I'm ridiculously in love with where I live. I've traveled all over this great country, and while I think there's great things about every area, my heart is in the Georgia clay. Yep... we have clay, not dirt. and it won't come out in the wash.
7. the beach. I die....

I'm giving this too...

Erin @ Blue-Eyed Bride
Sassy Engineer
Megan @ In This Wonderful Life
jlc @ French Kiss
d.a.r @ Just Another Day in Paradise
Lindsey @ Learning to Be A Wife

Seriously. Highly recommend all these blogs... They're G-Reat! <-- say it like the tiger.

To be continued.. after I spend a bit of time with the hubs...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I managed to find the perfect Easter dress the other day at Macy's.

I also managed to find the perfect shoe.

They just didn't have it in my size. I then headed to Belk's. Still no luck. They didn't even have the shoe.

Of couse I played around and now it's too late to order them off the internet and still have them here for Easter. A trip to Dillard's proved just as frustrating as the one to Belks.

Oh Savannah, I do heart you but your lack of good stores is seriously cramping my style.

I guess it just wasn't meant to be...

But oh how I heart these!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

Since I totally love her blog and love everything she has to say, I'm stealing one of Megan's ideas.. So here goes my first Weekend Wrap-Up.

I will confess it. I live for the weekends. Never thought I'd be that girl but I am. Unfortunately I usually cram way too much into it and end up more tired on Monday than I was on Friday.

Not this weekend. Sheer perfection.

Friday nite I got stuck at work late.. Stupid emergencies. I still managed to drag my badonkadonk to the gym at 8.30. Don't be too proud of me. I left at 9. Still... Headed on home and hung out with the hubby a bit when he got home at 9.30. Quiet nite. Perfect nite.

Saturday I had to work a fundraiser for Relay for Life. Our clinic held a dog wash/bake sale for a few hours. This girl did not wash dogs. I do enough of that at my house thank you! One of the bff's and I got put in charge of the money table. We simply dragged the table out in the sun and got our tan on. What can I say? I'm a multi-tasker!

The girls that actually washed dogs...

After the dog wash I got to go spend the afternoon with my BFF and her two kiddos. These kids are my heart and I don't see them nearly enough so I truly enjoy every minute with them. Mase is 5 going on 18 and Lola, also known as my goddaughter(yay) is almost 2. They are precious. I'm giving my BFF a shout out here. J is a single mom with two kids who work her butt of to provide for them. She's somehow managing to bring up two incredible kids with everything against her. Her kids are truly two of the nicest, politest, most down to earth kids ever and that's all her. She may have been a young mother, but she is an AMAZING one! Seriously. Cannot toot her horn enough.



J trying to get the swing out of the tree for Mase. We worked on this for 2 hours. Eventually he lost interest but we were determined.

My attempt...

The swing is still in the tree...

My two favorite girls...

Look at this little beauty!! Sorry the big one has no hair. It was about 100 degrees on Saturday.

My little man...

Right before I left, Lola was so cranky. She hadn't had a nap all day and she was just done. So while J got Mase settled for bed, I packed up Lola and her princess blanket and headed to the front porch. Tell me why when it came time to rock her and sing to her the only song I could think of was the Lola song about a showgirl!? I decided that wasn't appropriate so I switched to "Livin' on a Prayer". Thank you Bon Jovi for coming through in a clutch. Whatevs. It worked.

I think it was right after this that my heart melted. Seriously.. it doesn't even function properly anymore. I. Am. In. Love. with this little princess.

I came home Saturday nite and chilled with the hubs. I love a nite curled up on the couch with that man.

Sucked it was raining though and the dogs were being uber annoying but hey.. what are you gonna do?

Sunday I overslept (I technically blame Mr. Perfect for this but....) so we missed Sunday School. We headed to Huddle House instead for breakfast. Don't worry.. we made it to church. Lunch with the grandparents followed, then Easter shopping. While I didn't get my dream dress, I did find a perfect alternative. But you'll have to wait til Easter to see it!!

So it's Monday again. Sucks we have one of those every week. Is it bad that I'm already looking forward to next weekend?!


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